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Today’s grabs and surprises.

On 07/26/2018 at 07:18 PM by Homelessrook

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Well as you know I’m working on my Wii collection. I picked up a hidden gem game today.

Now for the surprise! My collection is complete, muuuuaaaaahhhhh! I now have all the MMPR Thomas & Friends trains thanks to my oldest keen eye in TJ Max today.

That is it for now.












Matt Snee Staff Writer

07/27/2018 at 03:50 PM

What is THAT game?


07/27/2018 at 09:00 PM

Do you remember Generation Rex on Cartoon Network? It’s based off of the cartoon. I watched Metal Jesus talk about Wii hidden gems for the Wii and this is one of them. I watch some of the gam play and figured I would pick it up, it didn’t hurt that is was 85 cents either, lol.


07/28/2018 at 08:38 PM

Ha, Metal Jesus. Man, I used to listen to a podcast with him on it. I kind of miss it. AllGenGamers. That was it.


07/28/2018 at 09:16 PM

He has his own channel now.


07/28/2018 at 09:24 PM

On youtube right? If he's doing a podcast, I might check it out.


07/28/2018 at 09:48 PM

On YouTube. I’m not sure if he has a podcast. I will have to check.


07/28/2018 at 08:39 PM

So many Wii games out there. How do you figure out what's good? I heard the other day that a new one just came out for Wii. Still, there's that install base from those crazy years where it crossed over to non-gamers.


07/28/2018 at 09:14 PM

For me I check with people like Metal Jesus and John Hancock. I also watch a lot of the game play videos. I do a lot of research.

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