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Nerds Without Pants Episode 156: Driving With the Top Down

We're Cruis'n USA!

Welcome back to Nerds Without Pants! It’s just Julian and Justin this week, and we THOUGHT it was a short episode. But then Julian realized that Justin picked a music topic for Stage Select, which tacked on 45 minutes of music into this bad boy. But hey, at least it’s GOOD music, right? Right?!

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Quantum Break - Behind the Scenes

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Microsoft Doubles Down on Games for E3

Xbox One has the software, but it still has a lot of issues that weren't addressed.

After a lackluster reveal of the Xbox One and plenty of reason for consumers to be concerned about the new console, Microsoft needed to do something big to counteract that first impression. At their E3 press conference, the company came out swinging hard with games, with a focus on exclusives. However, something was missing, namely any discussion to tell people what benefits—if any—could be expected from an always connected console that requires a camera to be hooked up in order to operate.

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Quantum Conundrum Review

No need to wait on Portal 3 to get your first-person puzzle-solving fix.

When Portal hit the market, it took gamers by storm. Never before had the world experienced such a game – the unique portal mechanic was tied to a first person perspective, complex puzzles, and a compelling story and antagonist. Quantum Conundrum, the latest work of Valve alum, Kim Swift, captures at least part of Portal’s essence, but comes up short in the character and story department. First person puzzle solving takes the center stage and the Inter-dimensional Shift Device (IDS) proves to be an interesting tool/concept to drive the complex dimension-shifting puzzles; however, the lack of an overarching concept and vision disallows Quantum Conundrum from reaching the cult stature of its influencing material. Despite this, the interesting mechanics and the well constructed “test chambers” make for a fantastic game that shouldn’t be missed.

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