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Quick Ramblings

On 05/01/2014 at 05:02 PM by Raised_on_Nintendo

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I've been gaming.

I just don't have a lot of time to blog about it, which sucks because I really miss that.  See my last blog post for the reasons why.  Anyway, here goes a fast blitz round of my gaming world.

Currently Playing:  'Zelda: A link Between Worlds' and 'NES Remix 2'.  

Between Worlds was a fun, nostalgic walk through 'A Link to the Past'.  I beat it fairly quickly, and am working on Hard Mode.  I'm a tad disappointed that Hard Mode wasn't selectable from the beginning.  

NES Remix 2 was an impulse purchase for me.  I think it's okay, and will probably complete it.  I like the Miiverse feature of seeing others' scores an replays.  Hopefully soon Nintendo will catch up to Sony and Microsoft as far as online features go.  We're overdue for this.

Games I Recently Finished: 'Super Mario 3D World', 'Super Paper Mario', 'Metroid: Other M', 'Resident Evil 4 (Wii)', 'Angry Birds: Star Wars Edition'.

Super Mario 3D World was amazing.  I played co-op with my sister through the entire game, and we had a blast.  We beat every world, found every star and stamp, got every gold flag.  The world needs more games like this.

Super Paper Mario was okay.  My biggest complaint is the way they nerfed the jumping mechanic to make the action harder.  There's a deliberate split-second delay between the button press and the actual jump, and my guess is this was done to slow down the pace of the game.  Otherwise, skilled jumpers would probably beat the game in half the time.

I really liked Metroid: Other M.  I remember reading complaints about the game in blogs and comments when it was released, but I think it's a great game.  I think what's awkward is giving Samus a personna, and how it differs from what gamers have imagined her as being.  I hope Nintendo never does the same with Mario, Link, etc.  The game itself, though, is fantastic.

I played through Resident Evil 4 again to see how it has aged.  IMO, it hasn't all that well.  It's still visually amazing, and the feel is very dark, which I like, but some of the environments seem static and square.  And what's with the merchant?  He's everywhere!

Angry Birds: Star Wars was really fun, a game to chip away at in small doses.  I'm not a big Angry Birds fan, but Star Wars polished the physics to the point where it's more forgiving.  I went back and tried the original Angry Birds after finishing Star Wars and found it unplayable.

One last note:  I went online with my 3DS for the first time in months and was disappointed to discover that Swapnote was taken offline.  I really liked that feature, and was sad to see it go.

Anyhoo, until next time...



Matt Snee Staff Writer

05/01/2014 at 05:52 PM

I liked Super Mario 3D World a lot too, but I've never had the chance to play with someone else. That must be fun. 

Cary Woodham

05/01/2014 at 07:57 PM

Yeah I liked SwapNote a lot, too.  I used it more than MiiVerse.


05/01/2014 at 10:23 PM

So good to see all this love for Nintendo. I'm not alone anymore! I really enjoyed Other M. I only wish it had been completely 2D with the boss fights, but whatever. 

Super Step Contributing Writer

05/01/2014 at 11:49 PM

I hope I have a different opinion on RE4 if I ever get to play it. Other M always looked good to me, aside from of course what they did with Samus's character.


05/02/2014 at 04:24 PM

I wanted to get Angry Birds Star Wars, but it was a $40 download on Xbox Live. I thought it would be $20 at most. In any case, it was too much for me. I didn't want it that bad.


05/03/2014 at 07:27 AM

Super Mario 3D World is awesome! My wife and I played through it and had a blast. I can't imagine what 4-player co-op would be like.

I enjoyed playing Other M too. I think the moment-to-moment gameplay is a lot of fun. It's too linear for a Metroid game though (I think) and I'm not a big fan of the forced arena combat (at least the combat is fun). And of course, there is the terrible characterization of Samus...


06/22/2014 at 11:14 AM

Still debatinfg if I should spend more on the 3DS or the Wii. both are lacking in the game department as of late. mario sounds like a good choice as does metroid.

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