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Corona-BaD: Star Date 050222020 Quick Hits

On 05/22/2020 at 03:26 PM by goaztecs

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Good morning Pixlpeeps! It is Friday (right?) and I am typing this up before I start my day with some leftovers for breakfast. Breakfast of Champions! I think I will continue with my rambling style from Monday to today’s Quick Hits, but I’ll keep the ramblings somewhat organized:


-When I finish here I will probably watch Top Chef. Up until last night I was caught up but I chose to watch something else instead of TC last night (Madden). I tried the Last Chance Kitchen, their online show that gives contestants who were voted out a shot at getting back into the main show. It’s 13 minutes long, and you face the winner of the previous week. Whoever is on top at the end gets back onto the show.


-I’m going through Last Dance Withdrawls. The last shot brought back memories and some tears. Oh that Bulls run was fun.


-Still watching the Challenge, Community, and random Card Pulls videos from YouTube


-I haven’t picked up a book in two weeks (Madden), maybe I’ll start a new one or continue one I already started this weekend. I’ll grind through Spider-Man’s origin story.


-I sorted through 3 teams in MLB cards and I am halfway through team number 4, The Blue Jays. I go through spurts of I love cards/I hate cards, and when the going is good I browse eBay. My eBay searches are CDs, and cards.


-Everything is starting to get back to normal here. The local casinos are opening today at noon, just in time for that Lunch Bingo Player demographic, and I heard that the Five Below is open. I’m trying to justify wearing shoes so I can go walk around Five Below for a couple of minutes. Of course now I have a voice that says “do you want something random at Five Below or another CD from your Must Own list”


-I also need to stop adding CDs to my Must Own list. (I stopped typing right here, to see if Passion Pit had any other CDs I don’t own)


-I’m starting to wonder when everything is open do I stop my Corona-BaD blogs. I have no idea how many I have done, I could count them, we’ll leave that to a weekend activity.


-I might do InstaCart today because I’m running low on Famos Amos snack pack size cookies…oh and real food too.


-I have that feature on my iPhone where if a number isn’t in my contacts it goes straight to Voicemail activated and I haven’t had to mess with any scammers in a bit. The only drawback is when I look up the number on Google it always goes to a list where people post about that number (good) or some garbage site where they want you to pay X dollars to see the “Full Report” (flaming pile of trash). These are times when I wish The Yellow Pages website was the first to pop up on Google.




My Ice Tea mix finally showed up. Yeah it was late but I’m not putting any negative vibes out into the world because it’s the weekend



-I don’t know if I mentioned it but I bought Night Trap for like $1.50 last week. Remember this Sega CD game? I didn’t have a Sega CD back then but when I tried to buy this game for my new to me Sega CD prices kept going up and I said forget it. Now I have it…and I probably won’t play it. It’s a principal thing.


-I broke down and signed up for Epic Games again so I could get Civilzation VI for free. I didn’t want GTA V because I already own GTA V. Civ VI is installed and ready to go

-Apparently with the release of the new fancy version of Mafia trilogy I got the updated versions of II and III added to my Steam library. That was a fun surprise.



I got 3 CDs in this week and possibly a 4rd by lunchtime. Let’s go over my CDs:


Jane Weidlin - Fur: People on eBay and Amazon are going nuts with their pricing of this CD ($30-40) I found it for $15, said F it and bought it. I just wanted a copy of Rush Hour in FLAC to add to my Digital Music Player.

Hayley Williams - Petals For Armor: I like Paramore, and I figured I would like her solo album. So far not so much. Maybe it’ll change if I listen to it again in a couple of months. Bought this on Amazon for retail ($12ish)

Gap Band - The Best Of: It was $13.05 after shipping and tax on eBay and it was still sealed and a promo copy! The only reason why I bought this (I already own another Gap Band Greatest Hits CD) was because it has the 12” version of Outstanding, the good version with the drum intro.


I just checked eBay Tracking and my other CD is on it’s way. Here’s a fun story about this CD: I bought it from a seller in LA. I live about 2 hours south of LA. The CD leaves LA to go about five hours north to San Jose, just to go six hours south to San Bernadino. San Bernadino is roughly an hour or so away from me. WTF!!!!


*Ok so I stopped writing to eat breakfast, watch Top Chef, and then watched Wednesday’s AEW, and now I have Dan Brown’s Inferno playing. I should wrap this up so have a good weekend!…and WASH YOUR HANDS!


That’s all for now, more later!




Super Step Contributing Writer

05/22/2020 at 06:48 PM

When will everything be open in Cali, though? I'd say you have a few CoronaBaD blogs left. 

Also, I just realized I missed that re-run of the 98 Bulls final. Dammit. 

Matt Snee Staff Writer

05/22/2020 at 07:41 PM

I could be wrong, but I think this corona thing is far from over. We've just gotten through the first wave. But hopefully life will be sane again at some point. 


05/22/2020 at 09:48 PM

I can't wait to hit the stores again. I'm going to be like a hungry animal. 

Civ VI, I really want to play. I hope it comes to Game Pass so I can try it out. I guess it's designed for PC and console now, so it should be good with a controler, I hope. 

Cary Woodham

05/22/2020 at 10:16 PM

I used to watch the Japanese version of Iron Chef a long time ago.  My favorite was Chef Yellow.  I called him Chef Sweaty.

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