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Quick Hits: I Wanna Ride A Boat

On 05/19/2017 at 12:49 PM by goaztecs

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So I think the novelty of sorting/organizing my digital crap has worn off. For the past couple of days I took a break from organizing the Photo Drive, and I jumped on the Media Drive to do the same. Like I said in Monday's (or was it Tuesday) blog, I found more pictures so I threw those into a folder named Sort Photos and then I was off to clean up the Media Drive. The Media Drive was a lot easier because most things I could just toss, like I had copies of my micro SD Cards from my first Smart Phones. Yeah I don't know why I kept them, especially after I made the jump to iPhone, but I kept them, along with a ton of random documents, and other interesting yet unneeded items.


I was in total nerd mode for NCAA Football 10 because I kept track of recruits, game results, and for some of them uniform combinations in Dynasty Mode


In total I erased 760GB from a 3TB drive and now...


Also I wasn't told erasing that much data would take 2 hours. 2 freaking hours! Anyways I had time to jump in the shower, and grab some lunch. When I got back to my laptop I still had a cool 40 or so minutes left. This weekend I am playing on going through my burned DVD discs with more documents and pictures because I want everything to be in one spot. Also I need to see if my old Zip Disk drive still works


Remember these things?

Now I got that off my chest how has the week been treating you Pixlpeeps? I'm still on my I don't watch Network TV phase but last night while watching the Science Channel (I wasn't in the mood for Investigative Discovery) I watched a show called Impossible Engineering and the topic was the latest Royal Caribbean ship, The Harmony of the Seas. This is supposed to be the largest cruise ship in the world and in the middle of the ship there is a full on park. I want to take a trip on this crazy boat, even if it isn't the fun ship (VIVA Carnival!)

Last year around this time, the planning for the big cruise was taking place and I downloaded an app called Ship Mate, where you can see all the ships out and about in the world, check out the deck cams, routes, and user submitted photos. One of the best things was that the map feature was available offline so the first day or so when you're totally lost on the ship you can use the map and find your way around. While looking through the page for Harmony I saw this pic that uploaded yesterday


Thanks for letting me borrow the pic.

Check out that slide. That slide is awesome because it is on the normal top deck and you slide all the way down to the bottom deck where the park is located.


Here is a screen grab from my GoPro when I rode the slide on the Carnival Dream. It was on the highest point on the ship, and you still had to go up stairs to this perch where you could see everything. It was windy, because I think we were like 18 floors up including the two flights of stairs we had to climb to get to this point. Scared of heights Chris was not a fan of this.


See on the back of the Harmony it isn't a crazy climb but that slide looks a little steep. Anyways if any of you folks have been on this ship or any Royal Caribbean ship, how is it? Lots of food? Nice people? My only experience with cruises have been with Carnival, and its been fun. Everyone is friendly, and there is a lot to between eating.


Chris Listens To...

Well currently I am a hundred tracks over where I should be at this point in the month, which is good, and I am down to 5,205 tracks that have zero plays. I am getting into a lot of B-Sides now, and if I can keep up with my pace I can get the number down to almost 4,000. If I didn't add anything new I would have been at 3,000 but I like music so I'm constantly finding new stuff.


Chris Reads...

Still haven't finished either of the two books I am currently reading. I did knock out another chapter of my Zane Gray book, and I am slowly getting through the Ben Carson book. I need to just sit and finish that book so I can move it off the iPad.



So a couple of days ago while searching for a coupon that wasn't in the Promo Folder in my email, I decided to check the Spam Folder and just looking through the names got a laugh


Rev. Billy Bob. Oh Varsity Blues was a fun movie.


I shared the next one on Instagram and Facebook


Noe Nyamme is freaking awesome. I'm pronouncing it No Name.




I picked up this game because apparently it was going to disappear from Steam and I didn't own it on the PS3 or 360 (I think I do but I never added it to my Backloggery)


$4 bucks for the full franchise. Sure. I can toss it on Mount Backlog and maybe play it in September.

There were a couple of other freebie games from Twitch and Indiegala that I didn't take a screenshot of.



First last week at the Tourist Target


I bought Paramore's new CD along with Diana Krall's CD that was released the week before. New 80s Pop Paramore is fine, but comparing them to the group that recorded The Final Riot is night and day.


I also took a chance on a random Clearance CD


Nothing really stood out to me with the exception of the Target Exclusive Bonus Tracks which earned the 4 star treatment in iTunes.


