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Quick Hits: Crazy Find At .99 Cent Store, What's On TV And Randoms!

On 01/27/2017 at 12:43 PM by goaztecs

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I miss the rain. It was a nice change of pace here in what is usually Sunny Southern California. The rain is gone and it looks like that week of winter maybe over because we are going back to 70 degrees. Oh well it was fun while it lasted. Good morning Pixlpeeps! It is Friday and I am ready for the weekend. I have my sights set on starting the last game in my play through of the Batman games and that is Arkham Knight. I already played through it once on the PS4, but last summer I saw a deal on PC where I could buy all the Batman games (except for the funky Blackgate Vita game) for under $20 with all the DLC. I said once I play through all of them I would probably go back and check out the extras. Anyways more on this on Monday. Today it is all about the random things I watched, read, saw, etc. Today its Quick Hits With Chris!


Chris Watches...

Hunted – CBS: This was the new reality show that CBS was promoting where it would test everyday people that were chosen if they could go into hiding for a month. Of course there were some boundaries like you could only roam around in four states, and something like you could only use your ATM once a day. They were chased by a group of former investigators who would do this professionally but now are working for CBS. I called the show “What Not To Do If You're A Criminal”. One group was so stupid that they wrote down their entire plan and they were caught. I didn't watch the second episode because I lost interest.


The return of Supergirl, And Green Batman – CW

First let me say I don't like the new time of Legends of Tomorrow and it seems they are bringing back Rip Hunter who is by far the most annoying main character in any television show, so I won't make this show a priority anymore. The rest of the cast was fun, having Debbie Downer Rip brings it back to last season where all he would do is scold his team for harming the timeline when in fact he caused everything.

Supergirl: Finally another person figures out who Kara is. I do like that the writers like to poke fun at her glasses disguise.


This is easily one of my favorite memes

Green Batman: Finally we get to see who new Laurel is, and of course she's Black Siren from World 2 who is working for Prometheus. Leave it to Felicity to catch on early and of course everything happens in a warehouse at night. Everyone has their ideas on who Prometheus is and I think it's Ra's from an alternate world. Also Talia Al Ghul is showing up and Oliver is becoming friendly with the DA. I've already said next season the DA is going to be their version of Two Face because the writers can't help themselves in borrowing everything from the Batman Universe.


Desus & Mero – Viceland

My brother told me to check out this show. The setup is like an East Coast version of ESPN's Pardon The Interruption except their topics are pop culture. I thought they were hilarious so I will probably catch more episodes and check out their podcast.


Chris Reads...

I'm still reading Bill O'Reilly's Killing Regan, and this other book on Kindle that is filled with short stories. I think the sync between the iOS Kindle app and the Android Kindle app went a little wonky because I don't remember the section I started reading on the Android version. I need to catch up if I am going to finish the Regan book before the end of the month.


Chris Listens To...

I'm starting to reevaluate who is on my podcast list. I used to really enjoy listening to the Adam Carolla Show but over the past couple of months it has become stale. He goes over the same items over again (he's an Atheist, his friends are bums, his upbringing was terrible, his parents are horrible people, etc.) and when those talking points always get recycled you almost wait for these mentions like its on a bingo card. I might stop listening for a couple of months to see if I really miss it or not.

As for my listening to the songs with zero plays in my iTunes library, last week I was at 10,093 tracks and as of this morning I am at


9,665 is not bad. Also I figured that if I wanted to keep pace with my goal for January I needed to listen to 1,550 tracks and currently with a couple of days to go in the month I am at 1,557. Not bad. I also added a couple of mixtapes and I bought an album off of iTunes.



-I can't be the only person who is tired of everyone's political views. It's everywhere and what's worse I'm getting it from Sports, Wrestling, Video Game podcasts, Television shows (I haven't watched SNL in years now), people on Facebook, etc. I tweeted last week where I basically said everyone is jumping on the bandwagon about politics. It getting to the point where on Facebook I'll hide everything a person posts if they do nothing but push their agenda. On Twitter its either mutefest or unfollow, and and Instagram I'm starting to unfollow people if they constantly have to push their beliefs. Why do I care if random high school believes in cause A or B especially if this is the first time they have ever voted. It's annoying. Also thank you good people of Pixlbit for making this piece of the internet Politics free. I make it a point of not pushing my beliefs on folks because I don't like it when folks try and do the same.


