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PlayStation 4 To Predict Earthquakes!

On 03/03/2013 at 10:05 AM by jjindie

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So apparently the PS4 will be the most powerful thing ever.  Since the Feb. 20 reveal details about its specs and capabilities have been flooding the internet.  The PS4 will have the most powerful processor ever made by AMD, if that kind of thing is important to you.  The PS4 reveal was a little light on games, the standard and expected safe bets like a new Killzone and new Infamous will make it out probably by launch or not soon after.  The slew of social networking features seemed to be the main focus during the media event, again if that's important to you.  Some were so unimpressed by the details of PS4 that they're thinking of switching over to mostly PC gaming for this upcoming generation, I'm looking at you Jesse Miller.

I'd have to agree with him on most everything, except the PC part.  Maybe I'm just getting old, but the PS4 and consoles need to be about games and real content beyond just effervescent frills that won't be here in another 5 years.  Anyone who thinks Facebook won't be the next Myspace is probably still a Myspace user.  But I don't need to rehash that argument, at this point the only thing that could impress me about the PS4's overhyped specs and functionality would be it's ability to predict earthquakes!

About the only thing I used my PS3 for other than games was determing the magnitude of earthquakes.  Well maybe some TV shows and movies, the PS3 is pretty friendly to files via torrent, except for the those silly .mkv files!  But other than that it was just games and earthquaky stuff.  And PSN indie games.  And NHL network, and MLB network.  But other than that just games and earthquakes. 

It's getting near that time again, the annniversary of 3/11 in Japan.  I was front and center for the whole disaster, except the tsunami and radiation part.  My PS3 played a fairly large role in determining the strength of the quakes and how worried I was supposed to be.  If it didn't fall on the floor, everything was fine.  If it did, it was time to lose your shit and start shovelling snow into the bathtub to save water.  We actually did that after 3/11/2011!

Only twice did my slim PS3 v2.0 fall onto the floor after a quake.  The first time was during the original 9.0M quake that occured at 2:46pm on March 11th.  I was on the subway train on my way to work and didn't make it home to my apartment/room/man box until the next day.  My laptop, BenQ E2200HD monitor and PS3 were all cuddled up together and spooning each other in a techy threesome on the floor.  There were a few war wounds on the monitor and PS3 but all have been functioning ever since, more or less.  The monitor is fritzing out at times now and has that one, long horiztonal line running across the middle of the screen.

The second time was an aftershock in mid April, 2011.  A 7.4M that occrred just a little more than a month after the original 9.0M, but I can't remember the exact date.  This time I was at home, stuck in my cozy little box plunking away on my laptop at some game blogging site, probably  We lost power again, and the PS3 fell on the floor again, but only the console and nothing else this time.  Still no problems, of course, as I've been able to complete Dark Souls, Skyrim and everything else just fine with my little battle scarred, quake survivor.

And the PS3 has been the nerve center of my entertainment world ever since, and probably a little before that.  Games and torrents.  The entire Mass Effect series, Game of Thrones, Dragon's Dogma, sporadic MLB and NHL games, Breaking Bad, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the Walking Dead, and Mad Men.  Torrents, torrents, torrents.  I even use it for the DVDs that my wife rents and still insists on paying for, even though they're only 100yen at the video store. 

The power of the PlayStation really has moved beyond mere gaming.  It's an entertainment hub and all in one media player.  It started out pretty expensive, but considering what my PS3 has been through and what it has done for me, I'd say it's been well worth the cost.  I was an early adopter, got one of the original fat PS3s that now resides with my little brother back in Canada.  He doesn't use if for anything other than games.  Even though I claim that's all I want PS3 to do, I really do use it for much more.

No plans to quit the consoles for me.  I won't be moving onto PC gaming, I'm in Japan after all.  The only thing less popular than Xbox 360 would be PC gaming! 

I'm not too impressed with any speculative specs or early flame battles between the fanboys in the next gen console wars.  But it's nice to know some of the other features and familiar mainstays will be included with PS4, whether or not I'll need them all.  Social networking, DVDs and BluRays.  And, of course, the ability to predict and survive earthquakes!



Matt Snee Staff Writer

03/03/2013 at 10:23 AM

I think social networking will be important in the next console race, and I think Ps4 is on the right track with that.  Those are features that I myself enjoy, and I think a lot of other people do. 

That being said, I use it as less of an entertainment hub than most people.  I did earlier, but now our TV gets Netflix directly so we don't need the PS3 for that.  I tried to get internet radio through it but that didn't work. I do use it to play Blurays though.  

