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Sooo....What Did I Miss?

On 11/12/2021 at 08:57 PM by goaztecs

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Sooo what did I miss?

Good evening Pixlpeeps! I may have been MIA for a bit but there are some big changes taking place (good stuff) and I’ve been kinda (a lot) lazy. Let’s do a quick catch up, shall we? First I’m going to try and be here much more. I want to start 2022 strong and that means starting now I need to get back to my ramblings here…and reading actual content from you good people.


Games I Beat:

Saints Row 3 - Steam: taking down backlog

Saints Row 4 - Steam: taking down backlog

Battlefield 3 - Origin: taking down backlog. Also for such a good game, jumping from controller to keyboard is a pain

Battlefield 4 - Origin: More backlog

Battlefield V - Origin: I didn’t like this game because it was more of a “let’s teach you that war is horrible” rather than let’s have some fun blowing everything up. I think we all understand that war is horrible and there were a lot of people behind everything in the game, no need to constantly push this on people who just want to relax at the end of the day. Also censoring the German missions by leaving off a certain image is just weak.

Need For Speed Payback (Deluxe Edition) - Origin: bought it again but on PC, finally played through it, enjoyed it but damn some sections have a steep learning curve. I do love the drifting and the weird offroad drift/race/jump events.

Borderlands 3 - Steam: it’s Borderlands on multiple worlds. How do you not love it?


Games I’m Playing

Gear.Club 2 - Switch. It’s arcade racing

Borderlands 2 - Steam: no reason other than to just knock it off the backlog

Street Racing Syndicate - Steam: Remember the old PS2 game? Yeah that one. After mapping some controls to the controller I'm playing this beauty. 

Grid - Steam: there is a lot of racing. A LOT OF RACING.

Gems Of War - Steam: I’m back to this “casual” mobile game. I do like match 3 RPGs. I’m also playing this on Steam, my phone, and iPad. Apparently my save on the Switch won’t transfer because they have their own ecosystem.

Just Cause 2 - PC: I just want to blow stuff up, laugh, and maybe play on God Mode. Also I’m going full John Wick by using a hand gun because God Mode.

Pocket City - iOS: I’m still building random cities.


Gaming Buys

Hori Switch Split Pad Pro. (Amazon Link) My Joycons were drifting to the point where I didn’t want to play with the Switch and didn’t touch it for half a year. I replaced them, and it’s a new console to me

Samsung 27” monitor (Amazon Link): Nothing fancy, it’s 60hz because I’m not playing anything too graphic intensive and when I get a more stable setup I’m going to go multiple monitor setup. I actually bought this at Walmart one day while you guessed it, I was buying groceries. 

256 Micro SD Card. (Amazon Link) I have a lot of extra space on my Switch now especially after downloading all my games.


Alright Pixlpeeps I am off. It’s dinner time. Have a good weekend!


That’s all for now, more later!





11/12/2021 at 09:12 PM

I should play some Gems of War on my phone, but I already have too much to do there as it is. My phone has totally taken the place of my computer for just about everything. Games would probably tip the apple cart. 

What I should do is reinstall it on my console. 

Cary Woodham

11/13/2021 at 07:45 AM

Good to hear from you again.  Since you like mobile games, I recommend World Flipper.  It's a free to play pinball RPG!

Also, while not too much has changed with me, I do have a podcast now, and I'd like to encourage you to listen to it as well as read my blogs and reviews when you can.  Here's a link to my podcast page:

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