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Rayman 3D

Rayman 3D Review

Being the definitive version of Rayman 2 isn't saying much.

Alright, let’s address the elephant in the room: Rayman 3D is a cheap cash-in port of the Dreamcast version of Rayman 2. No, the game has not been enhanced in any meaningful way other than the addition of stereoscopic 3D - and no, it doesn’t in any way actually enhance the gameplay. Yes, at times, I even encountered a few instances where the game completely froze up, thus forcing me to hard reset my 3DS. All of this aside, Rayman 3D is still an enjoyable experience - one that has lost some of its luster over time. Thanks to the circle pad on the 3DS, the game controls like a dream, and the 3D, while nothing significant, adds some nice visual flair, giving the game a bit of extra charm. All things considered, this release of Rayman 2 is the definitive one.

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PixlTalk Episode 26, Side A: Launching at Midnight

Nick, Chessa, and Jason Ross convene to discuss the recently released Nintendo handheld, the 3DS.

As you all know the 3DS is now available worldwide and after Sunday's launch at midnight, Nick, Chessa, and Jason Ross have come together to discuss the new system and the process of procuring it.

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Comprehensive 3DS Launch Game Coverage

Click through for coverage on each and every 3DS launch game.

If you're like us, you're likely extremely excited for tomorrow. It marks the launch of Nintendo's latest handheld system, the 3DS. The system offers stereoscopic 3D, Wii quality graphics, and a slew of new games - sixteen to be exact. That's a lot of choice! In order to make the right decision on your launch software, click through and read up on each and every game that will be available alongside your shiny new Cosmo Black or Aqua Blue system.

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Rayman 3D Preview

I'm so excited, finally, a brand new Rayman game!

Just kidding. Rayman 3D is yet another rerelease of Rayman 2, the most popular and best received Rayman title in the series. While originally released on the N64 and PC, this latest 3DS version of the game is based on what's considered the best version, the Dreamcast edition. In preparation for this latest rerelease, Ubisoft has made some enhancements to the game to entice new and old players alike.

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