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Exrian's Comments - Page 6

Episode 143: Accomplished Nerds

Posted on 12/05/2018 at 06:13 PM | Filed Under Feature

Great show guys. Really helped pass the time at work. I thought you all had some great achievements. I can definitely empathize with your love for working at a game store Julian. Babbages was my first job at 16 and it was awesome. I absolutely loved it. I was just working for the holiday season but it was so damn fun. The people were all great and I enjoyed helping customers find games that would interest them or their children.

They wanted to keep me part-time but it was a 25 minute drive and I didnt have a car to get there. My mom took me since it would be temporary but I didnt want to put it on her permanently. I still miss that job. 

I'll second SuperStep and say that the hoarseness wasn't very noticeable as the show continued. Thank you guys for soldiering through it. 

Patrick, I'd love to hear your thoughts on Dark Souls one day. I think all your time on Bloodborne and Nioh especially will help. God of War is no slouch either. I also played the 2nd hardest difficulty. I thought it was normal but I was wrong. It kicked my ass for the first few hours but eventually you get the hang of it. 

I'll be back with my State of the Generation later.

Episode 142: NWP AMA

Posted on 11/28/2018 at 12:00 AM | Filed Under Feature

Very fun episode of NWP. Cant wait for the AMA to return. TyroneSwift was a great addition. I couldn't wait for him to dive into The Quiet Man. I watched the whole Giantbomb playthrough and damn was that rough. The only way its playable is if you get a group to play it for the laughs. I couldn't imagine this game solo. I think I'd take the cash if I had to play Quiet Man on the toilet though... 

I was personally ecstatic for the Giant Nerd Cast. I'll always welcome 4 hours of my favorite podcasts. Also cant wait for GOTY Deliberations. I feel much more invested this time since I started actually watching their series and know them much better. 


Stage Select: Top 3 Gaming Achievements

3. Beating The Souls Series Shieldless: I'm no pro but the fact that I was able to beat the souls series without a shield is one thing I'm proud of. It really helped me actually get good at this game because it forced me to learn how to anticipate attacks and roll. I also didnt rely on parrying at all which is another reason why I'm so proud of this. 

2. Getting the Untouchable Medal in Halo 3: Halo was one series I was great at. It was something I feel like I could have played professionally if I was the type to play 1 game for years.

My favorite moment is also bittersweet. I was jumping back into it after weeks of not playing. I hit a Lone Wolves ranked match (which is everyone for themselves) and completely dominated. I was 5 kills away from winning the match/getting the medal when someone quit and the game had to find a new host. The game continued but it stopped registering my streak. I got the last 5 kills and went 25-0 but didnt get the satisfying announcer to say, "Untouchable." Despite that I knew what I had accomplished and felt invincible.

1. Beating The Witness: The Witness isn't the hardest game I've ever played but it's definitely the most satisfying I've ever completed. Many have compared it to learning a new language and that isn't far off. Taking pen, paper, graph paper, tetris shaped cutouts, pictures, and combining them to solve puzzles was unlike anything I've ever played. I would take puzzles to work and try to solve them for when I'd play next. I'd look around the real world and see puzzles that needed to be solved (The Witness Effect?). I was actually a bit sad to have finished The Witness because I knew I'd never have that experience again. This game isn't for everyone but for those it is for, you will have an unforgettable experience unlike any other in gaming.

Episode 141: My Gamer Academia

Posted on 11/11/2018 at 06:28 PM | Filed Under Feature

Great podcast guys. I think Mike did a great job. I'm all in for an AMA. Let's see...




Stage Select: AMA

1. If you could be considered amongst the best of any job/profession/hobby, what would it be? Speed Runner? Actual Runner? Doctor? Wrestler? Hot Dog eating?

2. Would you accept a million dollars if you had to use a random porta-potty each time you had to use the bathroom for the rest of your life? Maybe its clean, maybe there's toilet paper, or maybe its filled to the top. 

3. Who wins between Devil May Crys Dante and God or Wars Kratos? 

4. What game would you make the other hosts play if you wanted to torture them? They have to play for 100 hours minimum and see the credits roll before they can be unchained.

5. Who's the strongest fighting game character do you think you could take 1 on 1?

6. Is Tom Nook really evil?

Episode 140: The Curse of The Halloween Havoc

Posted on 11/05/2018 at 08:14 AM | Filed Under Feature

No problem. I was just winging it. Except the Chun-Li thing. That was thought through VERY thoroughly...

Episode 140: The Curse of The Halloween Havoc

Posted on 11/03/2018 at 02:30 PM | Filed Under Feature

Great show guys. Been lucky to catch it on my midnight's at work. I wish I had submitted to stage select last week but I was having a hard time thinking of times I was scared. I don't typically get scared. 

This weeks Stage Select is also going to require some thought. I love when Patrick goes off rails with these but this one is definitely one I had a hard time wrapping my head around. I waited awhile to see some other SS answers before trying but even the others seem to be struggling. 

Well here goes. It'll be off the wall and probably illegal but whatever...

