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Quick Hits: Saturday Ramblings Spectacular!

On 05/11/2019 at 11:05 AM by goaztecs

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So yesterday I had maybe two paragraphs typed up before I got sidetracked with enjoying the breezy/rainy weather here in normally sunny Southern California. I ended up spending the day with the windows open listening to random finds on Spotify and enjoying the beginning of my weekend. Saturday morning rolls around and here I am, hoping to actually update you good people on the ramblings of my week. Let’s get started.


Chris watches

-Apparently I missed the first episode of the Wu Tang Clan series on Showtime. I thought I hit DVR but I didn’t so I did it again with episode 2 and hopefully it will also catch episode 1.

-I stumbled upon a short movie made by Rolling Stone about how Rick Ruben started Def Jam from his dorm room. It’s amazing that he started a company from his dorm room, Michael Dell did the same from his dorm room, and when I was in college I had random music finds playing on my swanky Packard Bell. Anyways interesting video.

-I have quickly become a fan of channels who marathon Dateline and Star Trek in the morning. I wake up around two hours before my alarm goes off and instead of doing something productive like going to the gym, I binge watch Oxygen and BBC America when they offer these marathons.

-Game of Thrones is still huge, but I have questions, mainly plot holes and character thinking. You can tell the show isn’t the same since running out of source material but it’s still entertaining. My questions are not anything huge but it is things I’ve thought about.


Chris listens to…

-I have maybe 200-250+ albums, and 100+ CD Singles left to rip and right now it is a battle to get through it. I know I should finish, I want to finish, but my enthusiasm to get through it is at zero.

-I’m currently ripping my Christmas CDs and I’ve caught myself singing Christmas songs twice.


Chris reads…

-I haven’t started up reading again but I’ve bought more books that hit the freebie section on Prime, thanks to the FreeBooks page on Reddit. I have a ton of history books and all the more reason for me to start looking at getting a Kindle.



-I tried to order a CD from Amazon but the shipping date is in June or early July. Yeah that’s not happening. I tried ordering it from SecondSpin and Amoeba and they don’t have it.

-I really like the new Lego Avengers/and Star Wars retro sets. I want the Iron Man Hall of Armor, and Boba Fett’s Slave 1 but do I want to spend $50 and $100 for each.




-From the Nintendo eShop I bought these two games, well technically I bought one with real money and the other with the Nintendo Coins that came with that game


Lifeless Planet was something like $6-7 bucks and it came with enough coins to buy Void Space Racing that is currently .50 cents. Lifeless Planet good, VSR is not.



-I bought a bunch of CDs from the library, and thrifts. They were a quarter each, which is always fun but what I want to share this week is the stuff my brother picked up during his honeymoon in Japan. Apparently Tower Records is still alive and kicking in Japan. Tower was my favorite store in college because they had a ton of music, videos, and random freebie postcards. I love this store and I bought quite a few items from there. When it closed it sucked because this was a place where I would just walk around for hours and maybe picking up something new based on the cover. This is what my brother bought me


A swanky Tower Records shirt. They didn’t have the red and yellow logo shirt in my size but I’m excited about this shirt. I had to go up a size in Japan but the shirt fits well. He also got me


I got some Tower stickers. The ones in the pack have two sheets, one in original yellow with red and the other sheet is black and white. The cool record sticker has a Record Store Day stamp which is extra cool.

I’m waiting for a couple of CDs I bought from Amazon and Amoeba that will be here by next week.


Alright Pixlpeeps I am off. It is almost 8am and I’d like to jump on the Switch for some Tetris 99. Have a good weekend!


That’s all for now, more later!




Matt Snee Staff Writer

05/12/2019 at 10:48 AM

I wouldn't mind having a Slave 1 Lego set. That sounds awesome. 

My mom binge watches Law and Order and ER. They're not bad. 

Did you finish Lifeless Planet?


05/14/2019 at 12:43 PM

It is a nice set, and I think it's based off of the second generation set (the first gen was not good).

I always liked Law & Order SVU. I used to watch the USA Marathons. ER was such a good show. My uncle actually worked at the real Cook County. It's kinda funny because he did some residency there and when he was starting to get into medicine his old hospital was used as the backdrop for another NBC Show.


05/13/2019 at 07:32 PM

I've been watching The Orville and Big Bang Theory mainly because I happen to be at my friend's place on Thursday nights, and that's what he watched. I don't watch much TV on my own anymore. 

I remember Tower Records well. It was down in Philly on South Street, and I'd make the pilgrimage every so often. I remember they had a seperate store down there for all their classical stuff. Ah, the days when music stores existed. 


05/14/2019 at 12:46 PM

I don't think I watch many of the Network TV shows anymore, and the ones I kinda watched Amazon sold the newest season's of for $3 but I just bought those and I figured I would binge watch them eventually.

I miss actual music stores. It was fun to go into different ones, talk to the people, just soaking up the vibe and maybe finding some new stuff to bring home. 


05/15/2019 at 08:21 PM

Before I started haunting game stores, it was all about music and book stores for me. 

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