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Octoberween 2018 Video Weekend: One Step Beyond

On 10/28/2018 at 08:27 PM by NSonic79

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To finish off this month's final weekend of Octoberween 2018 Video Weekend I thought I'd introduce an oldy but a goodie kind of Video. I stumbled upon the "One Step Beyond" Series during the summer of last year when YouTube recommended it to me after watching a top 10 video about the best episodes of the classic "The Twilight Zone" episodes. At first I thougth it was just a knock off of the black and white episodes of "The Outer Limits" but I was suprised to learn that this old TV series actually predates "The Outer Limits". 

The episodes hosted by John Newland are supposedly based on real life supernatural/paranormal events of that era. Some of the stories date back in history while others are more contemporary within their time period. The production value is quite high for a show of it's time and actually starred some big name actors during it's run. Though the series focused more on the human aspect of man facing the unknown, and put a heavy point toward the acting than the actual supernatural/paranormal elements offered, it's still a nice alternative to what came later in the genre like "The Outer Limits" and "The Twilight Zone.

I thought I'd share two of my favoriate, and rarer, episodes out there for this last Octoberween Video weekend. Though they are found on YouTube, and suppoestly public domain, I can't say for sure if these video embed will be active for long. Check them out if you can during this final week of Octoberween. Best watched at night if you can. Enjoy 

"One Step Beyond": The Return. (rare episode)

"One Step Beyond": The Room Upstairs. (rare episode)






10/28/2018 at 09:31 PM

My girlfriend found this show a year or so ago and we watched all of them off of some web site that collected them all. Great show, a worthy followup to Twilight Zone if you've watched all those already, like we did. 

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