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Castlevania II: Simon's Quest Review Rewind

Dracula’s Revenge

It was common practice for game developers to make radical design changes for the first sequel of a popular game in the early NES days. It was no different with Castlevania II: Simon's Quest. Released in North America in 1988, Konami decided that a few changes were in order. The previous game primarily focused on platforming, defeating the boss of the current stage, and moving on to the next location in linear order. Conversely, Simon’s Quest took the series in a new direction with an open, Metroid-esque style of exploration and a few RPG elements to boot. Castlevania had entered a new frontier.

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Backloggers Anonymous Super Castlevania 4

The Backloggers return for more Castlevania.

Backloggers Anonymous returns for a special Halloween episode featuring Super Castlevania IV. Join us as Casey and Catherine create a theory tying everything to wall meat, while Blake explains his beef with this game. 

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Castlevania Review Rewind

Stalk the Night

For years, the story of Count Dracula has been told many times over, with different spins on how he wrecked havoc on human society and such things. I dare say that there isn't a person on Earth who hasn't heard of the some point in their lifetime. So given the popularity of this character, it was only natural that Dracula would find a new life on the NES. And sure enough, in 1987, Konami released Castlevania-- a game that featured a whip-wielding hero on a mission to defend the local townsfolk and stop Dracula's bite for good, or so he hoped.

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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Review

It’s a curse to play such horrible garbage.

Imagine for a moment that you’re the world’s perfect predator, and you have an open and sprawling city that is now your playground after being at rest in the shadows for hundreds of years. You’re sneaking up on your prey, salivating at the heartbeat that is about to feed you when you suddenly step on a twig. The echo of this twig somehow alerts every known enemy of yours, and you’re suddenly flanked and flayed mercilessly without ever being given the chance to fight back. This is Lords of Shadow 2: everything sounds great in theory, yet nothing works the way it’s intended to do so.

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Backloggers Anonymous Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Part 2

The Halloween special we finished before Christmas. We're just that lazy.

First off, I'm sorry about the audio. Technical issues caused my feed to sound a little on the distorted side. It's not horrible, but it's noticeable. I believe I've found the cause of the problem and fixed it, but unfortunately this recording is what it is.

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Backloggers Anonymous Castlevania Lords of Shadow Part 1

What is a podcast, but a miserable pile of opinion!

So, this was supposed to be a Halloween special, but clearly we're a little bit late for that. Oh well. 

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The Elder Scrolls Forge: All Hallows' Eve Mods For Skyrim

Welcome to The Elder Scrolls Forge! An ongoing, episodic feature that showcases the coolest mods for The Elder Scrolls Anthology

Greetings, my fellow Draugrs! The Halloween season is upon us, so The Elder Scrolls Forge is celebrating in grand fashion by bringing you the most bone-chilling mods for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Whether you are looking for some terrifying quests, Halloween-themed overhauls, greater immersion, or just a little aesthetic character embellishment we've got you covered. Remember, all images are scalable if you'd like to get a better look, and if you are interested in snagging yourself a copy of any of the mods just click on the title to be taken to its respective Skyrim Nexus page. So whenever you are done cursing off Valgar Vinicia for running out of pumpkin spice, dim the lights and prepare to celebrate Halloween, Dovahkiin style!

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