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Quick Hits: I'm Doing Stuff

On 01/11/2019 at 05:47 PM by goaztecs

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It’s one of those days where it’s gloomy outside and all you want to do is just be lazy and eat soup. Well instead of the soup I had some ice cream and I’m getting some stuff done. Friday. Hello Pixlpeeps, let’s get started with Quick Hits!


Chris Reads…

So my goal for 2019 is 12 books for the year. I figure I could hit that number with ease and then everything else is a bonus. Well over the past week I went through four audio books and I should finish my fifth one by Saturday, if I listen to it for the next 3 hours. I read the three books of Green Lantern: Sleepers, and Tom Clancy’s Into The Storm: On the Ground In Iraq, which is part of the Commanders Line.

Sleepers was a fun read and it was a trilogy within involving Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner, as well as some folks from the DC Universe, like Ollie (I used to watch Arrow). Green Lantern was never one of my favorite characters growing up because I was exposed to what I call the Big 3: Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, so getting a little taste of the Lantern backstory was interesting.

Because of this I’m currently reading (audiobook) Green Lantern: Hero’s Quest, which is the story of how Kyle Rayner became the Lantern, at least that is what it sounds like.

The other book I finished is a biography of one of the military leaders involved with Operation Desert Shield/Storm. I remember this war because I was in 8th grade when it started when I was in Jr. High and we would have discussions about it in school. Reading this book gave some insight on what went on behind the scenes with the ground forces.

Along with the Green Lantern book I have the next in the series which I believe deals with the air attack.


Chris Watches…

I think for the past week in the morning I’ve found at least one showing of Tombstone, and at night Road House. Two of my favorites. I own these movies but it’s more fun when they show up on TV. The past couple of days HBO has been having a Soprano’s Marathon and man I miss that show. That last episode always gets me because everything gets resolved with the exception of the last scene. I started watching the series again on Amazon Prime.


Chris’ New Toy

So last blog I said that I was debating on trying out a new entry level Digital Audio Player. Well instead of waiting for next paycheck, I went ahead and spent $50 and two days later I got this in the mail


My music player ($26), 128 GB Micro SD Card ($22), and some velcro for a project ($2.50). I bought the Benjie S5 DAP, which folks on Head-Fi seemed to like it and I felt why not give it a try especially for the price.


Here is the Benjie S5. It comes with iPod looking earbuds, micro usb cable, and a swanky drawstring pouch covered in fake velour. Very fancy.


The screen is simple with just text, the UI is easy to use, it has 8GB memory but also a micro SD clot, and to sync music all you have to do is connect it to the PC with the included cable and just drag and drop your music. I used it a bit to put it through it’s paces and it is a solid music player. What I like about it, is that it is solid. It may be small but it has some weight, made of metal, and basic features have physical buttons. One drawback is that I can’t make playlists, which suck but most likely I will have this on shuffle anyways. There is also a FM tuner for that “old school” streaming.


The Benjie S5 and my second generation iPod Shuffle and is literally half the price (I bought the shuffle years ago for $50). The Benjie S5 is a little longer and thicker but it also has a screen and has 7 more GB than my shuffle (before micro SD Card). Once I get everything squared away with my music on my laptop the next step is to rip my CDs in FLAC and slap some of those songs onto this little guy. 

This is a solid DAP, that I will get some use out of and it is a nice solid backup music player to my phone and Android Player. This is an inexpensive toe dipping back into the world of dedicated digital audio players.


Alright Pixlpeeps I am off. I need to get back to finishing some work before errands later on today. Have a good weekend!


That’s all for now, more later!




Super Step Contributing Writer

01/11/2019 at 06:05 PM

So you listened to audiobooks of graphic novels? I think you mentioned that before, but you don't miss the pictures?


01/11/2019 at 08:41 PM

Yeah I bought a Humble Bundle of with a bunch of Graphic Novels with the tag line "Movies in your Mind." I like them, it really is a kind of movie in your mind because instead of just a person reading the book, there's different things going on with sound effects, crowd noise, etc. It's like the old radio shows. 

Super Step Contributing Writer

01/11/2019 at 09:26 PM

Oh, that sounds neat actually. I might even record one of my books that way for fun if I can get the right noises and effects.


01/12/2019 at 07:58 PM

Yea, that sounds cool. I love old radio shows with sound effects. 

Matt Snee Staff Writer

01/13/2019 at 10:08 AM

I think I'm gonna post about the books I read last year too. Everyone else is jumping off the bridge, so why not? Tongue Out

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