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Captain N's Nintendo E3 wishes and predictions

On 06/14/2016 at 01:06 AM by Captain N

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                                   Nintendo E3 Bingo

Hello everyone, how are you? E3 is finally here, but to me E3 doesn't start till Nintendo shows what it has in store. But this year they won't have a traditional Nintendo Direct presentation as usual. Instead they will focus on the new Zelda game that is not only for Wii U, but also the NX, which is Nintendo's next hardware. It's rather disappointing that there won't be a Direct, but I'm excited to finally see more of the new Zelda game. Plus, this will be the first Nintendo E3 without Satoru Iwata, which is really sad and kinda bittersweet in a way.

Zelda Wii U/NX

Nintendo will also be showing footage of Pokemon Sun and Moon, which I'm really hyped because that's the only game I want that's actually releasing this year. Will be fantastic to see more of that. I'm expecting they'll show us some new Pokemon and possibly the starter evolutions. 

I was debating whether I should even bother making this because of what I just said, but been a while since I wrote something here so why not? That and Nintendo never said they wouldn't announce anything else...


Zelda Wii U/NX: For reference, here is a blog I made 2-3 years ago on my wishlist for the next Zelda game. Well this isn't a prediction since it's a given that they'll show it, but I can at least try here. I can expect a trailer first before anything. We'll most likely see the full name of the game and obviously gameplay. Other than that, not much else but we'll finally see if the rumors making rounds on the internet are true. To save you the trouble, rumors include that there will be voice-acting, you'll be able to pick your gender, game will have dynamic weather, and the game will include 4 main dungeons and 100 optional dungeons. I'm pretty excited to be honest, not of the rumors, but we'll finally see actual footage outside the little snippets Nintendo has given us these past 2 years.

Alola Region

Pokemon Sun and Moon: Like Zelda, this isn't a prediction. Maybe they will show off a new trailer. They will show more gameplay footage, but as I said, new Pokemon would be cool to show. Maybe some of the new features they said it might have. Other than that, I really can't think of anything.

Paper Mario Color Splash: This one has been getting so much hate since its reveal. Why? It looks really vibrant and colorful. Finally a new Paper Mario game! The problem people have with it? It plays like Sticker Star. In fact people are saying it's basically Sticker Star HD. Now I never played Sticker Star and I don't hate on a game I haven't tried (sometimes) but popular opinion on Sticker Star suggests it wasn't very good, and when people say the last best Paper Mario game is Super Paper Mario, then we have a problem with Color Splash. There's a reason why Nintendo hasn't mentioned a thing on it since its reveal a while back. Maybe they might show us more at E3. I am one of those people who reserves judgement till I play the game, and that still holds true, so I am definitely going to wait till I try it.

More amiibo: Nintendo is in fact, making more money off these things than the actual games and hardware. Unfortunately I'm part of that problem. There is no doubt they will announce more. We already have new Splatoon amiibo figures coming in July, plus there's a chance they will show us the last Smash amiibo figures like Cloud, Corrin, and Bayonetta. Can you guess which of these will be exclusive to Gamestop? Definitely will pick those 3 up because they will sell out. Nintendo might introduce some new amiibo series figures, like other than Smash, we have Mario Series, Animal Crossing series, and now Kirby series amibo. But which series is anyones guess. Maybe some Zelda, Metroid (doubt it), or Pokemon ones since all those 3 franchises share an anniversary this year. Nintendo is making money off of them, so Nintendo no doubt will probably show something off.


Mario Kart 8 dlc: Last year Nintendo said they were working on more Mario Kart 8 dlc. It's been a while since the last dlc pack, like maybe over a year? That and Nintendo UK (I think) recently tweeted about Mario Kart, with the message that good things come to those who wait or something. It could be anything, but I'm down for more dlc. Really hope they add Kirby cause my brother really wants Kirby. Or they may even add Sonic, they recently added Sonic into Lego Dimensions and the official account said that was just the beginning. Whatever it is, they could actually just drop this as a nice surprise. But please, add Waluigi Pinball?

