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Exrian's Comments - Page 14

Episode 98: Sentient Carpets From Outer Space

Posted on 10/13/2016 at 03:21 PM | Filed Under Feature

Forgot to mention that Okami did appear on PS3 as Okami HD. It had much sharper graphics and better draw distance. It could also use the PS Move controller to replicate the Wii version. Definitely a great game to play again. It's in many PS Flash Sales for cheap. I may have a spare code from that Capcom Humble Bundle. I'll look for it if you're interested. 

Episode 98: Sentient Carpets From Outer Space

Posted on 10/12/2016 at 01:56 PM | Filed Under Feature

Another great podcast. I wasn't sure how you were gonna pull it off with 2 down but Mike nailed it. Wish you had a full cast to see how he fit in with everyone. 

Episode 97: NWP x TnB

Posted on 09/26/2016 at 02:08 AM | Filed Under Feature

Hell yeah, Resistance was amazing. I loved the replay value with new weapons added after the first play though. I hoped 2 would do that but it didn't. One of my favorite games of last gen. 

Episode 97: NWP x TnB

Posted on 09/26/2016 at 02:05 AM | Filed Under Feature

Great podcast guys. I really enjoyed the TnB crews infusion. I've added them to my sub list to try out when I'm done with my regular podcasts for the week.

To note, yes I was aware of Mass Effect and Bioshock released that year. While ME is one of my favorites, I am not big on Bioshock. I really enjoyed it for the first half but feel it really dragged on and didn't finish it for years later. I prefer Infinite to either of the first 2. Mass Effect is far and away better than EDF 2017 but not my Chrono Crossing Pick. I also played it a few months before 2 released so there's that. It didn't get a chance to stew with me before I jumped into 2 and got engulfed in it.

Stage Select seemed like it'd be tough but after some time looking at my favorites list I found the perfect one very quickly.

Stage Select: Pokémon Red/Blue World

Initially I thought some Gundam world but that's a bit dangerous and I wouldn't necessarily be a Pilot. Where as in Pokémon everyone from a toddler to a senior citizen can experience and enjoy Pokémon. Even better, the world in Red is pretty mundane. No Pokémon gods trying to destroy the earth. Plus my favorite Pokémon, Jolteon, was in the original 150.

Chrono Crossing 2006: Okami 

Okami was a game that surpassed expectations to me. It initially caught my attention because of its art but the gameplay definitely kept pace. It was a joy to play and amazing to stare at. Even better on PS3. The soundtrack is one of the few I own and I whistle their tunes constantly. 

Episode 96: PlayStation Pub Crawl

Posted on 09/12/2016 at 08:17 AM | Filed Under Feature

Chrono Crossing 2007: Earth Defense Force 2017

I really wanted to say Odin Sphere here but EDF was so much pure fun. My fondness could be due to co-oping every lunch break with my best friend for weeks. It was a cheesy B movie, 3rd person shooter and I wouldn't have it any other way. 


Gonna be honest and say I was a bit confused on Stage Select. Whether it should be a somewhat made up game like, "I want a Telltale Zelda game." Or more traditional like Gunstar Heroes 2 (Gunstar Super Heroes doesn't count). Or completely made up like Animal Crossing meets Mass Effect in a game I call Massive Animals Crossing. Either way...


Stage Select: 

3) Okami 2: Game end on a small but potentially huge cliff hanger. That world is too beautiful to drop forever.

2) Gunstar Heroes 2: Have always dreamed of a new proper Gunstar Heroes with 8+ weapons to mix and slick cel shaded graphics.

1) Chrono [Insert Name]: I most want a 3rd Chrono game that mixes the battle system of Cross with the many tech combos of Trigger.   

Episode 96: PlayStation Pub Crawl

Posted on 09/09/2016 at 11:06 PM | Filed Under Feature

Another great podcast guys. I wish I could have contributed to the discussion but my experience with PS1 is practically nothing. My first game was Chrono Cross which I bought with birthday money in anticipation of getting a PS2 for Christmas. Even though I did go back to play some of the gems of the system I was really late to the party.

