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Chris Plays Something Other Than Gems Of War & Rants

On 08/13/2019 at 03:02 PM by goaztecs

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So I’m trying to get back on track and finish 2019 strong by keeping up with my blog posts. I finished breakfast, have a couple of minutes to jot down my ramblings and see what I can remember playing over the past week or so. Sound fun? Let’s go!


Let’s get the obvious one out of the way,

Gems of War - Switch: Oh yeah I’m still playing, and PvP is still fun. Thank you to the people who’s teams are that exploding bomb guy in all four slots. You guys always get honor from me. The folks who assemble a squad that drags the game out longer than a minute however, you are bad people (not really)


Ok as for other games

Guitar Hero (no idea which one) - PS3: Because you know video games are evil, I said let’s double down and listen to music from the devil why we are at it. Also guess who found their Guitar dongle? Yep it was in my video game bin and I just happened to have seen it while searching for another evil video game. Anyways after not playing for a couple of years, Medium is insanely challenging now while Easy is in my wheelhouse. I’ll probably play more of that later.

DJ Rap Superstar - PS3: Continuing with my games are evil, and me doubling down, I connected my little microphone and proceeded to go full karaoke on rap songs. Man oh man the shower lied to me about my rapping skills. The positive is that I know 87% of the lyrics to Ice Cube’s It Was A Good Day. The sad thing is that I think I know I all the lyrics to Gloria Estefan’s Here We Are, because it came on while I was driving and I didn’t miss a beat.

NCAA Football 14 - PS3: You know I couldn’t stay away. Well I am back especially after watching Last Chance U, I wanted to run a program so this time I am leading the North Texas Mean Green out of Conference USA. It is season 3, the Mean Green have won one conference title and one bowl game, got it’s teeth kicked in my Texas, and Maryland, but beat a ranked Arkansas in the Liberty Bowl, and running wild on SMU, and Texas State. Video Game Chris got offered the Pitt, UNC, SMU, and a couple of other jobs but I think I’ll stick with UNT build them up to the point where playing in C-USA is just padding stats. I’m gonna try and play schools not in the P5, and not ranked. Just pile on wins so if this was real life ESPN would say “Who have they played?”


Other Game Stuff

-I saw on Reddit that GameStop has a deal where if you trade in your Switch you get $225 credit towards the new smaller Switch. I figure it’s a hell of a deal especially since my Switch cost $224 when I bought it. I won’t take this offer because I like my current Switch.

-Chris Goes Politics For A Bit: I do love it when politicians blame video games for shootings, and shocker they’re doing it again. Yeah because video games turn people into killing zombies because they spend hours do that. Remember when they tried this garbage on Virginia Tech? Then his roommate said he never played and all of a sudden the media didn’t retract anything? I grew up on video games and I don’t remember a rise in violence towards turtles, or people trying to ride Ostriches but oh this game where people shoot at each, it’s bad. Give me an f’n break and do your freaking job instead of blaming something you don’t understand. I remember when music was to blame as well.

-Apparently the new Madden is out, which means I should go get last year's Madden, play a couple of games, and then lose interest. At least it'll be cheap. 


Alright I guess I need to get some stuff done. Have a good week Pixlpeeps!

That’s all for now, more later!




Matt Snee Staff Writer

08/14/2019 at 01:22 PM

yeah blaming video games is bullshit. There's always a scapegoat. 

Playing something that isn't Gems of War? Good God!! Tongue Out


08/14/2019 at 10:31 PM

In the 50s it was comics, then TV, then movies, then video games over and over. It's all just a distraction from actually dealing with gun control. I can't believe anyone still bites on that idea of violent video games after politians have use this argument so many times. 

I saw Rock Band 4 is still around. 

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