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On 04/03/2013 at 10:31 PM by Serraxor

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In today's blog, The Original Ser works through an issue and buys a big-ass stack of games. 


...OK, so I've worked through one of my mind-corroding issues that was literally driving me insane. With that out of the way, things seem a lot more manageable, and I'm far less likely to be swallowed into an unimaginable pit of despair. So there's that. 

See, I'm on unemployment, and when I went to the office to make sure I wasn't going to be cut off for going to pre-EI-planned trip to PAX in a media capacity to conduct business for PPR (which was actually a form of work, even though the government of Canada doesn't seem to think so) and since I was out of the country, I was suspended from getting my fair share of cash which was basically mine anyways. 

Well that was resolved and I'm back on "payroll," so to speak so that's a big load off. 

Anyways, today I was able to snag a ton of stuff for next to nothing thanks to a clearance sale at work. Basically, ten brand new games, no more than $5 apiece. Here we go. 

For $5 each I got: 

5... $5... $5 wii gaaaaame


Decent. Next up some $3 goodness: 


Now there's some crazy before-and-afterness! Now Entering Toonie Territory: 



And finally for just a buck: 


There you have it. A whole stack of games for just $33 after tax. Whatup. Granted, four of these are for a birthday present I'm sending off and at least two are for Daeruna to play (Time Hollow specifically, since she was interested in it,) but yeah. 


Beyond this madness, I've been working on new scripts for Bullet Heaven. Episode 68 should be ready really soon, and 69 will round off the PC-10gine block with an epic title that will surely please fans of Bullet Heaven, the TG16/PC Egine and shooting games in general. You'll see.

 From there, I have two more confirmed blocks this year: The Indie-3, which will be a single episode covering three $1 indie shooters on the 360 (a tradition since 2011) and the 2013 Summer event, "Boundless Shooting," in which we'll take a look at five rather superb region-free Xbox 360 titles. 



Tomorrow, I'm meeting a total stranger for some Pokémon games. Daeruna is intent on starting a league here in Halifax since an official one doesn't exist in these parts. In the mean time, she's beefing up her mental Pokédex with all things Pokémon, from the games to the trading cards and more. Tomorrow's pickups will basically be extra copies within the sets we have; Pokémon Fire Red (our second), Pokémon Emerald and a second copy of Pokémon Pearl for DS. The idea is to use them for traders and storage, not to mention some ridiculous hardcore challenge that I totally forget the name of. We may do a "let's play" style series that chronicles the progression through all five generations. We'll see what's what when it happens

On that note I still have some scripting to do, so I'm out. Dunno if I'm Daily again or not, but nyehh, we'll see. 




04/03/2013 at 11:06 PM

Glad to hear you got that issue that was bumming you out taken care of.

I really enjoyed Time Hollow. It wasn't a difficult game and I enjoyed the characters and story.


04/04/2013 at 11:34 AM

Only one thing of many, unfortunately, but at least is's some form of progress.. 

It's good to hear that Time Hollow is decent stuff. I'm sure Dae will like it. 

Super Step Contributing Writer

04/04/2013 at 12:33 AM

I wonder how much more space between calls from my freelance job needs to exist before I qualify for unemployment .. maybe I already do. Why does the best job I've ever had need to be the most erratic?

I'd love to play Kirby's Epic Yarn and Guilty Gear XX, two of my favorite franchises, and that's a great deal and a great number (33) you got on those games!

I only ever played Pokemon Blue, and it's one of the only JRPGs I actually like, which reminds me I still haven't found it...


04/04/2013 at 11:33 AM

For me, it was Red. OG Red. That's it. That's all. Everything else? Nyehh. But my wife loves 'em to death, so... 


04/04/2013 at 11:47 AM

Sorry about the money issues. I don't get why they would do that but I guess in their minds (and some crazy rules they probably have in place) they felt they were right even if it inconveniences their own citzens. Crazy.

As for more positive stuff, the Pokemon League sounds interesting, and it sounds like you guys are assembling quite the Pokemon library. $33 bucks for a stack of games including presents! Awesome! I always tell folks there are a lot of really good games to be had for cheap if you're willing to wait a bit, and take a little bit of time to look for them. Good stuff!


04/04/2013 at 08:27 PM

Glad to hear some of your problems are dealt with. Unemployment is just as messed up in the US from what I hear. Like the Wii games you found. I have RE: UC but not the other ones. I only bought my Wii two months ago. I've found some great deals,but not like the ones you did. And best of luck with the Pokemon league.


04/04/2013 at 10:24 PM

Those are some great deals. I thought I did well getting Star Successor for 10 bucks. I'd love to find Epic Yarn for 5.

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