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On 04/17/2013 at 04:28 AM by Serraxor

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In today's Blog, The Original Ser rambles about Bullet Heaven and a bunch of other stuff. 


I am, as GLADoS would say, "Still Alive". 

I've been working on a lot of stuff since my last post, furiously creating new episodes of Bullet Heaven HD for the PC-10gine Block (now complete) and for a game recently released on PC by Rockin' Android called Cloudphobia. Rockin' Android has been super cool with Bullet Heaven and Press Pause Radio, providing me with review copies of every single one of thier games since the day we met at PAX East in 2011. They even offered me a badge to go to E3 but alas, I can't afford the flight. 

Anyway, here are my most recent video episodes: 

Bullet Heaven EX-5 - Manly Extension [Press Pause Radio] [YouTube]
Bullet Heaven Episode 68 - Space Invaders: Fukkatsu no Hi [Press Pause Radio] [YouTube]
Bullet Heaven Episode 69 - Magical Chase [Press Pause Radio] [YouTube]
Bullet Heaven Episode 70 - Cloudphobia [Press Pause Radio] [YouTube]


Speaking of Bullet Heaven, I've also been overhauling the general look and feel of the Info and Stackup sequences. I'm pretty satisfied with the results; they look pretty boss, especially since the whole thing is animated with nothing but a bunch of 2-D image layers and the "lighting" looks pretty natural. Here is the Info sequence in motion: 

And here's a still from the stackup. I just left Cloudphobia in as a place holder, and the score is set to 5 by default; it will change depending on the game, of course. "Bullet Heaven HD" is where the game's title usually goes. If you've seen Bullet Heaven, you know what to expect. It just looks cooler and more polished.


If you dig shooting games like I do (though that may be an improbability), be sure to check out the Bullet Heaven Facebook page for up-to-the-minute news and updates on the series. I'm currently in the process of getting episode 71 scraped together. 


I had a dream the other night that there was an epic lightning storm outside. I hauled out the camera to get some amazing shots, and the lightning was unbelieveable. After getting it all on film I hiked it back inside, but then I woke up. I just makes me want to experience another thunderstorm like the one we had out here on August 2, 2011. That storm lasted for over seven hours, and it rained lightning like you wouldn't believe. Just two months earlier, we had another chain of storms that was pure chaos on June 2, 2011. With over 10,000 strikes in less than three hours, it was fairly impressive as well. 

I've become kind of a local legend in these parts, at least when it comes to tracking severe weather. Since I do a better job than the weather channels, I'm constantly retweeted by multiple twitter accounts; one in specific retweets the best and funniest of the entire Halifax region. All of my severe weather updates get a retweet to tens of thousands of viewers. Heck, even Reed Timmer, the famous tornado chaser, followed me before I followed him.

I always love that kind of weather and I make it a point to get as much footage as I can of them. I hope to catch some epic lightning at night with my Nikon D3100. We didn't get any storms worth mentioning after I got it last year, so I'm praying for the most violent thunderstorm this area has ever seen to get some sweet pics. Some might call what I do reckless, but I've made it this far (through over 20 years of some extremely gnarly situations) so I'd like to think I know what I'm doing. If I could find someone who'd chase some weather with me, since I don't have a car, that would be sweet. 

I guess that's all I have to say today. I guess I have to wait for that courier. Hopefully the tracking on the website comes back up. What a time for it to bunk out. 


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Super Step Contributing Writer

04/17/2013 at 05:41 AM

Nice looking infographics, and too bad you don't live in Texas, where there are a decent amount that like to chase storms ... I think. It's late. Or early. I've been up a while.

Good to see you blogging again, stranger!


04/17/2013 at 08:18 PM

I have high hopes for this year's weather; We had a thunderstorm in January and last year, we even had a decent one on Halloween! That never happens up here. The way the climate has been changing has led to some wierd patterns, so it's going to be more challenging than ever this year. 

Super Step Contributing Writer

04/17/2013 at 08:32 PM

Yeah, down here we are used to weather patterns that make no damn sense. lol


04/17/2013 at 09:29 PM

We're getting ready to have an epic lightning storm in my neck of the woods.


04/17/2013 at 11:43 PM

Super Jelly. 

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