I wanted to know if there's another way to go about iTune reviews. I know you guys, along with many other podcasts, are high on them but I use Android and haven't bothered with my PC in a long time. Even if I did, is there anyway to give you guys a review without downloading iTunes. I've tried twice using my phone online and also downloading the app but it isn't straightforward at all.

I must say I regret throwing away all my old game magazines and demos now. I had subs to like 8 different mags at one point. Even had the run of EB games short lived mag. I didn't know what to do with hundreds of old magazines and demo discs so threw them out.  

Episode 95: Life is Overwatch

Posted on 08/29/2016 at 11:55 AM | Filed Under Feature

Another great podcast guys. Also thanks for the shout out on Comics Conspiracy Julian. I am really enjoying NWP and hope it can reach the ranks of CC and Giant bombcast one day. I don't know what I'd do for 8 hours at work if I didn't have podcasts. Music is nice but it needs to rest after awhile. 

I should clarify what I meant when I talked about how far Nintendo had fallen. It wasn't necessarily in quality but in the mainstream. Nintendo is now a niche where before they were kings. I want to see them return to being a staple instead of a second thought when compared to Sony and Microsoft.

I am one of those who do enjoy the board game talk. That's something I don't get from any other podcasts I listen to. I wouldn't go seek a 2 hour board game podcast, not yet anyway, but the infusion here is nice to have. It has gotten me to start seeking some actually. Unfortunately, I am like Julian where I have no one to really play with. My wife may try them but I don't see her really enjoying them. I wish I had heard this podcast sooner because I just bought Sushi Go! last week and then heard there's a better version. So looks like I'll have to buy that one also. It's a great game that my wife actually enjoys but it'll be much better when we play with more people.  

I had to go to youtube and watch that opening cutscene from Lost Odyssey. I remember loving it. Unfortunately it's one of those that got lost in the backlog. I do plan on going back to it once it gets backwards compatible as was planned months ago. 

Also Julian you should totally check out Overwatch. It's really easy to get into. There are many characters for people who aren't hardcore FPS gamers. You already know the basics of FPS games so you would have no trouble contributing to your team. Winston and Symmetra have auto aim weapons for taking out small, quick characters. Reinhardt is a massive tank that soaks up damage and has a giant hammer as his main weapon. Mercy is a healer/buffer that doesn't really use weapons (though the best Mercy players do). All characters fill in some role and I can't imagine you being unable to hop in and have fun. If you can beat Doom, you can make a good Overwatch player. Then Blizzard are experts at pacing. So you can hop on for a few games, get your Loot Box, and feel good for the day. You never feel like an hours been wasted when it comes to progressing. I don't see myself done with this game anytime soon. It will surely be my Chrono Crossing 2016 pick despite how badly I want to say it's Dark Souls 3. Unlike Hearthstone which is another Blizzard game that had its hooks deep into me, I don't feel the need to play for dozens of hours a week to stay relative. You can stop for a month and hop back in without missing a beat. 

Episode 94: Task Force NWP

Posted on 08/19/2016 at 10:40 PM | Filed Under Feature

Yeah I definitely understand the dislike of this Joker. I think Jared Leto could have pulled off a good role but the character they gave him to portray was too radical from the norm. Hoping they can fix that if he goes against Batman in the next Batman movie. Hopefully they can explain the tattoo as something Harley did for him during a crazy stunt or something. Anything but he put it there cause he really wanted it.

Episode 94: Task Force NWP

Posted on 08/15/2016 at 06:06 PM | Filed Under Feature

I would love to try it but I've never been very PC savvy. I always worry about downloading some virus or bloat ware. I just recently factory reset my laptop because it had some v9 garbage on it. 

Episode 94: Task Force NWP

Posted on 08/15/2016 at 07:47 AM | Filed Under Feature

I can certainly understand trying to wait for a deal but it's definitely worth its full price. Excellent game. I bought it after finishing Inside. I liked Inside but feel it is highly over rated. I don't regret buying it but I feel I should have waited for a sale. That's when I saw Ori for sale and decided i'd finally play it. I honestly didn't know much about it except a friend saying it's comparable to Metroid. So I grabbed it and loved it. Definitely better than Inside imo. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

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