From the Mom & Pop


I didn't know much about BJ The Chicago Kid but I have a couple of mixtapes I haven't added to the iTunes library yet, but I enjoyed this album. Usher's album I just wasn't a fan of during the first listen. I might get into it if I listen to it again.


Norah Jones album is a collection of tracks she collaborated with other artists. Donna Lewis I remember from her light airy voice from the song I Love You, Always Forever (big 90s song) and I thought I'd give this album a try.


Added another Mary J album to the library. I'm really digging Rick Ross and at some point this week, or next I will get his new album.


I really dig the Wallflowers and I found another album to enjoy. I haven't listened to all of the Kevin And Bean comp. They used to be radio DJs in LA at World Famous KROQ, which was home to Loveline. I used to listen to Loveline through San Diego's 91X.



You know if you venture into the deep sections of Walmart's video section/where the Clearance wall is there is a sad display of cheap flicks. I went there, saw this flick for $2


Walmart literally put Baby in a corner...display. Dirty Dancing now lives in my Media Drive.


When I did a quick run through of Goodwill while waiting for my Pho to be ready at the local Pho spot, I found this beauty for a $1


Big fan of the Bulls, this was a fun era, its on VHS, and I haven't owned a VCR in decades. Bonus: the VHS is still sealed!


Final pickup was from Walmart (when they put Baby in a corner...display)


What I like to call a Bus Truck, is going to my uncle. He has one and I thought it was a really cool casting. The next car is a ZAMAC Hot Wheel which is basically a Hot Wheel that isn't painted. I've never seen one on pegs or in the dump bin before because resellers always get them, but its something cool to have.


Alright Pixlbit I am off. I have a hard drive to sort through and to eat some breakfast. Have a good weekend!


That's all for now, more later!



Instead of a song of the week I decided to go with something funny. The past week has been filled with more WTF are you doing Political People, and to take some of the frustration out and just laugh. This is one of the funniest things I've watch and you sit there and say “How in the hell did he get elected?”



Matt Snee Staff Writer

05/19/2017 at 07:09 PM

don't get me started on zip disks, man!  When I toured with my band I had to keep files for the drum machine / sampler on those, and I'm amazed they never fucking broke. Goddamn zip drives, arg!

damn that volkswagen van hot wheel would be dope to have in real life!


05/30/2017 at 12:10 PM

Love the Zip Disks. I used to beat the hell out of them and they were sturdy. The click sound when you load it up, and listening to it load brings back memories. You don't get that with USB sticks *shakes fist in the air 



05/19/2017 at 10:55 PM

I just watched Star Wars IV and V on VHS the other weekend. My mom still had them and the player too. She asked me should she rewind them after playing and I Iaughed because I hadn't thought of rewinding anything for a very long time. Ah, magnetic tape, used to be a thing before laser discs. 

Matt Snee Staff Writer

05/21/2017 at 10:38 PM

Whoa i wish i still had those!


05/22/2017 at 10:29 PM

Yea, they are the ones before all the added scenes. I tried to tell my mom how some people really want those for that reason, but she didn't really get it. The only addition I liked from the remasters was the scenee with Han and Jaba. 

That Han shot first thing. I totally don't get why he changed that. Greedo was totally going to shoot Han, he pretty much says so. So why is it bad for Han to get the jump on him? Han is much worse with Lea in the Millenium Falcon. He really forces himself on her. I had to cringe. 

Matt Snee Staff Writer

05/22/2017 at 10:37 PM

Han totally shot first.  


05/30/2017 at 12:13 PM

I wish I would have bought the VHS Star Wars tapes I kept seeing at Goodwill, just for the fact that it didn't have all the edits. I use to think Laser Discs were the coolest thing because you didn't have to rewind the movie, but you did have to swap discs if the movie was long. 


05/30/2017 at 07:49 PM

Ha ha. Laserdiscs. I remember seeing those in the used record shop I used to go to. I considered getting a machine because those big discs had such cool packaging. It was like having a CD as big as a vinyl record. Definitely cool display pieces. 

Matt Snee Staff Writer

05/21/2017 at 10:38 PM

And no ive never been on a cruise.  I might go on a smaller one but with thousands on one boat? No thanks.


05/30/2017 at 12:15 PM

You know its not bad. Even with all those people the only time it really feels crowded is when you're at the pool area, even then its like being at a public pool. There are tons of areas where you can feel like you're alone. I might be going on another one later this year, and think I'm going to try and read a book while out at sea. 

Matt Snee Staff Writer

05/30/2017 at 01:02 PM

I've always fantasized about taking a transatlantic voyage....

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