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#rollers of the realm

Nerds Without Pants Episode 62: Rolling Into the New Year

This episode is three hours of awesome sauce.

 It’s a new year, and the nerds without pants are back with an epic, 3 hour extravaganza! Wait, come back, because you’re gonna want to listen to all of this. Not only do we have a great discussion about Christmas loot, Dragon Age, Game of Thrones, and Destiny, but we also have a very special interview with David Evans and Jamie Roboz, who worked on NWP indie favorite Rollers of the Realm. Enjoy!

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Nerds Without Pants Episode 59: Nobody Expects the Pokeapocalypse

I had a clever line, but I am full of turkey and black friday deals.

Welcome back to Nerds Without Pants! Casey joins us for the first time to talk a lot about Dragon Age Inquisition. Come for the video game discussion. Stay for the talk about furries and sexual puns.

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Rollers of the Realm Review

Rolling Deep

A plucky thief with a heart of gold arrives outside a small village. Using her companion, a scraggly mutt, she distracts the guards at the gate and sneaks into the nearby sewer entrance. Upon her arrival, she picks a few pockets to gather what she needs, and prepares to leave when a drunken man in plate mail being harassed by the henchmen of the town butcher, a local crime boss of sorts, stumbles onto the scene. A few backstabs later, and our thief now has a new partner, but her canine companion has been kidnapped by the butcher’s men, and they’re off to liberate him.

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Nerds Without Pants Episode 48: Back in the Saddle

More like "bored" games, amirite?

Sorry folks, but this one is coming in hot! As in, recorded less than twelve hours ago hot. So apologies for another rough episode. We almost didn't record this week, but life, ah, ah, finds a way.

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Nerds Without Pants Episode 43: Respect Our Authoritah!

Only minimal Final Fantasy talk. We promise.

Hello again! After that jam-packed 3 hour long Final Fantasy episode, it's time for the Pantsless Ones to get back to talking about games. As is NWP tradtion, we get sidetracked. A lot.

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