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Played Some Games

On 07/09/2018 at 12:24 PM by goaztecs

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Good morning Pixlpeeps! Currently it is a warm but overcast Southern California, a little break from the surface of the sun temperatures the past couple of days. I think I might take advantage of this and head out to the gym a little early today. So yesterday I spent the day copying the Musicbee drive to the backup, so I spent the majority of time playing games on mobile devices with the exception of a couple of games of NBA 2K and NFS: Undercover later that night.


Thanks XBox app!

NFS:Undercover - Steam: I do love this style of game where it was supposed to be like a movie where you had cut scenes with one or two famous actors and a group of not so stereotyped actors mixed in with decent gameplay, and in this case a soundtrack based on generic sounding music that kinda sounds like Pop Music. I’m in the country part of the game and it’s still more of the same type of levels but it’s still fun.

NBA 2K18 - Steam: I finished the regular season (30 games) and my created team won game 1 of the first round of the playoffs against the Phoenix Suns.

Saints Row: The Third - Steam: I bought the last remaining DLC I needed during Summer Sale and it unlocks all upgrades so I am getting back into running wild in Steelport.

Grid 2 - Steam: I am done with this game. I played through the last race for Japan and it was frustrating. A car taps you, you spin out, you tap a car, you spin out, you and a car fight for a lane, it overpowers you and you both go into a wall. How is this fun? I didn’t want to put anymore time into this game so I uninstalled it.


It’s a shame because the earlier levels were really fun and the game did look good.


Letter Quest Remastered - Swith: I bought this game a couple of days ago, but didn’t install it until Saturday night, and really didn’t jump into the game until Sunday. I saw it on SlickDeals and even though it’s a mobile port, it was better on the Switch because no In App Purchases. Letter Quest is a word game where you spell words and it powers your attacks against a monster.


You are giving a group of letters and the letters are weighted based on how hard they are to use, like Scrabble. Instead of points it is based on bronze, silver, and gold dots. The more letters your word contains, the more powerful attack. Within these tiles there are also special letter tiles like gem titles that give you a little more power, cracked titles with half power (I believe), stone tiles that can’t be used for a number of turns, virus titles that need to be used before spreading and have no point value, and the most recent one I came across, the poison titles that take away your health.

As the game progresses each mission is broken up into four stars. Each star represents a game mode within that mission: Regular, Time Trial, Special, and Silver (the last one I can’t remember but I remember the star being silver). Basically you play that mission four times to earn each star but it’s not that difficult with the exception of the last star, which I think must be a breeze when you upgrade everything.

After completing each part of a mission as well as defeating monsters you earn gems. These gems can be spent in the store to upgrade your gear, health, buy potions, bonuses, and unlocking a girl version of your reaper character. There are also achievements that offer up more gems. Most of the achievements are easy like using 5 four letter words in a game. At times there is a part of the game where you have to guess the word needed to progress.


This is where Wheel Of Fortune comes into play with the use of R-S-T-L-N-E from the Bonus Round. Once you guess these letters go for the remaining vowels and you can answer the puzzle. Oh and the word is OYSTER.

Overall I like Letter Quest. It’s a casual puzzle that keeps you going back to earlier missions to earn more gems to upgrade and continue.


In other games I’m still playing my trio of mobile games: Marvel Strike Force, Disney Heroes Something Something Something, and WWE Supercard with a sprinkling of Disney Emoji Blitz. Still grinding but they are games I play in the morning before I get up.


Alright Pixlbit I am off, have a good week!


That’s all for now, more later!




Matt Snee Staff Writer

07/10/2018 at 03:31 PM

I got really turned off when nba2k required my email. But ive been thinking about getting it for switch. Its been discounted a couple times but i havent pulled the trigger.  


07/13/2018 at 11:15 AM

Mark and I played a ton of Letter Quest earlier this year. I missed just a couple achievements that are really hard to pull off.

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