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#memory card

Sony Backtracks - Vita Limited to Single PSN Account

Users will have to reset to factory presets in order to use another account.

We originally reported that the Vita would be limited to a single PSN account.  Then we were told that the accounts would be tied to memory cards and not the system itself, which would allow easy account swapping between systems.  Now Sony is going back to their original story, telling us that the account is indeed attached to the Vita itself.

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PixlTalk Episode 44: Crew Two's Vita Blues

The first week of the second crew of the PixlTalk podcast debuts, complete with Vita whining and a hodgepodge of topics to conclude the show.

As hinted at a couple episodes ago, PixlTalk is going weekly once again. Rather than hearing the same crew every week, each crew will occupy alternating weekly time slots and tonight's episode is the first from the second crew. While Julian will ultimately take over the hosting duties, for this week previous podcast regulars Nick, Chessa, and Jason help break him into his new podcasting role.

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Vita Not Limited to a Single Account After All

Seems rumors of the Vita's demise have been greatly exaggerated.

We reported earlier this week that the Vita would be limited to a single PSN account per system and would require a factory reset to swap to another account.  Turns out that isn’t entirely accurate. Sony has stepped forward and clarified that the PSN accounts are bonded to the memory stick and not to the system itself.

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PlayStation Vita Memory Card Pricing Leaked

Get ready to bend over and kiss your wallet goodbye...

If you're planning on buying a PlayStation Vita on launch day on February 22, 2012, you're going to need to put quite a bit extra aside. Not for the handheld itself, but for its mandatory memory cards used for downloads and game saves. GameStop has posted a tentative listing for the memory cards, complete with prices. 

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