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Octoberween 2019 Video Weekend: Tales From The Gas Station Seasons 1 & 2

On 10/13/2019 at 10:14 PM by NSonic79

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Good Evening everyone,

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. I myself had a busy time with driving between airports, tending to sick relatives and watching over my nephews. Not all Octoberween activities can be done during these times but timing is everything as is family. But when you’re lucky you can see on fitting in what you can to make the events more Halloweenish. Though I won’t bore you with those details at this time.

Instead I’d like to introduce to you yet another segment of the Octoberween 2019 Video Weekend series. This time I’m going to go with something that his a bit more depth to it. A bit more meat on this bone to chew on. I don’t recall if I’ve posted about YouTuber MrCreepyPasta in the past but he is a constant for me when I want to get some excellently narrated creepy pasta stories. Most of them are just one off stories on various subjects, but there are some that actually carry a cohesive story arch between different series. I’ve come to enjoy these the most given how much love has been put in the story, the characters and the world building involved. One of these ongoing stories is the “Tales from the Gas Station” Series. In consists of a guy named Jack who works at “a shitty gas station at the edge of town that is open 24 hours a day” who ends up dealing with the bizarre circumstances that take place and around this gas station. The stories, narrated by Jack in the 1st person, tell a tale of that would seem to fit right in with the likes of Twin Peaks or Stephen King but eventually take on a life of their own to the point I wouldn’t be too shocked if Agents Fox Muller and Dana Scully showed up at one point.

The series runs the course of comedy, mystery, terror and horror as Jack does his best to explain, understand and survive all the strange happenings at this said gas station. At first I was put off in seeing how many parts there were to the series but came to fall in love with all the stories had to offer and the oddities within. The stories have it all from cultist, mutated raccoons, a half-naked cowboy in the bathroom, demons, psychopaths, garden gnomes and Russian radios. And that's not even including a detective's quest to find his missing niece. 

There isn’t much that keep my attention for so long but this creepypasta series is an enjoyment to listen to if you get the time. I had to listen to it off and on throughout this year but I did find myself listening to the individual parts of the story before a {COMPLETE} super cut was made. So tonight here are Seasons 1 and 2 of Tales from the Gas Station from MrCreepyPasta. Story by GasStationJack. May you all enjoy this series off and on over this Octoberween month.

Season 1 "TALES FROM THE GAS STATION" [COMPILATION] | CreepyPasta Storytime


Season 2 "TALES FROM THE GAS STATION" [COMPILATION] | CreepyPasta Storytime


Sleep well tonight.







10/14/2019 at 06:47 PM

Neato. I listened to last week's too, just didn't have anything to say then.

I have a friend who works at a gas station. He writes songs and records himself singing them on his phone while working. Good stuff, too. 


10/16/2019 at 09:01 PM

You'd be forgiven for such. Its a bit to take in. >:)

To each their own. some write songs and sing. others write creepy pastas and post them on the redit r/nosleep. >:)

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