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Episode 180: Failure to Launch

Posted on 07/19/2020 at 02:39 PM | Filed Under Feature

I too love my Switch. I just bought Return of the Obra Dinn on the Argentina store shop for $12 so I'm ready to give it a go. 

Episode 180: Failure to Launch

Posted on 07/19/2020 at 10:24 AM | Filed Under Feature

Great show again guys. Love having Angelo around a bit more lately. Really wish Patrick could have joined in also. There were some real good launch picks in there that completely flew over my head. How did I forget the OG Mario Bros lol?

Looks like Gameboy is getting some love so I'll continue that trend in Stage Select

Stage Select: 

My absolute favorite game gift memory happened in the early 90s. I couldn't have been older than 5 when I came out of school and hopped into the car. My mom handed me a black case. I wasn't sure what it was but I saw the word Gameboy and she told me to open it. 

Inside was an OG, practically new, Gameboy with 12 games neatly packed into a Gameboy case. I honestly dont think I knew what a Gameboy was at the time but I immediately knew that I had a portable gaming device and I jumped for joy. 

The reason I had received this gift was because my mom found it at a yard sale. Unfortunately, the lady who sold it to her had lost her son recently and didn't know what else to do with his stuff. I know it couldn't have been easy but the lady sold it all for $100 and told my mom that knowing it would make another child happy would make her feel a little better. 

I can testify that that gift was responsible for hundreds of hours of enjoyment and smiles. I have never not had a portable gaming device since that day. To this day Portables still hold a deep place in my heart and I dont know how'd I live without them. 


Cage Match: Did I ever mention that I hate Donkey Kong? I dont know why but I do. I played the original arcade game, the SNES ones and even enjoyed them but I hate Donkey Kong. I think it may stem from his stupid taunt in Super Smash Bros where he raises his hands and shakes his head. As if he's quoting Steve Urkel saying, "Did I do that?" in that voice that makes you want to smack him in the face. So I'm going with whatever caused him more pain. I'm going to assume that a tropical freeze would destroy his supply of bananas so that would hopefully cause him to starve to death. So I'm going with that. Yup...

Episode 179: Happy Days

Posted on 07/04/2020 at 01:02 PM | Filed Under Feature

That episode helped me through a long day of yard work. Thanks for that. I still kick myself when I hear Julian talk about old magazines. I tossed out hundreds, HUNDREDS of old game mags. Many EGMs especially. Overall I dont remember all I was subbed to at one point  but off the top of my head: 

EGM, Tips and Tricks, Game Now, Gamepro, Official Playstation Magazine, Official Xbox Magazine, Nintendo Power, Edge, Game Informer, another Playstation US Offical Magazine (or something) and maybe another. 

I kept these things going for years. One day I was cleaning out my room and just decided to toss them since they took up half a closet. If anything I wish I had know people wanted them so I could have given them away. This was back in 2010 probably. 

If true, I had no idea Justin was asexual. Unless I misheard him because I was probably cutting the grass or weedwacking. That blew my mind because of how much percent of his brain is taken up by Chun Li lol.

On to some game talk!


Stage Select 

3. Soul Calibur (Dreamcast): I actually got a DC and this game towards the end of its cycle when it was really cheap but I played the hell out of it. It's still one of the few fighters I can pull out and have fun with without having to relearn everything. Also Sophitias grab (you know the one) was a young man's dream.

2. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii) Yes that's right, the real Zelda! Unlike the open world, "oh I need to eat food or die" crap. NOTE: I did enjoy Breath of the Wild, please dont hurt me. This game was everything I wanted when I got the Wii but to be fair I wish I had played it on Gamecube. I havent went back to this one but I'm currently playing Ocarina of Time and want to one day.

1. Resistance Fall of Man (PS3) This game was amazing. I dont know why it didnt get more love. Very interesting guns, alternate timelines, extra weapons after you finish the game and so much more. I still remember being blown away by shooting out specific parts of a window instead of it shattering on contact. I want a reboot Sony!


Cage Match: KOTOR wins for being the only thing Star Wars that I actually know about. Yes its true, I've never seen the original or new trilogy. I saw Episode 1, slept during Episode 2, and honestly dont know about Episode 3. So for me, KOTOR is the end all, be all of Star Wars canon. I regret nothing.

Episode 178: In Spoon We Trust

Posted on 06/24/2020 at 12:36 AM | Filed Under Feature

Yes I fully agree. You dont really notice it much until its very realistic. On top of that, theres also the whole terrorist side of it. No way in hell they wouldnt get called out. Barrett and Tifa have to be very well known around Sector 7 because of the bar. They wouldn't have a home to return to unless they wanted to deal with a SOLDIER SWAT team. 

Most other games have you running with weapons but you arent neccesarily a bad guy. 

Episode 178: In Spoon We Trust

Posted on 06/21/2020 at 02:33 PM | Filed Under Feature

Great episode guys. Looking forward to some new console for sure. Almost done with Final Fantasy so I can hear that spoiler episode. 