-While on a Lego Reddit I found out that .99 Cent Only Stores here were selling Lego Dimensions fun packs. Of course I ran off right when they opened and sure enough


At the store five minutes away from my house.


And this one was taken at a neighboring town's store

For reference I paid $30 for the Simpsons Level Pack and $15 for the Bart Simpson Fun Packs when they were released.

Here is the link to the store locator for the .99 Cents Only Stores. From what I read on Reddit Portal Level Packs have been seen along with other character Fun Packs like Emmet, a couple from Lord of the Rings, Unikitty, etc. Even if you don't have the game $1 for minifigures is still a steal especially for special figures. Hopefully you folks find the ones you want, and get them before reseller guy shows up. They are all over eBay right now.


I also saw this in the toy aisle


I'm impressed I didn't buy any.


-While browsing the Google Play Store I spot the promotion for the Final Fantasy game I see this


Is Ariana Grande in the game? After checking Twitter yes she is: Article Link To GameSpot




From the .99 Cent Store


I bought multiples of each pack because I wanted to build the vehicle models, and have extra minifigures to put in my Lego collection. When the Simpsons blind bags were released last year everyone took the Bart minifigures because he was the easiest feel, so now I have a couple of figures to add to my collection. I'm also debating if I should either create a Bart Simpson army or buy more Bad Cops because I really like his helmet for my Police Bike minifigures I bought a while ago. The parts for the vehicles I can use for other projects. Not bad for $10.


The game I went through hell for on Playstation and took forever to download on a Vita I finally have


Thanks Sony.


I bought the next game from the Windows Store


I tried the game because it was free and I liked what I played. The full version is $2.00 so I figured why not and while purchasing the game I used the credit I had on my Microsoft account, probably from an XBOX points card. Quick random my Open Office won't let me type XBox without making the B lowercase. It is annoying. Anyways I'll talk more about the game but if you like the old Tony Hawk games check this out.



I bought this because he's performing at one of the local casinos and the two songs they used in his commercial I remember from the radio as a kid so I bought the Greatest Hits for $6.


Alright Pixlpeeps I am off. There is a cheese danish calling my name. Have a good weekend.


Thats all for now, more later!




For the song of the week, it is the song that I remember listening to as a kid during lazy weekends at the house when the only worry I had was if I was going to get a new GI Joe the next week






01/27/2017 at 06:57 PM

Man, I used to love that song, I just wanna stop..


01/31/2017 at 12:16 PM

For me its one of those songs that I haven't listened to in years, hear a bit of it and now its stuck in my head. 

Matt Snee Staff Writer

01/28/2017 at 10:45 AM

that's some fucking legos!


01/31/2017 at 12:17 PM

Its a steal just for the minifigures. I want to go back today to see if any new stock has been added. 

Cary Woodham

01/29/2017 at 12:32 PM

I saw some LEGO Dimensions sets at the 5 and Below store a couple of weeks ago.


01/31/2017 at 12:18 PM

Its crazy how these are appearing at these discount stores. Heck I even saw some Skylanders figures for one of the older games, I think Giants but they were $3. 


01/29/2017 at 07:05 PM

Ariana Grade in Final Fantasy is one of the weirdest, unexpected collaborations I've ever seen, yet it straddles the line of "trying too hard to appeal to youngsters" and "actually really cool" in advertising perfectly.

The character design is really great, imo.


01/31/2017 at 12:20 PM

I agree with what you wrote, and her character is really good. 


01/30/2017 at 01:14 AM

I think I'm going to have to stop by my Five Below store tomorrow and see what they got. Can't beat a buck. 


01/31/2017 at 12:20 PM

Right? It is a steal just for the minifigures and if you have the game its a bonus. 


02/01/2017 at 02:35 AM

They were $5 at my Five Below. I looked carefully to see if there were any characters I felt really strongly about, but I didn't see one. 

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