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Quick Hits: Saturday Ramblings

On 10/05/2019 at 12:38 PM by goaztecs

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So it is a cool Saturday morning and I am in bed debating on if I should go visit the library later on today and follow it up with hitting the thrift stores that are down the street. I know their selection isn’t that great right now but there is that wonder that I might find something good, or should I wait for next week when I finally get paid and check out the local mom and pop. I might do this. Anyways it is Saturday let’s get started with Quick Hits.


Chris Watches…

Well I haven’t used Pluto TV in a week and instead I have used one one of the subscribed services because I actually pay for them. Thanks Netflix! The main thing I’ve been watching this past week is Wrestling. Why? Well there is literally product on TV every day of the week. Here’s the projected lineup:

M - WWE Raw on USA

T - (soon to be) Impact on AXS


Th - free day (this is where I would watch the NXT/AEW recordings

F - WWE SmackDown on Fox

S - Women of Wrestling/New Japan Pro Wrestling on AXS


Of course the weekends will also have wrestling in the event it’s a Pay Per View weekend like this weekend because of Hell in a Cell. I like wrestling but this might get old real fast.


Chris Reads…

Still the same books I’ve been stuck on: The Boys comics, the random two or three books I started on Kindle, and my audiobook about Patton on my phone.


I like using Reddit and one of their subreddits /FreeEBooks is a good resource for well free books from Amazon and some good offerings from Project Guttenberg. I have added a bunch of new stuff to read from here and if you like reading on a tablet check this spot out.


Chris Listens To…

-So I finished my big organizing project where I moved all my mp3/aac files to one hard drive, fixed all their tags, and converted a copy of my FLAC files and I am happy. The only thing I have to do now is just rip my Audiobooks and placed them with this drive. Once this is finished I’m going to buy a 1TB drive for my small travel laptop so I will have a smaller version of my library with me when I am on a trip.

-Since Big Brother has finished I did my usual of unsubscribing to a couple of podcasts that recap the show and my playlist has become easier to go through in a day with just two daily podcasts a handful of weekly pods. I’ve also started to just skip through the commercials because one of them is loaded with absolute garbage ads to listen to other pods. My new thing is that if I hear a commercial for a given podcast I will not try them.



I’m slowing down the pickups to get ready for whatever sales that are going to happen on Black Friday. I think the only things I’m buying are some Switch games. We shall see when it gets closer.


Alright people I am off. There’s college football on TV. It’s 9am here and you good people on the East Coast like starting games off at noon, while my Aztecs are on TV at 7:30. Have a good weekend!


That’s all for now, more later!




Matt Snee Staff Writer

10/05/2019 at 06:16 PM

That's a whole week of wrestling!

im glad football is back. Makes the week more interesting and relaxing. Football is the only tv I watch so it's one of the few times I'm doing nothing. 


10/17/2019 at 12:03 PM

So much wrestling plus now I found that the old NWA is brought back but I think it's only on YouTube so I can watch whenever. It still has the 70/80s look and feel so I have another product to watch.  


10/06/2019 at 12:18 AM

I'm curious about this Japan Pro Wrestling. 


10/17/2019 at 12:04 PM

It's fun but the matches are longer but they do a lot more crazier moves. 

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