Update: finished the spoiler episode since I'm done with FF7. Definitely felt way too padded. I was wishing there was an auto fight toggle towards the last handful of bosses. Not because they were hard but I just wanted to see where the story was heading and be done. 

I know its dumb but I also had a hard time suspending disbelief when you have Barret running around with a gun the size of a human on his arm. Especially when the 24/7 news has video of all the main characters. NO ONE noticed that the giant black man with a cannon on his arm is the same giant black man with a cannon on his arm from the news? Or the edgy kid with a sword as tall as him? Or hell the hot girl with giant balloons? 

Overall it was a good game but I really felt the way they stretched it out unnecessarily. I couldn't recall much of the original story outside of big plot points so you're spoiler cast really helped fill in gaps. 

Ok on to Stage Select 

Stage Select:

3. Good acradey racing games. NFS Hot Pursuit 2 and Burnout 3 are amongst my favorite games ever. Just dumb fun. Burnout got grayed out later then turned into a garbage open world game. NFS is just a joke these days. Hell bring back NFS Underground and add the insanity of the cop cars from Hot Pursuit 2 and we have a winner!

2. Nintendo trying to compete graphically. I know Nintendo makes many amazing games that look amazing in their own right but damn do I wish they would push the power of a Series X (now and not in 10 years when Series XY is out). I would love to see what a modern Zelda, Metroid, or whatever could do with a console that easily competes with the next gen. They havent done that since Gamecube if I remember correctly.

1. Cheat codes! Where the hell are all the cheat codes? Why do they no longer exist? Let us break our games with fun bullshit. Goldeneye had lots of dumb fun things but also gated them behind speedrunning bullshit. Just give us a damn menu with a checklist of cheats we want. I want to have a machine gun in Dark Souls, Mario duel wielding hammers, Link flying with Epona, Samus with a hyper beam from the get go. Just give us fun dumb cheats and diable achievements if it's that big a deal.


Cage Match: I initially heard this and was immediately declaring Homecoming the winner by a mile but then I decided I'm going with Downpour. Why? Because I was literally 20 minutes from the end of Homecoming (which I was enjoying) when the game wouldn't let me progress past a dumbass door.

I redid the same 30 minute segment 3 times only for the game to freeze 2 doors from the final boss every time. I finally called it quits and to this day dont know how that game ends. Homecoming is the traitorous Shawn Michaels to my Marty Jannetty...

Episode 177: Spin Me Right Off

Posted on 06/12/2020 at 06:43 PM | Filed Under Feature

Ok been so busy with my fence but I had to chime in for Stage Select 

Favorite Religion in Games: The Templar from Hellgate London

This group of holy warriors have trained for thousands of years to kill demons. They are armed with insane armor with dozens of really cool tech. This includes: helmets to view in 360 degrees, spikes in boots to anchor them, and things to enhance their physical and combat abilities.


Cage match: SMB3 of course. Fat man in raccoon costume equals Totoro. Fan man in Cape equals even lamer Superma . 

Episode 174: We Regret Everything

Posted on 04/23/2020 at 07:23 PM | Filed Under Feature

Awesome podcast. Got to admit, I'm pretty stoked when I see 3+ hours for the episode. 

Last week I got really into acoustic versions of my favorite videogame music so this Stage Select comes at a perfect time. 


Stage Select: Happy Songs

Frogs Theme: Chrono Trigger 

This song is just epic nostalgic goodness. Instant classic and the reason I taught myself how to whistle. The song perfectly captures that heroic feeling and few characters are more deserving than Frog. Plus it takes me back to that moment he slices a damn mountain in half. This song always puts me in a good mood


Chrono Cross: Time's Scar 

There could be nothing else than this song for my number one. I still remember that opening poem perfectly. I remember all the feels I got watching that opening video. I still remember hearing this song during the commercial. Combine that with the awesome cutscenes they showed and I was in! I used my birthday money to buy it and didnt own a Playstation but was going to get a PS2 for Christmas. No other song from games stirs up my nostalgia and memory quite like this one.


Cage Match: TMNT obviously! I loved the Simpsons but a jump rope, vacuum cleaner, skateboard, and fists dont hold a candle to the Turtles weapons. Also this game came from Pizza Hut so that's another win.

Episode 173: Become Cow

Posted on 04/17/2020 at 02:21 PM | Filed Under Feature

Been so busy lately but wanted to get my comment in. You guys are doing a great job and I really appreciate you guys making this podcast. It really makes my day when I have a podcast to look forward to when I work. Same goes for Clickbait. 

Stage Select: 

3. Not getting an SNES: I was given a Sega when I was around 5. I never ventured into SNES but I wish I had. I have always taken good care of my stuff so still have all my Genesis games. I wish I had a collection of amazing SNES games in my collection also. That said I loved my Sega days and am glad I had one.

