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$1.31 Game First Impressions & There Was An Earthquake!

On 07/22/2019 at 12:49 PM by goaztecs

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Good morning and look at this a Monday entry. How about that! Since I’m here, you’re here, let’s enjoy/get through my ramblings together. This should be fun (I’m currently thinking about pizza, on a Monday morning, at 9:05, and the local good place doesn’t open for another couple of hours.)

So I tried my new $1.31 game, Starlink: Battle for Atlas on the Switch, or the game I like to call “Dollar Thirty-One.” This was a game I saw on Reddit that was $25 on Amazon, add it to cart and it drops to $15, $16.31 after taxes depending where you are at, and it comes with a $15 Amazon credit that should arrive in a couple of days, hence the name “Dollar Thirty-One.” It arrived on my doorstep on Sunday and thank you random postal guy who actually hid the package behind the post instead of leaving it on the walkway to my door.


At first I thought the good people took really good care of this box but soon realized that this box is built like a tank. Just getting the dang toys out of the molded plastic was a game in itself. So once I got everything out of the box it was time to play but I wondered why there was no portal like in the Disney, Lego, or Skylanders games (all three currently living in plastic bins in the game closet) and I soon realized that I may have to dock the Switch and play on TV mode*

*more on this in a bit


The starter came with the game, a poster, a paper that told me the usual be safe stuff, a dock for your Joycons with a post sticking out of it for the toy spaceship, two weapons, a human figure, and the fox from Starfox (guess who didn’t play a lot of Starfox.) I popped in the cart and was met with this screen


Chris Rants: you know what should be an option? Before I buy the game I should be able to go to the console store and download the update so when I do get the game I can pop it in and play. Vote Chris2020

While this update was going on I looked up some info about the game and it turns out that I can play with or without the toys. If I was given the option of buying the game by itself I would have. I don’t need the toys, heck after I’m done here I’ll probably put them back in the box. Of course I do know this game isn’t made for my demographic and the folks buying this game are most likely buying them for their kids to fly around and make whooshing noises. After typing that sentence I might keep the toys out and make whooshing noises with the Fox piloting the spaceship.


So I played a couple of missions in the game and it seems straight forward fly around shoot bad guys, watch little cut scenes within the game screen or full on actual cut scenes, go explore planet, shoot more bad guys on planet surface, do tasks, upgrade, rinse repeat. The game looks good, the controls are responsive, the storyline is intriguing, heck it actually sounds like it took inspiration from a Star Trek Voyager episode…psst Season 2.


And we just had an earthquake. Nice.


Going back to my thoughts about the game, I like it, it’s not supposed to be a game where the storyline is deep and it plays like other similar games. This might be the game I play a lot of that isn’t named Gems of War.


Other games

-In NBA 2K19 I created the 1992 Dream Team but as the Clippers. I switched out the home and road Clippers jerseys with jerseys that look like the 92 jerseys but instead of “USA” it reads “LAC.” Also the alternate create a jersey is broken.

-I’m still playing NBA 2K19 with my created team because its more of a challenge. I can’t wait for the offseason to see if I can lure another big name talent to San Diego.

-Gems of War. I play it a lot. I got my first Mythic yesterday. I need to create a new squad built around it because my Magic Man lineup doesn’t flow well with it.


Alright Pixlpeeps I am off. I’m hungry, I felt the Earth, move, under my feet, and I need to get some stuff done! Have a good week!

That’s all for now, more later!




Matt Snee Staff Writer

07/22/2019 at 04:08 PM

that's a pretty good deal for a game and some toys!

I'd vote for you.

Cary Woodham

07/22/2019 at 09:31 PM


07/23/2019 at 09:20 AM

I want to get the game without the toys too, but only because of money. I love the toys. 

I hope the game appears on Game Pass or on sale digitally. I'll probably try it out. That comparison with Voyager has my interest. 


07/23/2019 at 12:58 PM

You may have felt the earth, move, under your feet but did the sky come tumbling down?

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