But I want a PS4 for the games, and as much as I respect Microsoft, their exclusives are kind of crappy.  Sony puts a lot of effort into exclusives and I appreciate that.  I dunno.  I don't know which console I will get, but I'm definitely going to get a Wii U at some point, and either a PS4 or new Xbox later.  It all depends on which, I guess. 

I wish my Ps3 predicted the lottery.  That woudl be helpful.  


03/05/2013 at 10:14 AM

 I wish I could get Netflix on my PS3 or a smart TV.  Every time I try to access it from here in Japan it says - "This service is not currently available in your region."  I hope my building's "free internet" that was included in the monthly rent is not using a proxy IP form Saudi Arabia!


03/03/2013 at 01:28 PM

I remember when the PS2 came out, the US government was actually investigating claims that the Emotion Engine was powerful enough to control nuclear weapons delivery systems, and it supposedly caused minor political friction between the US and Japan.

After initially snubbing the PS3 due to price and then trying the 360 only to have less-than-optimal experiences with it, I got a PS3 (60GB, native BC) and Valkyria Chronicles in 2009, and it has become the hub of my living room, since it can play most of my game collection and run Netflix and Amazon Instant Video. I'm actually rather bummed that the PS4 won't be backwards-compatible, but I still want one at some point. Maybe when Final Fantasy XV comes out. After all, I got a PS1 for FFVII and a PS2 for FFX.

Super Step Contributing Writer

03/04/2013 at 05:17 AM

I was heavily considering buying the PS3 above other consoles because it was a Blu Ray Player. Ended up not doing that, and still just rent DVDs mostly, but I agree, I'm glad these systems come with extra bells and whistles, whether or not they're needed.

It's not like the thing won't play games, so I'm just waiting until it has a few more of those that interest me, and see what Microsoft can offer. Announcements/launches are never that great to me, I'm surprised people still flip out over lackluster starts for software on consoles.


03/04/2013 at 11:30 AM

I don't know how interested I am in social media on my consoles. I'll admit to some relief that I could still check in on a few websites when my old laptop died and before the new one arrived, but other than that, I use my PS3 for gaming and watching movies - streaming, Blu Ray, and DVD.


03/04/2013 at 05:09 PM

The PS3 is the best thing to buy as a university student. My roommates and I watch Netflix every night and have used almost every other media function at least once.

I hope this means they dont' feel the need to work on that much this next generation. I do like how at least the social media stuff actually makes sense for games and isn't just posting trophies on my Facebook

Jesse Miller Staff Writer

03/04/2013 at 05:17 PM

Damn right you're looking at me! You know, I'll likely still end up with a PS4 (love me some of their exclusives) but from my vantage point, the real interesting and new things that are happening within actual games are happening on the PC, and that's what is moving me more than sheer tech.

Though I completely understand your stance, living in Japan and all.  You'd be better off being a lepper than a PC gamer there.


03/05/2013 at 10:19 AM

They don't have a word for PC games over here, they don't even say PC over here.  They say PasuCon = personal computer.  Actually they do say PC sometimes, but it sounds more like Pee Shee.  And they never use Pee Shee and gemu in the same sentence.

Btw, do leppers play games?  Maybe with their elbows.


03/04/2013 at 10:02 PM

Console wars are a thing of the past.  While I used to consider myself strictly a "Xbox" fan boy, about 6 years ago I came to the realization that I only stuck to my guns because I was too poor to get any other system.  These days, with my own steady income, I'm actually able to go out and purchase what I want.  It's nice to be able to expand my horizons and pick up whatever game, because after all, that is what these systems are all about.  They are merely platforms for the various experiences that await in the many games that are exclusive to each system.


03/05/2013 at 10:23 AM

So fanboys are really just gamers who are too poor to own more than one system?  Nice!


03/05/2013 at 12:17 AM

Like you,I was an early adopter of the PS3. It. Lasted until 4 months ago. Finally gave out. Now I have the slim 500 gig model and I love it. Had to restart a bunch of games,but that's okay. I absolutely cannot wait to get a PS4. Let's hope they don't cost 600 bucks. Remember that fiasco,Sony?


03/12/2013 at 06:27 AM

Call me old and cranky, but I don't really care about social media anymore. It's getting past its prime for me. Sure, it was great for awhile, reconnecting with people I had known in my life. But I've come to realize that their life these days doesn't include me. So what's the point of messaging and posting if no one is even going to respond? The only thing I see on facebook these days are stupid pictures. I think that by the time social media gains traction on the PS4 (enough people to own one), social networking will become obselete. So what makes it better than the PSN and XBL that we have now? Not much I think.

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