Stage Select: Gamifying Schools

3. Make a, "My Hero Academia" video game. Wait that exists already? Ok kindergartners must play Chrono Cross to learn their colors. Teens must play to realize their choices could affect everything. Adults must play to realize that some times less is more. Finally, senior citizens must play to get ice cream. Don't know what exactly that teaches them, but hey its ice cream!

2. Ever see the movie, "Cube?" Well let's do that but with teens. They must solve the puzzles and survive. Break up classes into groups of 5 and see if they work together. Maybe less death than in the movie....maybe not...

1. This ones for Superstep. How about we take his Chun-Li teacher idea and amp it up. You know those games where the more you win the more clothes that come off? Well let's do that. Every 3 right answers removes an article of clothing. 1 wrong answer puts them all back on. I know I would have studied harder. Possibly wrong choice of words...


Sorry guys this one was a bit tough for me. Please don't be discouraged Patrick. I love many of your SS picks since they invite some off the wall thinking. Keep up the great work guys.

Episode 139: Missing in Action

Posted on 10/15/2018 at 04:54 PM | Filed Under Feature

I definitely cant go to bat for all those characters (looking at you Korcha) but I liked having lots of options. I definitely agree that they seemed to just make some archetype and call it a day. That's why I'd love some amazing characters. Imagine an RPG with your top 20 favorite characters. It'd be amazing. 

Anyways, the podcast was perfectly fine. Audio issues are rarely an issue for me unless the volume is too low since I work in a loud industrial setting. 

Episode 139: Missing in Action

Posted on 10/12/2018 at 03:43 PM | Filed Under Feature

Glad you released this one. I was working midnight's and was very happy to have NWP pass the time. Though all the Chrono Cross bashing almost killed me on the inside. I think cutting more than half of Cross' character cast is pretty reasonable. There were 40+ in that game. I would love 20 amazing flashed out characters. 

I was surprised this episode was so long considering it was cut short but I'm glad it was. I'll be back later with Stage Select.

Episode 138: Check Out Our Huge Sacks

Posted on 10/01/2018 at 02:01 PM | Filed Under Feature

Great call on Road Rash. That series needs a relaunch. 

Episode 138: Check Out Our Huge Sacks

Posted on 10/01/2018 at 02:00 PM | Filed Under Feature

Great show guys. Glad to see you back to normal. I don't recall Valkyria Chronicles being that bad so maybe it's been messed up. To be fair it was a long time ago that I played it. I do plan on buying this new one eventually.

The whole Netflix thing is a joke. I can't believe they still don't have a proper category for, "New." I just want to see what the heck has come out in chronological order. Until then I think the Upflix app I recommended on Twitter has been very useful. For anyone interested it lists all the newest content as it releases every day. It also shows you what's leaving soon so you can watch it before its gone.

Anyways on to Stage Select. I really like this one and I've seen a few good picks from other listeners already.

Stage Select: Rise from your Grave

3. Crimson Skies: This game was amazing on OG Xbox and I believe it could do extremely well these days. It offers a very different but still familiar multiplayer and could be an amazing Xbox exclusive if they even own the IP. Microsoft needs something and Crimson Skies could be a nice edge.

2. Gunstar Heroes: The idea of a new Gunstar Heroes with graphics like HD Odin Sphere or Guilty Gear Xrd are mouth watering. Add in at least 2 new weapon types to combine and you're set. As a bonus they could even add some NG+ rogue-like stages as side content and make replay value bigger.

1. Chrono Series: You knew it had to be this. All I've ever wanted is a new Chrono game. As much as I'd prefer Cross I'm sure it would lean heavily towards Trigger. Ideally they'd take some of the Cross gameplay system and mix it with Triggers to make an amazing hybrid. 40 characters isn't necessary but at least 20 really fleshed out ones is a must. I want to hate myself for having to ditch a character I really want for a new one I also want. That way I will gladly replay it.


Episode 137: Feelin' a Might Peevish

Posted on 08/17/2018 at 05:47 PM | Filed Under Feature

Awesome podcast guys. Stage Selects return was a triumph. I know Angelo can't be on the podcast but any chance he will still chime in on Stage Select in the future? You all usually had interesting picks that were different. Just a thought.

Congrats on the new job Julian. You may have mentioned it on Twitter but it didn't sink in until the podcast. It sucks that you finally get engulfed in a game once you no longer have all the extra free time. At least there's plenty of podcast time. I think I'd go crazy in a job where I couldn't listen to podcasts.

This weeks Stage Select is really good. Almost too good. I could think about this for a very long time and come up with something amazing and it still wouldn't be perfect. So I'm just using a bit of thought and the top of my head for a solid backpack.

Stage Select: Inventory Items (in no particular order)

Megalixir (Final Fantasy): Need this in case I get really sick. It has to be the one that heals status effects also.

Union Plume (Valkyrie Profile): Cast on yourself and you get a, "Get out of death free" card.

Celestial Brush (Okami): The power of gods in your hand. Want fire, wind, day, night, bombs, and much more? This has got you covered.

Omni Tool (Mass Effect 3): The power of the tech gods on your arm. Want to hack, repair, scan, heal, cut and much more? This has got you covered.

Ocarina of Time (The Legend of Zelda: Majoras Mask): Rewind and fast forward time. Travel quickly, summon rain, and look cool, maybe lame, while doing it.  

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