Metroid Prime Federation Force: This is probably one, if not, the biggest troll move Nintendo could have done to Metroid Fans. I've been meaning to give my opinion on this for a while, but might as well now because I may not get the chance later. Anyway, to be honest, I'm stunned. I actually wrote about wanting a new Metroid game where it could have an online multiplayer mode where you play as Federation soldiers and equip yourself with different weapons or abilities to take on baddies from the Metroid games. But instead of making it an extra mode in a traditional Metroid game, it is a full-fledged game. It's like Nintendo read my idea, (more like misread it), but we got this instead of a new Metroid game. I get why people are mad at this, it has the name Metroid Prime, but you don't play as Samus. I get that. The thing that bothers me is the people who complain about it. I'm not saying you don't have the right to voice your opinion. Go ahead and scream to the heavens if you want. What I'm talking about are people who complain and attack people who might be generally interested in the game. It's like if I attacked someone who doesn't like Mario. If they don't like Mario, it's fine. Not everyone likes the same things you do. And vice-versa. That is what gets me.  We don't know if the game will be good or bad, I'm gonna give it a go obviously. If you don't like it and want to be vocal about it, go ahead, no one is stopping you. But try not to tell someone they should die for being interested in buying it. And yeah Nintendo might show it and stuff.

More Mobile Game announcements and Nintendo Account News: Nintendo recently made a jump to mobile with Miitomo and soon with Pokemon GO, which will also be shown at E3. They recently said not too long ago that Animal Crossing would be a franchise hitting mobile. I was right on the money. They also launched their new rewards program, which I'll write a post about soon. They did mention that it will reward you for playing games, which so far Miitomo is the only game that does that.


NX Reveal date: Here's a link to my thoughts on the NX. This one is borderline prediction and wish. We don't know if the Zelda footage they'll show us will be running on NX or Wii U hardware, but most likely Wii U since they are going to have this playable at the showfloor. They won't show the NX at E3, but maybe we can at least expect new info like when they'll do a reveal for it. My bet is Tokyo Game Show, a Direct, or a dedicated event when they showed off the Wii U and they showed Bayonetta 2 as a Wii U exclusive. Remember how the internet blew up that day?


I always post the same wishes on these so here are some links to my previous 3 posts about the same subject. This one shows how Smash might predict Nintendo's future. Saves me the trouble of reposting the same thing again and that way you don't have to read the same thing in a different year since it's the same stuff I've always wanted anyway. So here are some new wishes instead...

Super Mario Sunshine HD: Here's a post of more remakes I'd love, with one that came true. Before you ask, yes I love this game. The problem people have with Nintendo re-releasing this in HD is the Gamepad. Why? If you've ever played Sunshine on the Gamecube, then you know why. Allow me to explain: The Gamecube controller had click-y shoulder buttons or analog triggers as people call them. In Sunshine, they allowed you to spray water, and you could control the amount depending on the pressure applied to the shoulder buttons. You can't do that on the Wii U's Gamepad. And no you can't do that on a Wii U Pro controller, or any controller released after the Gamecube. However, you can plug your Gamecube controller via that Gamecube Controller USB Port you use for Smash 4 on the Wii U. They can use that if the Gamepad is what's hindering an HD re-release. The solution is hidden in plain sight.

More Smash dlc: I love all the characters we've gotten as dlc. But wouldn't mind if they added a few more. I'd love to see Snake back and the tagline and whatnot could be Snake kept you waiting huh? That would be cool. Plus it will give Nintendo more reason to make more amiibo figures to sell and profit off of.

Gamecube games on Wii U VC: Speaks for itself. There are alot of great games on the Gamecube that alot of people didn't try and can't because they are OoP (Out of Print). The Wii U has VC games from nearly every Nintendo console in history, it has NES, SNES, N64, and Wii. It even has GBA and DS games. It's missng Gamecube. Put those up and it might be the ultimate Nintendo console.

NX game footage: Maybe a small taste of what to expect.

Super Mario Galaxy 3

Super Mario Galaxy 3: I will scream and cry if this happens. You all know how much I love those games, so if this happens, I will scream and cry.

Well that's about it. Sorry if this came out so late. What would you like to see from Nintendo's E3 thing, other than Zelda or Pokemon? Thanks for reading and later.



Casey Curran Staff Writer

06/14/2016 at 03:42 AM

My prediction: Nothing will top Crash Bandicoot 

Cary Woodham

06/14/2016 at 01:04 PM

Trust me, you do not want Color Splash to be like Sticker Star.  The bad thing about Sticker Star is that it discouraged you from entering battles, which should be the most fun part of any Mario RPG.  I sincerely hope that Color Splash is more like The Thousand Year Door rather than Sticker Star.

I'm not interested in the new Metroid game either.  Just doesn't feel like what Metroid fans would want. But I don't have t like EVERY Nintendo game out there.

As far as E3 wishes, as long as Nintendo continues to make fun and whimsical games on platforms I can play them on with a relative amount of ease, I'll be happy.  I guess we'll find out shortly what they have to offer at this year's E3 anyway.

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