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About Me:

ShoeShiner here, but I also go by Running Gamer on other websites. I love our medium, and I also enjoy outdoor activities. I'm always looking for ways to combine the two, but so far jogging and playing DS has already caused too many injuries.

Chill out, read some blogs, comment on some posts, and just relax.

For more excitement, check out my twitter @Running__Gamer(That's two underscores)

Or check out my Tumblr at

Better yet, check out my backlog of games at to see what I am currently playing through.

Or just ignore me. Forget I existed. But what would (insert favorite video game character) do?

Favorite Games:

Such a stupid question. That's like asking what my favorite organ would be... which is obviously my left foot. As for genres, I will play anything. I feel like all genre's have a special place in our medium's spectrum, and each deserve their own attention. Just don't pay any attention to the Call of Doody series, and you will do just fine.

Favorite Music:

Yet again, I will listen to just about anything. I constantly have Pandora running in the background on shuffle while I'm writing my blogs, and on an even scarier note, I constantly send myself emails about songs that I MUST buy. Currently sitting around 200. This either says that I have great taste for all things or no taste for anything. Either way, I'm laid back about all genre specific mediums.

Except for horror films. They are just stupid.