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What is your favorite Resident Evil Moment?

On 10/02/2014 at 10:41 PM by NSonic79

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Before I reveal my #10 pick in my Top 11 Octoberween Titles of 2014, why don’t I pose a little question with the help of Since my #10 game pick this year is a Resident Evil game what is your favorite Resident Evil moment? I’m sure we all have one given how long this series has gone on. From the original, to the remakes, to the non-numbered games to even the portable titles and the rail gun shooters, what moment in these games was your favorite?

If you’re having trouble trying to decide (given how there are so many possible) here’s a video, that I totally did not edit, to help you jog your memory. It might even be entertaining and informative. Enjoy!


So what is your favorite Resident Evil moment? Let me know in the comments? I just wonder if your moment will be in the RE title I’ll speak of tomorrow. Can you guess which title will make the cut this year? Here’s a hint: it won’t be RE2 since I spoke of that game last year.  Take a stab! You just might win a prize.





Super Step Contributing Writer

10/03/2014 at 12:24 AM

Don't have one. First one I ever played was RE4 on Steam and I've put it down for the  time being. 


10/06/2014 at 02:14 PM

Sounds like a good time for this Octoberween to get back into the RE bandwagon with RE4. The best out of the new action survival horror genre or whatever they call it now.


10/03/2014 at 12:59 AM

Being chased around by that dude with a chainsaw in RE4 was pretty terrifying. Also the whole village chasing you in RE4 was pretty terrifying. 


10/06/2014 at 02:16 PM

I will admit that seeing the village go nuts is a shocker at first. later on I got use to it. Plus playing the new game+ with all gear did help decrease my fear a little.


10/03/2014 at 03:42 AM

Nemesis for sure, but only as I saw it in the movies. I haven't played enough of any of the games to have any scares from them yet.


10/06/2014 at 02:17 PM

I really hated how Nemesis stalks you in the game. He always seemed to show up when I was at my weakest. Nemesis was badass in the movies. I don't care how people trashed it as a rubber suit.

Cary Woodham

10/03/2014 at 07:16 AM

Well I don't really play RE games, but I did like it when they called her "Jill Sandwich."  That's why she's my favorite character.  In Dead Rising, one of the stores in the food court is called Jill's Sandwiches.  Also, there's a cartoony game on the PS2 called Under the Skin, and RE characters make cameo appearances in it that are funny.


10/06/2014 at 02:18 PM

Ah yes. the Jill Sandwich cheesy dialouge of the origianl. still the best and oddly fit the start of the series. Still you need to invest more time into all that is resident Evil, if only for Octoberween sake =)

Cary Woodham

10/06/2014 at 09:47 PM

No, because I have to review the new Skylanders game and a whole bunch of other stuff.


10/07/2014 at 12:01 AM

but...but....but...that's not Octoberween-ish! Boo! No cookie for you!

Cary Woodham

10/07/2014 at 07:26 AM

MAYBE I'll get to review Costume Quest 2 in time for Halloween.


10/07/2014 at 01:16 PM

WOOT! I await with rabid foam dripping from my chin. Love me some Costume Quest!

Matt Snee Staff Writer

10/03/2014 at 10:51 AM

Definitely something in RE2, but I'm not sure.  There's some unintentionally funny moments in RE1 too, but as far as scares go, there's some thrills in RE2 that are just great.  Can't really remember them though since it''s been so long.  Got to continue playing RE3 again sometime.  


10/06/2014 at 02:19 PM

Why not get back to us on which RE 2/3 title that got you going? I'd be happy to hear about it during Octoberween this year =)

Matt Snee Staff Writer

10/06/2014 at 03:13 PM

yeah I haven't started Fatal Frame yet, so maybe instead I'll play some RE3 on Vita this month.  


10/06/2014 at 11:58 PM

oooooh. I envy thee. Sounds liek a winning combination if you can handle it that is. RE on the Vita and Fatal Frame on the PS3. I love it!


10/03/2014 at 11:11 AM

From the only game i've played of the series (The Darkside Chronicles), i'd say the climatic final battle with the bad ending I got (it put me on tear man). The game wasn't particulary scary, but I did found the Ashford house at the island to be quite unnerving and atmospheric.


10/06/2014 at 02:20 PM

I need to replay those games again. I lost my Wii copy of the Umbrella Conspirocy but I'm thinking about getting the games on teh PS3 since their lightgun shooters. plus I need an excuse to get the PS Move. I still wonder if it would be any good on the Wii though.


10/03/2014 at 02:16 PM

Surprisingly it wasn't until I got the REmake for the Nintendo Gamecube that I got into the series. I watched my brother play 2, but never really payed much attention as to why it was scary. Then when I bought the Gamecube remake I found out when all of a sudden the cerberus popped out of the window, then zombie Forrester and his grenade suicide agenda chasing me through the mansion, then crimson heads, struggling with inventory management, running to find ink to save my game at a typewriter. It scared the crap outta me at the time, but honestly it was my favorite game in the series because it has my favorite moments of actual terror from playing it. And don't get me started on invisible zombie mode.


10/06/2014 at 02:22 PM

The ReMake did indeed raise the bar in what to expect of a classic resident Evil title. And the good part is that we get to relive all of that again next year! It still makes me wonder though if the dog window scare was scarier in the original or the ReMake.


10/04/2014 at 03:22 AM

Honestly? I like the Resident Evil series, but I've gotta go with all the unintentionally silly moments in the first game like "You were almost a Jill sandwich!" and "It might be helpful if you, the master of unlocking, take it with you." Both lines were spoken by Barry Burton.

The chainsaw guys were probably the most pulse-pounding since it was a one-hit kill if they caught you.

Speaking of which, this might be jumping a bit ahead, but have you ever played Haunting Ground on PS2?


10/06/2014 at 02:25 PM

and another vote for the silly dialouge of the original. It makes me wonder what could've become of the RE series if they kept the cheesy dialough in all the games. Would it be the video game equivalant of Evil Dead maybe?

I have yet to find a decent copy of Haunting Ground yet but I sure wish I could for a future Octorberween list in the coming years. Along with Rule of Rose. One day. One day...


10/06/2014 at 10:32 PM

I'd just like to have been in the studio when the actor who played Barry was recording those lines. I'll bet the whole studio was laughing, including him.


10/05/2014 at 02:30 PM

my favorite moment is in RE1.  I think it's after defeating the tyrant, and I think it's while playing as Jill.  You walk out to find Barry Burton critically wounded.  He's ashamed of himself for being a double-crosser, and tells Jill to leave him behind.  Then he hands Jill a photo of his wife and kid.  Very touching moment for me.  It redeemed Berry for me, despite all his cheesy lines.


10/06/2014 at 02:27 PM

I barely remember that scene. I guess I didn't play all the scarieos of what jill has to offer. I remember the rebecca save with Chris and Barry on the choper with Jill. I think I need to replay RE again. Bad ending I take it? Thanks for the reminder!

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