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My Top 5 Octoberween Game Titles of 2018: Castlevania Requiem

On 10/30/2018 at 11:06 PM by NSonic79

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I am so so sorry.

First full disclosure: I have no right to own this collection. I shouldn’t even have this “remastering”. There is no reason for me to buy this digital offering at this time. I already own Castlevania: Symphony of the Night on PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP (twice!), PSTV, Xbox 360, Xbox One AND Sega Saturn. Also for the record I already own Castlevania: Rondo of Blood on Wii Virtual Console and PSP, not counting the SNES Dracula X version that I own either both digitally and physically on the Wii U and SNES. I’ve played these games off and on for the better part of my gaming years. I don’t play these games every Octoberween. I sometimes play Castlevania: SOTN and RoB during the holidays when I’d spend winter break trying to explore/beat these games on snowy days or during the summer when I first played them for the very first time. The games are already considered by many to be classics that should be in anyone’s collection. I’ve already had these games on prior Octoberween Game Titles list and I’m sure one of these games are in every Top 10 list of games to play during Halloween. Yet here I am giving them yet another spot in my Top 5. Why? Because trigger! Here it is: Castlevania Requiem for PS4.


I honestly didn’t intend for this to be one of my choices this year. As mentioned above I’ve given these games lots of love in the past when I featured them either on the Wii Virtual Console (Castlevania: Rondo of Blood) or on the PS3 (Castlevania: SotN) or on my Sega Saturn a couple of years back (Akumajo Dracula X: Nocturne in the Moonlight) as Octoberween game picks. Even when I heard the news of this “re-release” I had to contain myself and stand firm to tell myself not to get this game. Its barebones compared to other game complication extras in the past and current year. The PSP version, Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles, had more going for it when it came to content. At least on there you had the 2.5D version of Rondo of Blood, unlockable boss rush mode and a music box to listen to if you happen to find the song discs hidden in the levels. What does this digital download have to offer? Some filters some different backgrounds during gameplay, achievements/trophies and smaller items overall. To say the least it’s weak when compared to other game complication offerings. In all honesty if you’ve already owned these games, or own them in any of the above mentioned means then there might not be any justification to own them again if only to have the pleasure in playing them on the Xbox One or PS4. So I myself was determined to steer clear and see about enjoying my other Top 5 picks for Octoberween.

Then Castlevania Season 2 Dropped on Netflix on October 26th, 2018. The same day this game came out.


Say what you will about video game adaptations on the big screen but the Castlevania series on Netflix is just spot on when it comes to what you’d expect out of a Castlevania series. It was so good that even my “Little One” sat down with me to watch season 2 with me, asking questions all the while about how the story in the show matches up with the games. She was even amazed on how well they got Alucard’s look right, down to what you see on Castlevania:SotN’s promo material. Season 2 was just so good it got me into the mood to enjoy some Castlevania gaming goodness. So tried as I might, I broke down and bought Castlevania Requiem and let it download as I watched Castlevania Season 2 with my “Little One”.

Overkill perhaps but in the end I have no regrets.

The games offered in Castlevania Requiem are basically the same games you’ve come to expect out of the prior releases of Castlevania: SotN & RoB. Both have the same style of gameplay and it plays faithfully to what you’d expect from prior releases. Though SotN isn’t exactly like what one would expect from the PS1 era aside from the CGI scenes, it’s instead a port of the unlockable game offered on the PSP’s Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles release. While I do miss the cheesy line reads from the PS1 version I do enjoy the effort put into the updated translation. Though some wished they could’ve had the option to have the choice between the cheese and the refined (or even the Japanese version) I think we can live without it, especially when one recalls what the end credit’s music was when you beat the game. *shudders* The graphics and sound do appear a bit different to me though I’ll have to chalk that up to the “remastering” of the game. I think only die hard SotN fans may noticed the slight differences in visuals and sounds but for me it wasn’t enough to make me think these were completely different games from the original. There is enough here to make this game great that you’ll fit right into the groove as you explore the castle. I’m already 6 hours in and that’s just from one sitting!

Castlevania: RoB is what you can expect from its prior offerings. Unlikes SotN it is nice to have an option to see on owning this title digital to play on the big screen when the only legal options available to gamers is to either export a pricy copy of the game for the Turbo Duo (along with the system), get the game in the PSP Dracula X Chronicles UMD and a component out cable or have the game already purchased off the Wii’s Virtual Console before they removed the ability to add Wii Points and its eventual shutdown. Given that this game is considered one of the last great classic Castlevania side scrolling titles before the series went all “metroidvania”, it’s nice to have another option in owning this for myself given that the PSP’s TV output can only go so big on my 60” HDTV and who knows how long my Wii U will last before it dies.

