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Quick Hits: Project Organization

On 10/11/2019 at 02:29 PM by goaztecs

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A little backstory before I dive into today’s theme: a couple of weeks ago I was on hold with my insurance company. Usually I’m ok with this but I kept getting the run around, nobody knew what the hell was going on, and finally I talked to a nice lady who helped figure out what the solution to my issue was which opened another box of issues. Long story short, I’m no longer with them, and the proof I needed to help resolve some new issues was lost. After this annoying time (I went with a different insurance company while on hold with these people) I decided that I was going to finally get organized.

See in years past I said I would get organized and I kinda was. Earlier in the year I bought new CD binders to get my CD collection more uniform and even thought I still need around six more 400 Disc binders I am well on my way to knocking this task out, but there are other tasks. Tasks that I needed to get going, get organized and be able to find things without any problems so that is where I am at today, let’s take a little trip at me organizing stuff.


I’ve mentioned it a bunch here that I wanted all my digital audio files in one place and for the most part I have checked this off my list with my MP3 drive with all the tags properly fixed. All I need to do now is add my audiobooks and I am good to go. My FLAC files live on another drive so that one is set. So what’s next?


Bills/Important Paperwork: So this is where my organizing got kick started. I keep eveything on a shelf in piles of stuff. Yeah very organized. After a couple of trips to Walmart I bought two accordion folders to resolve this. Each slot is for something different: paycheck stubs, various bills with paid date written on them, my notebook where I write down info, and tax stuff. I slimmed down a mountain of stuff into a tidy folder where I can find everything and it even has a slot for a pen. I got rid the additional paperwork like the extra slips of paper with the same information in different languages, envelopes, ads, etc.


Lego Instructions: Speaking of accordion folders I have two folders just for this, but I needed a third.


Here is the before. Both were full and needed to be further organized. This was my plan of attack: I was going to clean up my organizing by set number, move the duplicate manuals to a separate binder, and record everything on a nice spreadsheet. Ok before you ask I have duplicate sets because either they were cheap, I needed the parts, or because of the figures.


This was actually a fun couple of hours because I got to go back in time and see which sets I do own. A bunch of them I took apart and put into plastic bags inside of plastic bins. Here are a couple of random shots

Catalogs, Comics, Teasers, and Club Lego stuff that was added into the various Lego sets. I also have some old Lego holiday catalogs that I used to receive in the mail.


Some non Lego building brick instruction books. I have a bunch of Transformers sets but the books are with the sets or else they would be in this folder.


Instructions that are still sealed from a Rock Mining set I got at Target. The set retailed for $100, I bought my first one for $50, and then I found this set a couple of weeks later but it was opened. I asked the employee if it was ok to check to make sure all bags were in the box and they were and they added an additional 50% off on the clearance price, so for $25 I got another set.


So all that is left for me with this task is just to format the spreadsheet and add it to my folder on my computer full of lists. I’ll add a copy to my phone as a backup.


Hot Wheels: I think I am done with this hobby. It was fun while it lasted but I don’t really look for Batman Hot Wheels anymore and I had a stack of carded cars that needed to be put away. My solution? The Priority Mail boxes from the Post Office. The large size boxes are free and are the perfect size for these cars


I filled two boxes, taped them up and I will probably give them away to a family member once they get a little older. I still have a couple of bins of cars that I will probably move to these boxes to keep with the uniform look and easier to stack. I also bought a small plastic bin for the loose cars. I might keep those.


Remaining tasks to get organized:

-Finish sorting my Lego: I have three decent size bins that need to be organized by color and so far I finished two. I also think it’s time to take apart my two Millennium Falcons, The Imperial Shuttle, and from Rebels The Ghost and it’s smaller ship The Phantom. They take up a lot of space.

-Project 45s: I have a shoebox full of 45s that need to be cleaned, recorded, and stored in a better situation. I have an Amazon list ready to go for next payday where I’m ordering a storage box, replacement sleeves, and a brush to clean the dang things. Recording them should be fun. If I ever try and start another record collection I would strictly stick to singles like 45s, and 12 inches. 


Well that’s what I’ve been up to. To you folks who are organized I salute you because you are at a point where I’d like to be but I’m getting there. Anyways I am off, have a good weekend!


That’s all for now, more later!




Matt Snee Staff Writer

10/11/2019 at 03:04 PM

Ha ha, yeah we use post office boxes for various organizational purposes here too. Well, they are free! Thank god for the government!

man, that is a lot of LEGO instructions. I guess it makes sense to keep those organized.  


10/16/2019 at 11:59 AM

Gotta love the free boxes from the Post Office. I need to visit a Post Office where the boxes are not behind the counter so I can just grab a bunch. 

Yeah it helps to keep them by set number but the good thing is Lego now has all their instructions online so I don't have to drag out the folders. 

Matt Snee Staff Writer

10/16/2019 at 02:10 PM

They put them online? That's great! I wonder if they are printable versions. 


10/17/2019 at 11:56 AM

Lego Instructions

Yeah I still think you can download the pdf files and then build away. I think at some point it would be fun to have the digital versions of all my sets 


10/11/2019 at 11:28 PM

I've collected a lot of things over the years, but eventually they take up too much space, and I get rid of them all. I sort of resist collecting things now. What's the use if I'm just going to have to get rid of it all later on. 


10/16/2019 at 12:01 PM

Yeah that's the drawback of collecting. I've found to just collect things I really like, and for the most part I'm doing that...kinda. With Lego it's just Star Wars and Comic sets but even then I don't need every single set, it's just the ones I really like. 


10/16/2019 at 11:00 PM

I'm collecting Hallmark ornament arcade cabinets at the rate of one a year. That's about right for me at the moment. 

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