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My First Gundam Build-BearGGuy P(Pretty)

On 05/06/2018 at 08:41 PM by Nicoleb1989

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So this weekend I started my first Gunpla build. "Gunpla" is what they call Gundam Model kits. Dont ask me, I didnt name it that. My Bf got into it and bought me a BearGGuy I had been wanting to see if Id like building them as well. Well turns out I do! New Hobby! 

HG Build Fighters BearGGuy P(Pretty)

Ive cut myself 3 times so far, nothing extreme just minor pokes and small cut. I think Im doing pretty okay for my first build. I got the Main Body, Head, Arms, and Foots done last night. 

HG Build Fighters BearGGuy P(Pretty)

HG Build Fighters BearGGuy P(Pretty)

HG Build Fighters BearGGuy P(Pretty)

HG Build Fighters BearGGuy P(Pretty)

Im hopinng tonight I finish it. Ill definitly post the finish product once I have! Quite excited about having a new hobby to enjoy. I figured Id share what I had done so far. 

Im hoping yall are doing well!



Cary Woodham

05/06/2018 at 09:05 PM

My brother Jeff just built a Zaku Gundam model.  He likes building things like that.  He's helping me build the Nintendo Labo stuff right now.


05/08/2018 at 12:51 AM

My Bf has a Zaku one as well. I hope you enjoy Labo! Im passing on it for now, doesnt seem something Id enjoy.


05/06/2018 at 09:14 PM

Cool! I used to love building plastic models. Maybe I'll get back into it sometime. Good to hear there are still kits out there to build.  


05/08/2018 at 12:53 AM

Dude there is tons. They have a Mystery Machine one and omgee I want it.


05/09/2018 at 08:33 AM

I'll tell my friend Mark. He'll be thrilled. So am I, actually. It'd have to take the place of game time though. Not sure I can pull myself away from that, but maybe. 

Matt Snee Staff Writer

05/07/2018 at 09:39 AM

Holy Moses that is cool!


05/08/2018 at 12:54 AM

I finished it last , ill be posting the finished product soon! Im not sure what Ill build next but Im pretty proud of myself.

Super Step Contributing Writer

05/09/2018 at 12:41 PM



05/14/2018 at 08:38 PM

How are you doing Joe? Excited for Summer?

Super Step Contributing Writer

05/15/2018 at 04:35 PM

I am. I'm also anxious to hear whether I'm coming back to the same job in fall. One minute, I definitely shouldn't expect it, the next I'm told I should expect to, the next I'm told I shouldn't, etc. etc. etc. 


05/15/2018 at 07:53 PM

I totally understand the feeling. Im hoping you get to go back in the fall, Im sending positive vibes your way for it!

Super Step Contributing Writer

05/18/2018 at 07:44 AM

Thank you! :)

Blake Turner Staff Writer

05/13/2018 at 10:45 PM

I want It. How much do they cost?


05/14/2018 at 08:18 PM

There are several, this one is currently $18.88 on Amazon


05/17/2018 at 12:59 PM

Anytime I am in a store that carries model kits I like to linger in that aisle just to see what new models are available. This is a cool hobby to start, and if I had a little more room I would like to get back to building some sets. 


05/28/2018 at 08:45 PM

I need to buy a cabinet if Im going to continue because safe storage spots are running low. I have kitties so I cant keep them out in the open. 

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