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Switch Gaming

On 02/07/2022 at 12:51 PM by goaztecs

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Good morning Pixlpeeps from a cool morning here in Hawaii. Tomorrow will be two weeks since I got here and I have to say it’s been nice to just casually wake up and not have the stress of moving hanging over your head. I refuse to get on local time, so I’ve been getting up around 4-5am here which is 6-7am in California. It’s quiet, I open the window and you hear some of the neighbors in their cars going to work. During this time I started playing a new game that everyone is playing….Wordle.


Yep barely awake with the window open, listening to Las Vegas Sports Radio while trying to figure out a five letter word. I think everyone tackles it a bit differently, but I have a five letter word that I like to use and then from there try and figure out the actual puzzle. I’ve had a couple of losses (by losses I mean not get the word within the six tries) but it’s fun, quiet, and one of the bonuses to waking up at 4am local.


Other games I’ve been playing:

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Switch: It’s funny how this game blows my mind that it’s portable even though I also own it on the iPad, but I remember when it was the hotness on G4 TV on that tech show that replaced The Screen Savers. Anyways back to the actual game, it’s still the same old GTA SA that I saw on the PS2, and that’s not really a bad thing. This play through I’m not jumping into mission after mission but instead taking my time, driving around, and buying up property (I may have used some cheats for money and weapons). It takes me back to when after work I drove to the mall and picked up the game from I think a Kay Bee Toys instead of Game Stop. I believe I bought it with some 3 for $10 Star Wars Storm Trooper Minifigures set with Luke Skywalker.


Burnout Paradise - Switch: I got some good play time in yesterday after a hike, and upgraded my license to B level. Yeah really slow in playing this game. Unlike my last playthrough on whatever console I played it on (PS3? PC?) where I used a sports car, this time I’m rolling with the SUV that can knock people out of the race. This is a lot more fun and easier to take down the unlockable cars that show up.


Super Mario Something Deluxe - Switch: Oh my goodness this game is so much fun. Typical Mario game, colorful, fun characters, just a joy to play. I knock out maybe a world or two a night while sitting with the family watching TV before dinner.


God Of War - PSP (PPSSPP Emulator on the Switch): I started playing this last night but found that the game runs really slow. I need to look up the top settings for this game so it plays like a normal game.


Gems Of War - PC (Steam)/iOS: I’m really not conquering any new areas in the underworld right now, but instead I’ve been just playing this treasure game, and the occasional PVP. My clan must hate me but at least I’m putting in some work and donating coin to get some prizes for everyone.


Madden 20 - PC (Origin): It is a tough season for the Dolphins where they seem to not get a win streak going. It’ll be one hell of a game, followed by a loss, than a close win, and then a loss. Finally the last two games I got back to back wins. Hopefully this starts the ball rolling and get some good mojo heading into the playoffs. Also I think I’m ready to let some of my big stars leave and start implementing a rebuild.  


I brought my 3DS XL with me to Hawaii in hopes of either playing some games on it, playing some games I found in the garage during the move (ones I didn’t sell), or upgrading the memory card and copying those games I found during the move onto it (my 3DS XL is a little modded).


Before I call it a blog, congrats to you good people who are taking part in BaD. I decided to not participate this year because I’m still a little flaky with my postings. It’s a lot of fun and hopefully I take part in next year’s…or when things get more stable I may just pick a random month and do it on my own.


That’s all for now, more later!





02/08/2022 at 11:41 AM

My friend and I have been obsessively playing Gems of War. I haven't unlocked the underworld yet though. I also left my clan so I could join the clan my friend just set up but my game wouldn't see it. I'm going to try again this weekend. Man, there is so much to do in this game from campaign stuff, city quests, pvp, daily challenges, special hunts, pet rescues, etc... . I find myself spending all my gametime in Gems of War. I'm trying to get into a routine where I jump in, play the daily challenges and move on, but there's always something else I have to check out in there. 


02/09/2022 at 01:21 PM

There is so much to do in that game, that you can jump in for a couple of minutes here and there throughout the day and play something new. Some days I just like to treasure hunt while other days it's all about PVP.


02/09/2022 at 03:01 PM

I've been starting with the daily challenges and then touching on any new events, games or a round of PvP. I usually end a session by opening all my rewards and then upgrading my cards. Man, it can take a while that way though. 


02/09/2022 at 11:25 PM

I thought about getting the Definitive Edition for Switch. Reviews have been downright hostile to it, though, over poor textures, tearing, and music that got cut due to apparent licensing issues (though it was apparently just dummied out rather than excised from the code.) My favorite GTA was Vice City.

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