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Two Zero Double Two

On 01/03/2022 at 01:48 PM by goaztecs

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It’s 2022 and this is the first Monday of the new year. Good morning Pixlpeeps! There is a lot happening on my end right now so I’m a little (a lot) preoccupied with bigger things, but it is what it is. I did however say that I am going to be here more and it is the new year so I’m here. So a quick update of what’s been going on:



-Spent Christmas in Vegas with the family. My nephew got me a Lego stocking and an Amazon Gift Card. He then proceeded to headbutt me while playing hide and seek (he’s almost two). During Thanksgiving he coughed on his karaoke microphone, and then shoved it into my face and laughed. He’s a hilarious little guy.

-I bought little man a bunch of construction vehicles, a couple of books, some baby needs stuff, a couple of Batman vs. sets, and a Stretch Armstrong like Batman character.



-I bought Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate on Steam for $34.

-I bought a couple of songs on iTunes. I also bought around 4-5 CDs before the new year, and a couple of them were Christmas CDs.

-I bought one of those little clip things that help you…let’s just say get more out of the Nintendo Switch. I’m not pirating, I just wanted all my cart games loaded onto my Switch…and have a ton (everything from Atari to the 16-bit era) living on my system. Also I have a couple of original Playstation games living on there.



-Still playing Madden 20 because of the editing uniforms. My Dolphins Franchise went 5 years between Super Bowl Victories,  including back to back Divisional Knockouts. To start the season after my last Super Bowl, the Fish are currently 1-2. I needed OT to beat the Broncos.

-Gems of War is still my jam on iPad, and Steam. I hop on every so often because I like collecting and upgrading characters.

-Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate on Steam. I just love this game, and the Lego DLC is hilarious.

-On Switch I’ve been playing Mariokart, I tried a bit of the new Rocket League, which I don’t like as much because everything is so online focused. I just like playing a season and I started a new one. I need to get some practice in because it feels clunky to me. On the emulation side I’m playing that Wu Tang fighting game on the Playstation.



-Spend less on games. I like to believe I did better than the year before, and let's keep the train going. Play what I got, buy what I want...what I really really want.

-Read more. I didn't do as much of it in 2021, but it's time to do so in 2022.

-Of course the usual of walking more, exercising, and all the other good things.

-Get a new laptop. I think it's time.


Well that’s a quick update. I’ll be back later on to see what you good people have been up to. Have a good one!


That’s all for now, more later!





01/20/2022 at 10:31 PM

I should bet back into Gems of War. I'm sort of getting into the free-2-play games with Asphalt 9 right now. 

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