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Exrian's Comments - Page 12

Episode 96: PlayStation Pub Crawl

Posted on 09/09/2016 at 11:06 PM | Filed Under Feature

Another great podcast guys. I wish I could have contributed to the discussion but my experience with PS1 is practically nothing. My first game was Chrono Cross which I bought with birthday money in anticipation of getting a PS2 for Christmas. Even though I did go back to play some of the gems of the system I was really late to the party.

I wanted to know if there's another way to go about iTune reviews. I know you guys, along with many other podcasts, are high on them but I use Android and haven't bothered with my PC in a long time. Even if I did, is there anyway to give you guys a review without downloading iTunes. I've tried twice using my phone online and also downloading the app but it isn't straightforward at all.

I must say I regret throwing away all my old game magazines and demos now. I had subs to like 8 different mags at one point. Even had the run of EB games short lived mag. I didn't know what to do with hundreds of old magazines and demo discs so threw them out.  

Episode 95: Life is Overwatch

Posted on 08/29/2016 at 11:55 AM | Filed Under Feature

Another great podcast guys. Also thanks for the shout out on Comics Conspiracy Julian. I am really enjoying NWP and hope it can reach the ranks of CC and Giant bombcast one day. I don't know what I'd do for 8 hours at work if I didn't have podcasts. Music is nice but it needs to rest after awhile. 

I should clarify what I meant when I talked about how far Nintendo had fallen. It wasn't necessarily in quality but in the mainstream. Nintendo is now a niche where before they were kings. I want to see them return to being a staple instead of a second thought when compared to Sony and Microsoft.

I am one of those who do enjoy the board game talk. That's something I don't get from any other podcasts I listen to. I wouldn't go seek a 2 hour board game podcast, not yet anyway, but the infusion here is nice to have. It has gotten me to start seeking some actually. Unfortunately, I am like Julian where I have no one to really play with. My wife may try them but I don't see her really enjoying them. I wish I had heard this podcast sooner because I just bought Sushi Go! last week and then heard there's a better version. So looks like I'll have to buy that one also. It's a great game that my wife actually enjoys but it'll be much better when we play with more people.  

I had to go to youtube and watch that opening cutscene from Lost Odyssey. I remember loving it. Unfortunately it's one of those that got lost in the backlog. I do plan on going back to it once it gets backwards compatible as was planned months ago. 

Also Julian you should totally check out Overwatch. It's really easy to get into. There are many characters for people who aren't hardcore FPS gamers. You already know the basics of FPS games so you would have no trouble contributing to your team. Winston and Symmetra have auto aim weapons for taking out small, quick characters. Reinhardt is a massive tank that soaks up damage and has a giant hammer as his main weapon. Mercy is a healer/buffer that doesn't really use weapons (though the best Mercy players do). All characters fill in some role and I can't imagine you being unable to hop in and have fun. If you can beat Doom, you can make a good Overwatch player. Then Blizzard are experts at pacing. So you can hop on for a few games, get your Loot Box, and feel good for the day. You never feel like an hours been wasted when it comes to progressing. I don't see myself done with this game anytime soon. It will surely be my Chrono Crossing 2016 pick despite how badly I want to say it's Dark Souls 3. Unlike Hearthstone which is another Blizzard game that had its hooks deep into me, I don't feel the need to play for dozens of hours a week to stay relative. You can stop for a month and hop back in without missing a beat. 

Episode 94: Task Force NWP

Posted on 08/19/2016 at 10:40 PM | Filed Under Feature

Yeah I definitely understand the dislike of this Joker. I think Jared Leto could have pulled off a good role but the character they gave him to portray was too radical from the norm. Hoping they can fix that if he goes against Batman in the next Batman movie. Hopefully they can explain the tattoo as something Harley did for him during a crazy stunt or something. Anything but he put it there cause he really wanted it.

Episode 94: Task Force NWP

Posted on 08/15/2016 at 06:06 PM | Filed Under Feature

I would love to try it but I've never been very PC savvy. I always worry about downloading some virus or bloat ware. I just recently factory reset my laptop because it had some v9 garbage on it. 

Episode 94: Task Force NWP

Posted on 08/15/2016 at 07:47 AM | Filed Under Feature

I can certainly understand trying to wait for a deal but it's definitely worth its full price. Excellent game. I bought it after finishing Inside. I liked Inside but feel it is highly over rated. I don't regret buying it but I feel I should have waited for a sale. That's when I saw Ori for sale and decided i'd finally play it. I honestly didn't know much about it except a friend saying it's comparable to Metroid. So I grabbed it and loved it. Definitely better than Inside imo. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

Episode 94: Task Force NWP

Posted on 08/15/2016 at 02:33 AM | Filed Under Feature

A year or so ago I would have chosen Square Enix for this Stage Select and said remake Final Fantasy 7. Then they announced it. Not that it's my favorite or anything but nothing else from them could rile up the fans and gaming industry more than that announcement. I also would have thrown Chrono Crisis back into the fold but that's for my own selfish pleasure more than anything. Besides Square Enix seems to be getting on track with their business so I can't really pick them. So...

