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Five Things Mass Effect Could Improve On

The key to the future of Mass Effect is in its past.

We are fast approaching November 7, which in recent years has been marked as “N7 Day” by EA and BioWare, and is usually a celebration of all thing Mass Effect. We’ve done things for N7 Day in the past, and I’m sure we will this year, as BioWare is set to finally show off the upcoming Mass Effect: Andromeda in a big way. Considering that the game is expected early next year it’s a little worrisome that we have seen so little of it by now. With that being the case, I thought it would be fun to take a look back at my favorite game in the series: the first Mass Effect. That game had some serious issues, but instead of fixing those issues for Mass Effect 2, BioWare’s solution was to throw most of them right out the window. So let’s take a look at some of those problems with the original Mass Effect. I will identify the major issues, explain what BioWare’s solution was, and provide an alternative fix that I hope makes its way into Andromeda.

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What's With All the Sonic Hate?

I channel my inner '90s mascot attitude and explore a recent troubling trend.

At last year’s PAX East I attended a panel hosted by one of the marketing magicians for Sega of America in the '90s, Al Nilson. At that panel I got up to ask a question about the NEMO project he worked on in the late '80s, but before I did I told this quick story about the time I borrowed the first Sonic the Hedgehog game off my friend when it was first released:  While I was at home being blown away by the technical achievement of Sonic Team’s new baby, my friend called me and said his mother was mad he lent out his new game and was making him come by in a couple hours to pick it up. Since my time was now limited to how much of this amazing new game I was going to be able to play,  I decided to hunker down and try to beat the game before he came to get it. I focused and played as carefully as I could. I ended up beating the game without continuing and with all the Chaos Emeralds. I had the honor of telling Al Nilson it was one of the best "Gaming Zen" moments of my life. He appreciated my story and my love for Sonic.

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Halloween Treats: PixlBit's Favorite Games of the Season

The staff sounds off on their favorite Halloween games - what's your go-to Halloween gaming experience?

Halloween is here! A time of all kinds of scary things like werewolves, zombies, and diabetes! Not to mention plenty of great games. Whether you want something fun and lighthearted, something that will scare the pants off you*, or something in the middle, the Pixlbit staff has you covered as we talk about our favorite Halloween video games! 

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Final Fantasy XV: I Want to Believe

Confessions of a Final Fantasy fanboy.

In my nearly five years writing for PixlBit I think I can safely say that I have installed myself as the resident Final Fantasy superfan. I have written about the long-running role playing game series more than any other topic over the years, and have always met each main title entry with excitement. So why do I feel so much apprehension towards the impending release of Final Fantasy XV? Shouldn’t I be breathlessly counting the days, instead of dreading it? Well, that’s a complex question to answer, but I want to believe in FF XV. I’m just not sure if I can.

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From Game Boy to DS: Nintendo Loves to Keep Us Entertained

"…in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes." - Benjamin Franklin

We’re all familiar with this famous quote from one of our founding fathers, but what would you add to it if given the chance? As gamers, we thrive on a certain level of consistency from our favorite standbys, whether that be a gaming franchise, system, or company as a whole. For me, it would be this: "…death, taxes, and the fact that I will purchase any handheld system that Nintendo puts on the market."

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E3 2016: Change is Good

It's time to shake things up a bit!

I enjoy watching E3 every year and trying to see the “theme” of each show. From second screen experiences to asynchronous multiplayer, there is always something that ties everything together. For E3 2016 that theme seemed to be that of change. While there may not have been a lot of surprises at this show thanks to a lot of companies pulling out and a record number of leaks, we did see a lot of high profile projects that looked, well, different. So let’s take a look at some of those well-worn properties looking to impress us by shaking things up.

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A Fond Farewell to Final Fantasy XI

With the console servers shutting down, Julian says goodbye to his first MMORPG.

Now that we are firmly entrenched in the 8th console generation and PC gaming is back on the rise, you would be forgiven for not hearing about the server shut down of the final game from the 6th generation: Final Fantasy XI. Even though the PC version released first and remains active to this day, the game began as an ambitious project for the PlayStation 2, and finally closed its PS2 and Xbox 360 doors on March 31, 2016. While it wasn’t the first massively multiplayer online role playing game to make its way to consoles (Everquest Adventures on the PS2 has that distinction), it was the entry point for many gamers into the world of the MMORPG. I was there for the final days of Final Fantasy XI on the console (I had been playing it on the Xbox 360 in recent years), and it was a bittersweet farewell, indeed.

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PixlBit's 2015 Game of the Year Awards!

As 2016 is here, our staff looks back to our favorite games of 2015. WAY back!

2015 was an interesting year for gaming, the year the 8th console generation started to push out the 7th gen, where almost every game was coming onto one of the newer consoles and last gen ports becoming fewer and farther between. Yet when looking at the games everyone else was voting for each year, we noticed something. The real best games released received very few, if any, awards from other outlets. So we at Pixlbit decided to give the actual best games to come out this year their own commendation! So if you missed any of these this year, be sure to check them out and see what you missed out on!

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What if Sony Had Released the PlayStation as a SNES-CD?

With the recent surfacing of a prototype Play Station for the SNES, Chris I re-imagines video game history if it were to release.

It's no secret that Sony originally intended to produce a CD-ROM attachment called the Play Station for the Super Nintendo console. Somewhere along the line the deal went sour and what was originally intended for the CD-ROM drive became the Sony PlayStation.

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Adventures in Dolly

You owe it to yourself to give this game 15 minutes of your time.

After completing this game, one word came to my mind, and that word was “wow.” That was one of the most compelling games I've ever experienced, with every singular aspect building up to an impressive unified artistic expression the likes of which we rarely see in this medium.

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