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Tomb Raider Collector's Edition!

Posted on 03/09/2013 at 04:58 PM | Filed Under Blogs

wait, woah woah...back the truck up! I thought you were a PS3 person, you game on Xlive as well?

Dragons Dogma 101 ways to die.........

Posted on 03/04/2013 at 11:20 AM | Filed Under Blogs

Oh and I forgot, once you get past level 6, ditch rook in favor of a pawn of proper level.

Dragons Dogma 101 ways to die.........

Posted on 03/04/2013 at 11:19 AM | Filed Under Blogs

they don't tell you how it goes, with the color coding but red quests tend to be super difficult and above your level, yellow are on par for your level, green should be super easy, and grey you should be able to do while sleeping rolling your face over the controller :p

I have a level 68 pawn mage, I don't think I have an RC value on her if you would like to borrow her, though it may make the game a bit to easy and take the challenge away. You can find me on Xlive as "HallowedSilent" and my pawn is "Kuene"

Dragons Dogma 101 ways to die.........

Posted on 03/04/2013 at 08:09 AM | Filed Under Blogs

I have my pawn as a mage, you can always feel free to borrow her to help you along! Right now, I don't really have any problems with ogres or gryph's (I'm a Ranger/Assasin/Mage Knight) my primary vocation now is Ranger which lets me range my attacks, especially against Ur-Dragon (the big bad guy).  I am going through my NG+ right now to prep for the next one for Dark Arisen! oh and I'm looking for the Direworlf helm to replace my Lupin one so I got the whole direwolf look with the helm and cape...ya and the white face paint with red eyes! <---huntsmen by trade :p

You do WHAT now?

Posted on 03/02/2013 at 09:49 PM | Filed Under Blogs

Yeah, maybe I'm not enough of a narcassistic terrible person lol!

You do WHAT now?

Posted on 03/02/2013 at 03:17 PM | Filed Under Blogs

That's pretty normal, I mean i'm a guy and I get those looks and I am a guy! I'm also an avid hunter/fisher, I have a higher degree (Masters of Accounting) and a few professional credentials such as my CPA, CFA (pending), and CMT (pending). 

Not only do people give me strange looks when I tell them I'm a gamer (and have been), they give me even stranger looks when I tell them I'm an avid outdoorsman and survivalist. They expect me to be this obnoxious walstreet finance person that has no concern but money and sex...I guess I'm not narcassistic enough to live in my own shoes for public opinion lol.

Gamer's With Suits: The Playstation 4 Effect

Posted on 03/01/2013 at 09:09 PM | Filed Under Blogs

This is something that so many experts are watching since this becomes more the developers fighting the retailers! I know they are trying to reassure gamers, but the market's not buying this bull! They are watching this closely because there will likely be a response, and that could potentially be higher prices to off set losses. Its possible that will be what some experts think will drive digital download sales.

While I am not certain, its definitely one of those phenomenons to watch out for. I do think if this "anti secondary market" crap does continue to a point of making it impossible to exist that the FTC will likely get involved because it would do such an amount of damage to retailers, especially brick and mortar establishments.

Upcoming Site Outage - March 2, 2013

Posted on 03/01/2013 at 08:59 PM | Filed Under News NY!?! well I guess that means I may see you all if I get a shot at going to the NY comic con >.>

Gamer's With Suits: The Playstation 4 Effect

Posted on 03/01/2013 at 08:51 PM | Filed Under Blogs

I agree, as do many others, that the implications of destroying the secondary market are insane. The market view is that it could be very damaging, and it would be a harsh move to pull because companies like gamestop derive so much of their profit from those secondary markets. It really has generated interest in both the consumer and investor market.

Gamer's With Suits: The Playstation 4 Effect

Posted on 03/01/2013 at 08:35 PM | Filed Under Blogs

My hope is that the physical media stays put, but they do expand the digital downloads to try and pick up those indie games that don't have the capital behind them. I honestly believe if PSN and Xlive make it easier for indie games to make their way to market, with some better support, this generation we may see the rise of some great companies!

I know Steam has that, but in general PC games tend to be cheaper, (around $10 on avg), I would hope if there was a shift, we would see some savings, OR! I would hope that the option for a digital download in lieu of physical media is offered where you could do the digital download for a reduced price. I know its a big question in the market because this directly impacts the gamestops and's of the world.

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