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Last pickups until about mid September.

On 07/31/2018 at 08:46 PM by Homelessrook

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Well, these are my last video game buys until September. I’m saving up for 2 cert-vouchers, one I’m getting tomorrow and the other about mid September. I want to get my CEH but that is about a $1000 for just the voucher, if I failed that test I would vomit and just quit , lol. Anyway on to the games.

Tennis for the NES. You may ask “why did I buy this”? Well here is the answer: There are about 10ish NES games that have a Famicom to NES adapter in the game. These games have 5 screws and do not have the tabs at the top of the cart. Well I opened it up and there wasn’t a adapter, ugh. Anyway, I only paid $6 for it and now I have Tennis for my NES.


Now for the games below. I’m venturing into the Japanese market for games. I got these from the retro game store that I have been going to for the past few months. I like the people that run it and they aren’t trying to rip people off. The prices are very reasonable. 

The top game is Kirby Superstar Super Deluxe. It is a side scroller, you know Kirby doing what he does best, suck things in and spit them out.

The bottom is Kirby Bowl. This game is a little odd, from what I watched on Youtube it is kinda like a puzzle ball game, kirby being the ball. Sorta like mini golf.

I plan to pick up a SNES that I can mod so I do not mess up my really nice SNES so I can play these games.


Well that is it for now.







Cary Woodham

07/31/2018 at 09:05 PM

Old copies of Gyromite work like that I think.

That first Kirby game is Kirby Super Star in the US.  Kirby Bowl is called Kirby's Dream Course in the US.  Both are great.


07/31/2018 at 09:10 PM

Yeah, Gyromite is one of the 10. Has to be the 5 screw no clip game.


07/31/2018 at 10:54 PM

Japanese games, neato. I have a couple but I found them difficult to play with the menus all in Kanji: Wizardry ! I-III for Game Boy and Culdcept II for Dreamcast.


08/01/2018 at 06:28 AM

I’ve looked at imports for the Saturn but the other retro store I go to think they are made of gold. They are common titles that go for no more than $15 and the store wants $30 plus for them.

Thats cool you have the GB and Dreamcast games. Did you see the Wonder Swan I posted about a few weeks back?


08/02/2018 at 10:54 PM

Yea, that thing is pretty cool. Support for vertical play is interesting to me. And Taito onboard making games for it. I want some shmups on that thing.

Super Step Contributing Writer

08/01/2018 at 12:13 AM

Only sports NES game I played was Double Dribble. I liked that one.


08/01/2018 at 06:29 AM

I have Blades of Steel and Double Dribble. I was hoping the Tennis had the Famicom adapter in it.

Matt Snee Staff Writer

08/02/2018 at 05:30 PM

I like tennis games. I admit I played my bit of the old Atari version. 


08/02/2018 at 08:07 PM

It is fun. I was hoping for that adapter though,lol.

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