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Dungeons & Dreamers: A Story of How Computer Games Created a Global Community Review

We wouldn’t be here without all of you.

We throw around the word “community” in the video games arena without a second thought. Even small enthusiast sites have community managers and a myriad of other ways to strengthen and connect people who are passionate about games. If it weren’t for several key creatives that helped form the gaming landscape through the decades, though, we might not have the communities we all take for granted. Dungeons & Dreamers’ updated second edition guides us on a journey that shows how communities became so important to gaming. It’s an intriguing thesis that is hammered home with a continuous chain of examples that make it undeniable how integral community has always been to video games.

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Bioshock Infinite - "Heavy Hitters" #1 [Motorized Patriot]

The first in a series of videos where the developers from Irrational Games talk about the enemies that the main character of Bioshock Infinite will cross paths with.

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New Rainbow Six Patriots Details

Juicy details about the recently announced title.

Rainbow Six Patriots was just announced only about a month ago and we're getting more details about the latest addition to the franchise. Developer Ubisoft Montreal has released some of the features that will be in the game when it's released, as well as the premise to the game.

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PixlTalk Episode 34: Hylian Mutant Rioting Turtles

It's downloadable game week on PixlTalk. Find out what recommendations Joaquim, Matt M, and Jason R have for every modern console!

The three podcasters sat down to discuss riots in Canada over hockey games, but somehow got the topic got shifted to video games with crowd control. Join Matt, Joaquim and Jason as they talk about riots and crowds in gaming, then segue into gang fighting, with the foot clan in TMNT.

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