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About Me:

Hello there fellow gaming enthusiasts! It has been nearly three years since I updated my profile, but reading through it again, not much regarding my personality has really changed. Perhaps I should work on that...

Now 26, the past year or so has been very hectic for myself and Nick. Our oldest son turned two in December (and is living up to the reputation of those dreaded terrible twos), I finished up an associates degree in preparation for my bachelor's, we had our second beautiful little baby Michael Louis on January 10 of this year, and then we packed all of our stuff up and moved back to New York from Florida.

As far as my gaming history goes, I've been playing them since I was old enough to hold a remote, but my true obsession with them began back when I met my husband when I was just 16. As we started our young lives together we began casually collecting systems and games until it spiraled out of control into an addiction that neither one of us are ready to seek help for yet.

Personality wise, I'm fairly low key and normal (some of the time) but tend to be a bit outlandish, explicit, and loud (most of the time). I have absolutely no patience for games when they become overly tedious, truly test my patience, or force me to play a Zelda water temple. When these situations arise, one of two things usually occurs. Number one, I turn the game off in a fit of rage and stash it away deep into the game collection closet, naught to see the light of day for months, years, if ever again. Or two (the most likely scenario), I fling the controller across the room (or into the lap of the person sitting next to me and ramble off random profanities while pouting like a two year old child.

Favorite Games:

When it comes to particular games that I prefer, I'm not too particular. I'll play pretty much anything, although I do have a soft spot for adventure games, survival horror, and retro titles. Some of my favorite games ever include the Legend of Zelda series, Psychonauts, Portal 1&2, Katamari Damacy, Fatal Frame, Eternal Darkness, Xenoblade Chronicles, and Persona 3.

Favorite Music:

The Used, Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, System of a Down, Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold, Flaw, Story of the get the point. I like rock music.

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Long time listeners, rejoice -- Nate Hascup is back!

We all know that death and taxes are inevitable, but we might want to add PixlTalk taking at least a few months to produce a new episode to that list. In any event, it's given us plenty of time to build up some energy for a lively discussion with returned staff member, Nate Hascup!

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DLC, please?

Tappingo is anything but your run-of-the mill, been-there-done-that, played it a dozen times with a different name and color palate puzzle game. Created by indie developer Goodbye Galaxy Games, Tappingo is a delightful puzzle experience that, while short and sweet, is full of enough depth and challenge to attract and entertain gamers of all skill levels.

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South Park: The Stick of Truth Review

Prepare to be offended.

In the seventeen years that South Park has graced the airwaves, fans have been subjected to the horror and torment of a wide assortment of video games that were palatable at best and flat out blasphemous at their worst. They lacked everything that makes South Park fans tingle with excitement: gratuitous amounts of foul language, over-the-top violence, crazy characters, blatant insults veiled behind a mask of satire, and the raw unapologetic use of every conceivable taboo with the intention to offend.  But years later it seems that our cries of injustice were finally heard. Here it finally is, the definitive South Park experience chock full of enough smut, vulgarity, and sexism, to satisfy the sick twisted bastards that we all are.

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