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Exrian's Comments - Page 2

PSN Binge, Bastion, EDF 2025

Posted on 09/03/2019 at 11:53 AM | Filed Under Blogs

You should really try Wing Diver, it's very fun to play. Problem is getting better guns. I'd suggest have one play as Ranger and one as a Wing Diver on a higher difficultly on the 2nd Level (maybe not the best farm level but decent if you arent far into the game). Kill the ants with ranger and have Wing Diver collect the new weapons. Once you get a solid amount of good weapons that class really opens up. 

Episode 159: Nemesis

Posted on 09/03/2019 at 11:43 AM | Filed Under Feature

Fighters Destiny was Awesome! You take that back!

Episode 159: Nemesis

Posted on 09/03/2019 at 11:38 AM | Filed Under Feature

Great show guys, it had plenty of good laughs. I'm pretty deep into my Black Eagles playthrough. Havent hit the time jump but it's close if I'm correct. Really enjoying it and want to play the other 2 houses afterwards.

How the hell does Justin get the time to play through these huge games so fast? I struggle to finish anything over 6 hours.


Stage Select: Let's just get to what Nintendo really wants, Fire Emblem dating sim! The combat isnt very hard anymore unless you are really trying hard not to break it. The latest game, which I love, has you spending more time outside of battle than in it. Tea Parties, gifts, dinners, and more. Nintendo just wants this to be a dating sim already but has to appeal to the hardcore fans. I'm totally down for this dating sim. A lot of my pleasure comes from getting to higher ranking support levels to see the conversations. Grow some balls Nintendo and just make a pure Fire Emblem dating sim already. Also Square needs to make Moogles Gone Wild...


Cage Match: Alright so apparently I have no idea what Quest 64 is. Could I google it? Sure, but where's the fun in that? So I will figure this out the only way I know how... Final Fantasy sends out the big guns, AKA Tifa, while Quest sends out Johnny Quest from that crappy show I saw a few times when I was young. Johnny cant take his eyes off the big guns, and gets decked in the mouth by a Tifa uppercut. So Final Fantasy 7 for the win.

Episode 158: Conspiracy Nerds

Posted on 08/21/2019 at 01:37 PM | Filed Under Feature

Thanks for the kind words guys. It was a great episode. Though we need Patrick to return to the pantsless ways. Does he even remember what it's like to be pantsless these days? 

The Halo books are actually really good. Well at least the first few. I haven't read the newer ones. Fall of Reach is excellent and Ghosts of Onyx is another I really liked. Though that one has less to do with Master Chief. I'd recommend Fall of Reach to anyone interested. 

I cant believe how much the Switch is hated. I love mine. I get that it comes with caveats but being able to play console games at work is very nice. That said I am also in a union Justin. There are pros and cons but I definitely think the pros outweigh the cons. I couldn't imagine being so scared about my job security at all times. Being made to work crazy hours with pushback the moment you ask for a break. I cant believe the working conditions that some people suffer through, only to be fired on a dime with no support what so ever. I hope this industry unionizes so others can be less stressed in their life.

I'm getting into 3 Houses and finally dropped my OCD tendencies (thanks Justin.) Its been great. Though I notice that this game KILLS the battery like no other game I can think of. 


Stage Select: Nemesis

The Square Tetris block. Why do you hate me? Every damn time I am up to my neck in blocks and you're the last thing I want, you show up. Sometimes twice in a row! You're not needed here. Get out!


Cage Match

Never really played either so I'll scientifically figure this out. Can clay actually die? Not that I'm aware of. Though Killer Instinct has that dead skeleton guy so hes dead but still moving. You cant hurt clay by cutting it, I think. Clay can hurt you as shown by Clayface in the Batman Animated series. Batman would definitely be able to take on both Clay and a skeleton because of, "Batman Reasons." So I say Batman drops down from the roof, takes a steel chair and hits both for a surprising finale that ends in a DQ. Skeleton man is mad he lost his shot at the title so attacks the ref. Security escorts skeleton man from the premises. Bret Harts music plays and he shows up and says hes the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be and hes actually a Highlander and there can be only one. Cuts off Batman's head and is victorious. He then challenges any other Highlanders then the Ghostbusters music starts. While looking at the ramp they jump in from behind from the crowd and say Bret Hart has been a ghost all along and proceed to vacuum him up. Winner, the crowd for just experiencing the greatest cross over since Avengers! 

