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Quick Hits: Back On Friday

On 09/18/2020 at 02:25 PM by goaztecs

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I’ve been up since 5:45am after going to sleep around midnight so I’m ready for my power nap all so I can watch guys on bicycles in France. This will only go on until Sunday when the Tour de France ends which is sad but I am grateful to have it because for the most part it felt normal. Random crazy folks on the sides of the road, dressed up, and having a good time felt like pre 2020. I had breakfast, and finished off my Breakfast Pepsi but I could really go for an iced coffee (not the Starbucks coffee milkshakes, but actual coffee with ice) Until I decide to put on shoes and jump in the truck I will sit here, type and see if I can remember all the Quick Hits stuff I did.


Chris Watches:

High Score - Netflix: I had a mini binge with this show but stopped at the RPG episode. Sorry RPG fans but this episode wasn’t my thing. Everything else up to this, I enjoyed.

Away - Netflix: I really wanted to get into this series but it is laying the groundwork for the back story and it is moving a little too slow for me. Once I get through this it’ll probably pick up and I’ll get into it.

Star Trek: Lower Decks - CBS All Access: Still my favorite show right now because it’s so silly but still has the charm of Star Trek.

The Boys Season 2 - Amazon Prime: so violent, yet silly this is the only reason why I use Amazon Prime Video. There are probably other shows on Prime that I should watch but right now, this is my go-to.

Jeopardy - NBC: Oh it’s back, and I’m happy. The questions were pretty easy the first couple of days, but last night it was a little rough for my couch game.


I’m still watching Big Brother, it’s Live Feeds, and other shows, but really they’re not worth mentioning. I’m also thinking about cancelling Netflix. I pay for a couple of video services but I am not using them as much. WWE Network is teetering on being cancelled as well.


Chris Reads:

The Boys: I read through issues 16,17 and currently I am on 18. It seems I would be around Season 1 of the show. The humor is crazy and I am starting a new group of issues that is a new story.

The Children - David Hallberstam: I borrowed this through Kindle and I am currently on the preface. I wanted to get in a “real” book in before 2020 is up. I figure get some real stories along with the comic series that I was watching on Amazon.



-I think the PS5 will be the first Playstation console I won’t get at least for a long while. I figure for the price of the version I want (the one with the disc drive), for a couple of hundred dollars more I can get an updated gaming laptop. I will use the laptop much more than the PS5 especially right now when the games are slim pickings. For you folks who got a pre-order I am excited for you folks and I can’t wait to read the reviews of all the new games.

-I started to copy over files from my old iTunes backups to my current mp3 drive. This is more for nostalgia than anything else because a lot of the mp3s are ripped at 128 which is really bad but for the old mixtapes it was a like a trip back to my old iPod Video.


My 2006 rip had 24 discs, and my 2009 discs have 27 discs in my 2009 backup. That’ll come later once I rip a copy of all my FLAC files to mp3 and move them to my mp3 drive. So much nerdy fun.



I don’t think I bought any new games this past week but I did take a trip to Walmart to see if the new GI Joe’s have been restocked. They haven’t but I did find some stuff


So I found a WWE hanger box in the card section for $5 (there were 0 Alexa Bliss cards), a copy of Metallica’s S&M2 that’s just the double disc album no Bluray (I won’t watch it, so why buy it?) and a really cool toy


I found Kratos! My Lego Christmas display is about to get a dose of the God Of War. *yells ARES*

Everything came out to $22 bucks.


Alright Pixlpeeps I am off. I want to go do some nerdy music stuff. Have a good weekend!

That’s all for now, more later!





09/18/2020 at 09:42 PM

Daddy Kratos. I just can't get used to that. 

Cary Woodham

09/19/2020 at 08:01 AM

I know a guy who was on the team that made the first God of War game.  He also worked on Pac-Man World, Maximo, Drawn to Life, etc.  He was also a Disney Imagineer for a while and now works on board games.

The RPG episode of High Score was probably my least favorite, but that's probably because I was only really into RPGs during the 16 bit era.  Speaking of High Score, I just wrote a blog about the series, so I recommend you please read that when you get a chance!  

Matt Snee Staff Writer

09/19/2020 at 03:00 PM

I'll probably wait until next year for the PS5. I am excited to get one though. 

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