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Beat One, Started Two, Played Three, Random 4

On 10/15/2019 at 01:30 PM by goaztecs

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I just took the trash out because I’m that house that doesn’t drag the cans to the curb the night before. I have a weird phobia that the cans will be knocked down and I have to pick up all that garbage right before the truck gets here. Anyways I am here sitting, typing waiting for my breakfast to be ready so I can get started with the rest of the day. I knocked a game off Mount Backlog, which is nice, anyways let’s get started.


I Finished It!

Sea Of Squares - iOS: After a couple of years of playing off and on I have finished the four colors section of this game. There are however the five colors (Medium), and 6 colors (Hard) sections. Hopefully this game will still be around when I update iPads so I can continue my snail’s pace of casual gaming.


Still Playing

Madden 17 - PS4: Season 2 ended with the Chargers winning the Super Bowl and finishing the season with 1 loss. I signed Geno Smith and a random backup to be my QBs and lost them both in the preseason, forcing me to sign this created player from Oregon that I followed but forgot to sign him after the draft because his rating was undrafted. He ended up winning the MVP for my squad.


Yep I turned the Super Bowl into a Nike Color Rush game with the all neon Seahawks. After the season I lost Larry Fitzgerald and Antonio Gates to retirement, but I had three first round picks in the draft including I believe the number 10 overall that I used on a LT. In Free Agency I actually only signed three players: Jason Witten, and two defensive players. Wit is a two year rental before he retires, and the other two are filling out holes until the drafted players can take over. I’m currently in week 3 of season 3 and the Chargers are doing well.


Gems Of War - Switch: I got my 7th Mythic card. I actually bought it using the collected Wing points (no idea what they are called) but I had enough to buy this week’s featured card along with enough copies to upgrade them to Mythic.


Mariokart Tour - iOS: Yeah I’m still grinding away at 11pm because that’s when the new stuff is unlocked (I also play at lunch so I can earn all the available points for upgrades). I unlocked the bones version of Bowser, and I bought Morton for 800 coins so I can unlock the Throw 3 Giant Bananas Achievement.


Started Playing

WWE 2K18 - Switch: After a hefty download and two hours I was ready to play this glitchy mess of a game. It wasn’t bad but man the load screens take forever and let’s be honest, I have no idea what I am doing, and I’m full on button mashing in this game. I played a couple of matches, and I created my character Scott Nash, a combo of Scall Hall and Kevin Nash (too sweeeeeeeet) and I started the My Career part of the game. I saw this is in one of the matches I played


There is no way Alexa is that much better than Peyton. 

I might buy the Accelerator DLC for $5 because I want all of the wrestlers unlocked so I can have crazy matches. If I bought this game when it was released I would have just played a bunch to earn the coins to unlock them, but with Thanksgiving (by the way Happy Thanksgiving Canada) coming up I know family will want to try Battle Royal.


Sideswype - iOS: When Radiangames released pretty much their entire library on iOS for free I download all of them and they currently live on my iPad (they’re not huge games). This game is kind of like 2048 except there are no numbers and the tiles are either red or blue. You match 3+ and they explode leaving a same color tile with a number or a symbol. I like it because of its similarities to 2048 and it’s something I can play for a couple of minutes and then go do something else.



-I’m currently debating on 3 games on the Switch: Overwatch, Gear.Club 2, and whatever the Taiko Drum Master game is called. I shouldn’t buy any new games but I kinda want to play all three.

-I found some really good stuff at the local Treasure Hunt (I believe the store is called Dirt Cheap in other parts of the USA). More on this on Friday.

-I found my Switch case in my laundry basket of all places. I guess I have to finish some Switch games so I will have something to talk about during Chris Goes All Awards Show blog.

-I needed a fourth random to fit with the title so while cleaning/organizing I found a Ziploc bag with some 3DS stuff I bought years ago because it was super cheap. I might use the padded case a music player holder. I also now have a ton of stylus...stylui, styluses, potato, potATo. You get it. 


Alright I’m hungry, have a good week!


That’s all for now, more later!




Cary Woodham

10/15/2019 at 08:02 PM

So when I read that Bandai Namco was having a sale, and the Switch Taiko game was only 20 bucks, I bought it right away.  The game is called Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum 'n' Fun, by the way.  I'm a HUGE fan of the Taiko games, but I wasn't about to pay 50 bucks for a download only title that's just a straight port of the Japanese version, which had an English option anyway.  And it didn't come with any drum periphrials either.  I would've liked to have imported the physical Japanese version instead, but it costs over 60 bucks and that's without the crazy import shipping prices.  I never had to pay that much for previous Taiko games I imported on the DS and PSP.  Anyway so I'm glad it finally was on sale, now I need to wait for the PS4 version to go on sale.  So is it worth 20 bucks?  Well, maybe.  Since it's just a straight port of the Japanese version, all the songs are in Japanese, so I hope you like J-Pop!  Even the Disney Moana song on there is in Japanese.  I'll still play the heck out of it, but yeah, it's not worth 50 bucks!  So if you want it for 20 bucks, you'd better buy it before Oct 21st when the sale ends.


10/15/2019 at 10:19 PM

My only other experience with the Taito Drum games have been on the PS2. I bought the funky set that Target was clearancing out many moons ago, and I bought a second copy just for the 2nd drum. That game was just pure fun. I'm not a fan of the J-Pop but I have a couple of games that play a lot of it and it's fine. Good to know abou the sale date, I might get around to buying them before the week is up. Good thing I get paid next week. Tongue Out


10/15/2019 at 10:13 PM

It's interesting how you've been able to keep playing Gems of War so long. I didn't think there was that much content in that game. 


10/15/2019 at 10:21 PM

You know I like the grind of it. I already went through all the levels where you upgrade each land and what not, so now it's just PVP, doing some of the team events, and the other weekly things like pet rescue. 

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