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Killer is Dead

PixlTalk Episode 81: We're Probably Going to Offend You

If you don't have a sense of humor, that is.

Yes, it's true. PixlTalk is still alive despite an almost year long hiatus. Between moves and children being born and a slew of other excuses events, we haven't had an opportunity to get together to do one of these in a very long time. Like most episodes of the show we're all over the place, but the unique dynamic between all participants makes it something worth tuning in for.

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Killer is Dead Review

Let’s all put aside our preconceived notions and take a critical look at Suda51’s latest effort.

Misogyny. It’s a word that’s been thrown around in tandem with Killer is Dead since the fated Gigolo Mode was first revealed. However, creator Grasshopper Manufacture has gotten a raw deal. This tongue-in-cheek mode (that only features two unique encounters) has thrown the stars completely out of alignment for the studio and the game at large. The fact of the matter is, Killer is Dead is quite similar to Suda51’s past works. Combining the frantic action of No More Heroes with the third person shooting from Shadows of the Damned and the darker atmosphere offered by Killer7, Killer is Dead is a fantastic fusion of some of Suda51’s oeuvre. The cryptic narrative that undercuts the experience further accentuates the charm of this excellent action game.

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Killer is Dead - English Dub Trailer

An introduction to the protagonist, Mondo Zappa.

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Grasshopper Manufacture Reveals Their Latest

Killer is Dead will grace the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in 2013.

With the upcoming release of Lollipop Chainsaw, and the recent release of Sine Mora and Diabolical Pitch, Grasshopper Manufacture has been a busy studio. Their unique blend of camp and the bizarre has been turning heads for years now and their newest title appears to be no exception. Killer is Dead is Suda51 and Grasshopper Manufacture's latest work, and though the name seems to imply it, the title bears no relation to their past work, Killer 7.

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