Stage Select: Nintendo

I have to go Nintendo here. They were so much to me growing up and I hate how far they've fallen. I don't even own a Wii U because, despite a few titles I know I'd enjoy, I don't see the point since Zelda is going to NX. 

- Keep the NX idea of a portable that connects to TV effortlessly. This means all attention goes to 1 device. Nintendo won't win a power/graphics war against Sony or Microsoft but they don't need to.

- Focus on games that are almost sure fire home runs. Such as HD remakes for A Link to the Past or Super Metroid. I know Nintendo prides itself on new things but let's get your console established so people will buy it and maybe some 3rd parties might want to join in this time. 

- If the mini NES takes off continue with SNES, and Gameboy/GBA. Not sure how feasible a portable retro Gameboy that played GBA also would be but that'd be awesome. 

- Lastly, enter the new age already. Make online play a key focus instead of something tacked on. It doesn't have to be Xbox Live but it needs to be on par with Sony. Imagine being able to play on the go with friends in Overwatch or something. 

Or I'd just take charge and sell off properties, lol. From Software gets Zelda, Burnout team gets F-Zero, Maybe id gets Metroid Prime... I dont know but I definitely don't want these properties going away for good if Nintendo ever calls it quits. 

Chrono Crossing 2008: Prince of Persia

There were plenty of amesome games in 2008 so this was hard but the one I look back most fondly on is this one. I played and enjoyed the first PoP remake on the original Xbox but it didn't grab me like the moment I saw this one. The graphics are still amazing to me (still praying for a Zelda in the same style). The chemistry between the main characters was special. Combat was fun and fairly challenging. Even the story was great. I really wanted to see a sequel but it never came. 









Episode 94: Task Force NWP

Posted on 08/15/2016 at 01:20 AM | Filed Under Feature

Hell yeah, a new classic Metroid is what I want most from Nintendo these days. Unfortunately I think I read that Japan isn't as fond of them as we are. So they don't make much money for Nintendo. I saw a few minutes of that fan made Metroid 2 remake that got shut down by Nintendo and it made me want it even more. Metroid 2 was amazing in its time and would be such an awesome game to remake. 

Episode 94: Task Force NWP

Posted on 08/15/2016 at 01:13 AM | Filed Under Feature

You guys and all your Doom talk made me decide to, temporarily, put down Overwatch and beat it. Its been on my shelf for a few weeks when I caught it for $30 but Overwatch has its claws in me. I also wanted to finish Ori and the Blind Forest.  

I finished it last night before work actually and it's easily the best campaign I've played in awhile. Non stop and just flat out fun. I normally find 1 or 2 guns I like and stick with them but Doom was the exception. Everything except the pistol was used and I'd have even used that substantially if the upgrades had been Faster Rate of Fire, Better Accuracy, and increased Damage. 

Honestly if I had beaten this before this week's Stage select I could have maybe had to fit in the Assault Rifle Micro Rockets to my weapons list. Once they can fire indefinitely, they are beautiful...

To comment on Suicide Squad Julian, have you heard the story behind Jokers grill yet? Supposedly the story is that Batman broke all his teeth on a beat down after Joker killed Robin. Joker got his grill and put the horrid, "Damaged," tattoo on his forehead as a reminder to Batman for what he did. There's also a theory about a Harley miscarriage  because there's some baby clothes in the scene  where Joker is lying on the floor with all those weapons. 


EDIT: Also forgot to comment on this week's show. It was great. I know you are trying to shorten the Stage Select portion but it doesn't seem easy, lol. I actually like it the way it is but I can understand you don't want to have a 5 hour podcast (though that'd give me something to listen to for a day of work).  

Episode 93: Classic Game Consumption

Posted on 08/10/2016 at 03:43 PM | Filed Under Feature

Yeah I'm on a similar run. First time I've had some days off in a few weeks so I've been pulling all nighters on Doom and Overwatch. 

Really happy to be a part of these new segments. It's so cool to see NWP hosts posting about games on a normal level around here. I listen to 12 podcasts regularly and you guys just seen like normal gamers like us. Im happy to say that you guys have quickly moved into my regular podcast list. So I'll be around for the long haul. 

Episode 93: Classic Game Consumption

Posted on 08/08/2016 at 10:50 PM | Filed Under Feature

Glad you're enjoying Divinity Julian. I jumped into it a few months back and got about 40 hours in before I stopped. It was a great game but I got my next big game and don't see myself going back. 

Chrono Crossing 2009

Demon's Souls: Not my favorite Souls game but my first. If I caught this in my teen years I'm pretty sure I'd have a few broken controllers. 


Stage Select  

3. Genocide Gun (Earth Defense Force 2017): Complete annihilation. This gun would make many shooters a cake walk if it didn't destroy the player in the process.

2. Bayonetta's Hair  (Bayonetta): Very versatile and unique weapon. Well unique in how crazily it shape shifted. 

1. Ivy's Whip Sword (Soul Calibur Series): Definitely not the strongest weapon on my list but it's so bad@**.


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