2. Over Buying: I'm extremely guilty of buying more games than I'll ever play. I have gotten better as I get older in that I dont buy as many games Day 1 unless I KNOW I will play them. The others I get I wait for sales on. But I've learned that if I don't buy it Day 1 then it probably means I dont really, really want to play it and it sits there for months, then years, then maybe I pop it in for 1 day and never again. It's nice having a decent collection but I need to stop buying things just because they are less than $10.

1. Not taking pictures in Minecraft: I'm not a photo mode person but I regret not taking pictures in Minecraft. I made an underground bunker after months of playing. I had never played Minecraft but was getting hooked. My tiny bed and workshop in a cave became a bonafide bunker that would make any crazy doom prepper satisfied. It isnt amazing compared to some of those Minecraft experts but I'm still extremely proud of what I accomplished. I wish I had catalogued the transition along the way so I could remember exactly where I started and look back at each step along the way. 


Cage Match: I've never played XCOM but its always seemed intriguing. I'm pretty sure that Aloy would have a hard time facing thousands of aliens. Then she's also fighting robot dinosaurs. Sure she has an awesome array of weapons but that don't impress them much since they got probably got nukes. Winner Captain of the XCOM force Shania Twain!

Episode 172: Wrestling with Covid-19

Posted on 03/29/2020 at 11:18 AM | Filed Under Feature

Awesome long episode. Many good laughs is what I need. Really interesting Stage Select this week. I think I have some good answers. 

I also thought of a perfect way for Animal Crossing to legit beat Doom guy. He charges head first everywhere. All the residents need to do is drop pitfalls everywhere. As he keeps falling, Nook can make his pitch to stay. Still cant believe that upset lol.


Stage Select: Top 3 Games I've Never Played

3. Skyrim: I still dont know how I've never played this. I think it's most likely due to the close release with Dark Souls which became one of my favorite games ever. Skyrim makes the list for epic dragon battles, awesome magic attacks and the insane exploration. I actually bought it recently but havent played it yet so I can still correct this mistake.

2. Final Fantasy 14: This game seems epic and everything I've heard makes me want to play it so much more. The story is supposed to be amazing and I've always been really intrigued to play an MMO but just never have. This makes the list for amazing music, story and being an MMO. Another title I currently own and will definitely play soon.

1. Zangeki No Reginleiv: If I'm correct this is loosely translated to Norse Defense Force. This was a game for the original Wii that only released in Japan. It was supposed to be a melee take on the Earth Defense Force gameplay where you swing swords, axes, and other melee weapons to take down giant enemies. I always wanted this to come stateside but it never did. Considering it was on Wii probably means it wouldn't hold up well and may have just outright sucked but I stand by my enthusiasm and proclaim I would love it like I do the EDF series. Unfortunately, I dont own this and probably never will.


Cage Match

Galaga and it's not even close. Centipedes are bugs, Galagas are... well I dont even know what is the Galaga. Is it the ship? The enemies race? The space army? Either way giant ships with guns beat bugs. Unless we are talking Starship Troopers because those bugs that shoot plasma out their ass took out space ships easy. But centipedes dont seem to shoot plasma out their ass so it has to go Galaga.

Episode 171: Leap Year Business

Posted on 03/12/2020 at 01:52 PM | Filed Under Feature

That was some good podcasting. I liked the videogame companies idea since it something I tend to forget all about. Nice tattoo Julian. I didnt know it was yours until you mentioned it. 

Glad that Stardew Valley is a hit. I still need to check it out. If Animal Crossing wasnt out so soon I would have tried it. I haven't tried the FF7 demo because I'm going to borrow the game from my friend when he's done. 

I cant believe I didn't think of Umbrella either. Great choice. This Stage Select should be interesting. 


Stage Select: I'd go for a nice mix of the old arcade one where moves were over the top but with the controls of the golden era N64 games like No Mercy. Imagine piledrivers where they can fly high like when someone in NBA Jam is on Fire. 

Definitely need a solid create a character mode. There must be a way to go into the back rooms by going up the ramp. Tons of crazy ass weapons. Wrestlers from all eras and companies would be fun. Also throw in some crazy off the wall ones kind of like how WCW/NWO Revenge did. 

All the match types you can think of also including ones that have been lost to time like Coffin Matches, Fire Matches, and such. They also need to add that water arena that WCW would use every so often. 


Cage Match: Doom guy blows the head off a demon and is on his way back to Earth. He is ready to tear up some demons but finds himself in a quaint little village on some island. Here he is greeted by a nice raccoon and friendly dog. 

The raccoon offers a home with no interest to worry about. He could theoretically never make a single payment and keep his tiny quaint home if he wanted. Doom guy is overwhelmed by his generosity and cries. The kind yellow dog hugs him and tells him that whatever worries he had before cant hurt him anymore. He enjoys a nice serenade from the dog playing guitar and eats a piece of fruit that is freshly plucked from the tree. Doom guy is happy and will live a quiet life with new friends. 

Winner: Both!!!

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