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On 02/22/2022 at 11:19 AM by goaztecs

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It’s a lot of 2’s today. Good morning Pixlpeeps and it is a cool morning here in Hawaii. It’s currently 6am so no sun but in about an hour there should be some sun, let’s get started.


Chris Plays:

 Mortal Kombat 11 - PC (Steam): I bought the crazy everything pack last week and started to play it a couple of days ago. If I could describe it, it’s a mix of Transformers the Movie meets Marvel’s Multi-verse. The developers really like that deep background that almost looks 3D and plays like every Injustice game. I like it but I’m only a couple of scenes in on the story mode so the verdict is still out if I love the game.

Gems Of War - PC/iOS: For the past couple of weeks I’ve been doing the minimum of barely playing PvP and then just sticking with Games. This week I should play some more.


Pocket City - PC: I caught the bug again after playing the city I started while on a flight. I’ve been playing strictly on PC because I want to use the money code (you get codes after hitting level 100)


Forza Horizon 4 - PC (Steam): I’m playing maybe a handful of races every couple of days. I’m just trying to set off the cutscene for the barn finds.


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Switch: I made more progress in the game, and I have to say I do miss the PS2 look. I figured out the correct way to workout in game  (it’s been awhile) so I’m starting to make progress.


Retro Bowl - Switch: I took the Detroit Lions to a perfect season and a Super Bowl win. Season 2 I only added an additional DL guy while my Run N Shoot offense is flying all over the place. At some point I will change the team names to actual names and not cities.


32 Secs - Switch: A mobile game that became a game on the Switch. There’s not much substance to this game other than you’re on a futuristic motorcycle, on a curved freeway, dodge cars, hit red bikes, and collect stuff. You level up which opens up more bikes and levels for you. That’s it. I kinda like it, and by kinda I mean I play every day.


Emulation - Switch: when not playing actual Switch games I’ve been jumping around on Retroarch and playing different games. Checkered Flag on the Atari Jaguar, Wu-Tang fighting game on the Playstation, Gunstar Heroes on Genesis, Dance Dance Revolution on Playstation, a snowboarding game on the Neo Geo Pocket Color, and some other games on various systems. Oh Oh there’s that fan made NBA Jam that had current rosters from like 2017 on SNES. That one is BOOM SHAKALAKA!


Alright Pixlpeeps I am off. Have a good one!


That’s All For Now, More Later!





02/23/2022 at 03:29 PM

I'm trying to figure out this Retroarch. Do you have to go get roms and emulators or are they all built into what you download. I'm confused as to how it works just by reading the website, but it sounds very interesting. I even think my friend is already into this and know the developer, but I'm asking him about that now. He was playing some old arcade games on his mac through some program. I'll have to find out more especially that NBA Jam with current rosters. "He's on fire!"

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