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About Me:

Producer. Director. Technician. Co-host. Writer. Editor. Photographer. Designer. Composer. Musician. Artist. Gamer. All of that, and I'm an 8-Bit Meteor!

Favorite Games:

Shmups encompass my favorite genre by a long shot, so I created Bullet Heaven in 2009 whichspotlights arcade scrolling shoot-em-ups. It's still going strong today, and described by publisher Rockin' Android as "The best show dedicated to the shoot-em-up scene!"

Some of my personal favs include Air Zonk, Final Fantasy VI, Valkyrie Profile, Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter, Ace Combat Zero, Persona 4 and Eschatos.

Favorite Music:

I did a video about this back in my 1up days... hold on a sec.

There you have it. New favorites include Shigeki Hayashi, Yosuke Yasui and Shinji Hosoe!