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#virtual boy

Mutant Mudds Review

I think the 12-bit generation must've been one of the best.

Faux retro games are all the rage these days. Capturing the look, sounds, and feeling of the gaming days of yore has proved to be a successful formula for most of the companies that have tried it. Renegade Kid has given the subgenre a shot with their latest title, Mutant Mudds, to great success. Instead of modeling itself after the most popular NES games, it creates its own identity that merges ideas from all past generations and systems – even the Virtual Boy. This mash up of ideas comes together in a spectacular way, making it one of the best titles available today on the 3DS.

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Mutant Mudds Preview

Classic action-platforming with a 3D twist.

While not many have had the opportunity to play the Virtual Boy, Renegade Kid’s latest work is oddly reminiscent of Nintendo’s misfit system. Back when the Virtual Boy launched, it touted its special 3D capabilities; these boiled down to little more than multiple viewing planes, which gave the illusion of 3D. The most memorable games used these multiple planes to create deeper platforming experiences. Taking a cue from these experiences, Mutant Mudds allows players to jump between the current plane, background, and foreground.

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So I heard...

Oh no!

On a recent trip to Epcot, a video detailing a new ride, The Sum of All Thrills, caught my eye. In the video, I noticed a few Nintendo-related Easter Eggs, and while I wasn't able to snap a quick picture of either of them, I did manage to hunt down two fuzzy shots thanks to our wonderful internet.

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