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I May Have Played Some Switch Games.

On 06/18/2019 at 05:07 PM by goaztecs

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¡Hola Pixlpeeps! Sorry I haven’t been around in a bit but things fell into my lap that needed to be dealt with. You don’t need to hear the details but we all have issues that need to get resolved and I’m no different but here we are so let’s get positive and talk about game stuff.

Chris’ Take On E3

I really don’t have one. For the first time in forever I didn’t pay attention to any of it, I didn’t watch any presentations, or listen to podcasts. I kinda glanced over Twitter but other than that I have no idea what’s coming out, what was announced (other than the new Nintendo Switches because it wouldn’t be Nintendo without re-releasing consoles/handouts). I am however grateful for the sales that went on because I grabbed some stuff from the Switch Store but more on that on Friday.


Chris Plays

Gems Of War - Nintendo Switch

Yeah more of the same. I leveled up three of the lands for my chosen job/glowing orb/whatever it’s called. I still have a couple to do but thanks to the fancy gold armor that just earns coins it’s easier. Once I get them all I might go back to the other armor that earns orbs so I can upgrade my squads. I’m trying to play with some strategy instead of my usual going in guns blazing without a plan.


NBA 2K19 - Nintendo Switch

Oh thank you $3 sale so I can play this game. I haven’t created a create a team yet but I need to before they shut down the servers. Maybe I’ll go back to one of my old designs where I used the old 90s Raptors but turned them into SDSU Aztecs. It’s fitting especially after the NBA Finals, GO KAWHI!


Super Toy Cars - Nintendo Switch

More toy car racing! I actually think I own this on Steam, but I bought it again for the Switch to get some racing in. For some reason this game seems to be a lot more difficult on the Switch than on Steam. Anyways your typical toy car racing game: cute race tracks, Micro Machine like cars with power ups, buy upgrades and new cars, unlock levels. Not much else to it.


Fear Effect Sedna - Nintendo Switch

Something different than Match 3 or Basketball on the Switch. I own the Fear Effect games on the original Playstation but I never really played them. It looked fun in the video where in 3/4 view I can roam around, hide, sneak kill folks, and take ammo. Instead I’ve been running with guns blazing without a plan. As you may have figured my character has died a couple of times. When not being a bullet sponge I’ve been stumped by early puzzles but thanks to the internets I have an idea of what I am supposed to do. I probably could have figured it out if I wasn’t trying to rush to the area where my character can shoot at bad guys.


Well as you can tell 100% of my gaming has been on the Switch. I have a couple of games on the iPad I want to get back to and I probably will, just not right now. Anyways I must be off, have a good week!


That’s all for now, more later!





06/18/2019 at 11:19 PM

I want to play Fear Effect Sedna. It was super cheap on Xbox recently. But I heard it got just terrible reviews. 

Matt Snee Staff Writer

06/18/2019 at 11:33 PM

I bought NBA2K too. Definitely the right price. 

Cary Woodham

06/19/2019 at 09:31 AM

I wrote a blog about my take on E3 if you'd like to read that.

I've been playing some downloadable Switch games lately, too.  I'd recommend BoxBoy + BoxGirl.  It's an action puzzle game made by the same folks who make the Kirby games.  You can download a demo, too.  The price is right at only ten bucks, especially considering there's hundreds of levels.

I would not recommend Cadence of Hyrule, though.  It does have Zelda elements, but it's not worth the 25 bucks download cost.  I think they just used the Zelda name to price gouge.

Matt Snee Staff Writer

06/24/2019 at 10:57 AM

have you played 2K yet? I haven't, but I heard it has ads now????

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