For me the game plays just like my prior digital offerings of RoB. The German opening is the same, the translation from the PSP version is just as I expected and I still find it easier to play the game as a little girl than as the greatest Belmont of all time. I’ve always wanted to play this game when I saw it was coming out in Japan in one of my copies of EGM back in the day. Even playing the SNES Dracula X version wasn’t the same as wanting to experience that powerhouse of a game that was on those fancy CD playing game machines I’d never get to own even to this day. It’s nice to play this title on a PS4 controller this go around since my Wii U now has a new home on my Family GameRig and despite the convenience of having a portable version of RoB to take with me, there’s nothing like playing this game on a big screen TV, even if the aspect ratio is presented faithfully at 4:3 resolution. Everything I’ve said about the version of SotN above fits in right here with RoB: only diehards may noticed the slight differences in visuals and sounds but for me it wasn’t enough to make me think these were completely different games from the original.

Aside from what I’ve mentioned above there really isn’t anything major offered to justify a purchase of this game unless you just have to have every single version out there for some insane reason? I mean what crazy would buy this game again when they have over 8 different ways to play this game. I mean who in their right mind would spend $20 on a digital download of titles that have been offered physically in the past or even own physically right now. What moron would do that? Tell me who? Who? WHOOO?

Wait what was I talking about again?

Oh right what I enjoyed out of this remastering! The trophies offered. As much as I’d like to say that I’ve played SotN to the point where I could remember every secret in the game by heart, the trophy titles have let me know that there are indeed some secrets that I’ve missed so many years ago. How was I supposed to know you could summon a cow in the game? That the Fairy (not faerie” familiar will sing to you in idle mode? That there is a certain special way to even eat peanuts!! If there was a SotN fan card one holds to boast about their knowledge of this game I’d have to turn mine in right now. It also doesn’t hurt that the PS4 controller’s speakers are used when you pick up a certain power ups or items, perform certain spells, hear interactions with your familiars or in the worst case scenario, hear your hero of choice’s blood curdling scream as they die on screen. It’s a small subtle offering that I’m sure wouldn’t be missed if not offered but I still find it a nice feature to have.

In the end the games offered give you the same replay value that one can expect from these games. If you played these games to death back in the day, you’ll easily find yourself doing the same if you’re given the chance. I can easily see myself trying to collect all the trophies in this game; some of them not even a real pain to unlock but more of a mystery in trying to find the way in exactly to unlock them.  It’s one of the few times this trophy hunt may be worth it.

If you’re going to get this game don’t expect much out of this collection. $20 might be a bit too steep of a price, especially given that Konami has done little to make it worth your while. If the price is too much in the content offered it’s understandable if one passes. But if you don’t mind the barebones offerings and let yourself be taken in with two of the best classic Castlevania offerings to date, you can’t go wrong with playing these games back to back like they were intended to be given SotN is the direct sequel to RoB. Castlevania fans that have yet to play RoB should at least give it a try or have it as part of your collection either for posterity or preservation. I myself should see my purchase as a waste given my various means to play this game. Yet I can’t see I’m suffering from buyer’s remorse. The game has enough to keep me happy and the gameplay/controls are solid. The only thing that would make me upset over the buy would be if Konami for some reason decides to offer some game patch/DLC with the game like getting the PSP’s 2.5D version of RoB. But knowing Konami they’d probably try to charge an additional $10 for the pleasure so it’s probably for the best not to give them any ideas…..

If you’ve watched the Netflix series of Castlevania and are hungry for more Castlevania goodness then Castlevania Requiem will scratch that nostalgia gaming itch very easily. If you have a version of these games already you might want to think twice before buying them. But if you’re like me and “can get easily excited when it comes to Castlevania and like to keep your options open” (although I only have two hands) it might not hurt to have yet one more playable option. I mean it’s not like I’m going to buy the Xbox One version when it might be offered.


My Top 5 Octoberween Game Titles for 2018

5) Murdered: Soul Suspect – Price: Free with Microsoft’s Games With Gold offer on Xbox One.

4) Lost Reavers – Price: Free to Play on Wii U.

3) Ultimate Ghosts ‘n Goblins – Price: $5.99 on sale off PS3’s PSN.  

2) Castlevania Requiem – Price: $19.99 off PS4’s PSN.



Super Step Contributing Writer

10/30/2018 at 11:21 PM

I love the Netflix series (has its issues, but the action and characters are spot on, and I loved the use of "Bloody Tears") and really want to buy that collection, but don't have any more cash this month in my Wants budget. 

My initial plan was to play Castlevania IV instead while buying the compilation once my Wants budget replenished, but who I ask is stopping me from deciding the PS4 compilation is a Need, since tomorrow is Halloween and I've never played either? 


10/30/2018 at 11:40 PM

OMG those colors pop. I think I want this. 

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