Ok Clay man is still in the ring and therefore is the winner. So Clayfighter?

Episode 157: Tech Jacket

Posted on 07/31/2019 at 05:25 PM | Filed Under Feature

Great episode guys. Damnit Julian, you had to mention the reasoning behind the music and it killed me whenever you had musical transitions. Then the absolute ending. Luckily I dont wear pants because they'd be soggy with tears. Sorry about your mom Julian. I wasnt a listener when it all happened but I have heard you mention it a few times through the years and I cant imagine how hard that all was. I'm glad to see you've gotten the strength together to get back to some semblance of regular life. 

With that said, I'm really on board for this Stage Select. Conspiracies are my thing and I've got a few that I think about. I put 4 because I thought of one of my favorites from Mass effect. 


Stage Select: Conspiracies

4. Getting to Chrono Triggers Map in Chrono Cross: Anyone who is familiar with Chrono Cross may recall a waterfall on the north west of the map. The current prevents you from ever getting your boat through but conspiracies around the internet claimed it was possible and doing so would lead you to the main island in Chrono Trigger. I still have my PS2 running with a rubber band holding the analog stick against the waterfall. One day...

3. The Indoctrination Theory in Mass Effect: This one blew my mind back when I watched a video on it. The idea that Shepard had been Indoctrinated by the reapers for most of the series was insane. I dont recall specifics but if you're interested you can watch a video on YouTube.

2. Polybius: No talk of video game conspiracies can be spoken without mentioning Polybius. The rumor was that this game was developed by the government to test players and brainwash them or maybe not. I cant recall because it's a mystery...

1. Whatever the fuck actually goes on at Rockstar Games: Out of everything I could know regarding games, it has to be the truth behind Rockstar. I've heard some say it's a cult. Many other podcasts and Giantbomb in particular seems VERY hush about it and doesnt want to spread rumors. Even those rumors are generally a mystery. What the hell is going on there? Julian you seem more in the know than I do. What are you hiding!?


Cage Match: Halo 2 vs Half Life 2

Alright folks let's get this out of the way. Half Life 2 is no match for Halo 2. Halo 2 is responsible for what Xbox Live and possibly Xbox as a whole is today.

On top of that, Freeman is a worse protagonist than my grandma. I'm telling you my grandma can put more character into making me a taco than Freeman did in both Half Lifes combined (does that equal 1 Life?). Dog isnt even a dog, it's a damn robot. I remember a review stating that if you didnt care about Alyx by the time the game was over than you have no soul. Guess what? I didn't give a half of one shit about her. Apparently Valve didnt either because they didn't even care enough to follow Bungie's lead and "Finish the Fight."

Episode 156: Driving With the Top Down

Posted on 07/22/2019 at 04:13 PM | Filed Under Feature

Great show guys. Sucks to hear Patrick will be less involved but I wish him all the best in his future endeavors. 


Stage Select: Future Tech

Portal Gun: This thing is insane. 

Omni Tool

Octo Camo suit



Episode 154: Imagine Dinosaurs

Posted on 06/25/2019 at 08:49 AM | Filed Under Feature

Loved the AMA guys. I look forward to those when they come up. Twice a year seems perfect. There were plenty og fun questions. I just wish Patrick had been there. 

Consumption Junction: I've been HIGHLY addicted to Slay the Spire recently. I made my way through the 3 characters paths and found my way to the real final boss only to get wrecked. I'm glad to see it was no pushover since I didn't want a reason to stop. 

Outside of that I have been playing Minecraft. Another highly addicting game. I love having these games on Switch because I get time to play at work. Probably more time than i do at home because of my, "tiny human." 

That said, one game I am disappointed I got on Switch is Bloodstained. I didnt know the graphics would be so downgraded. Worse than that is the sluggish feeling and input lag. Wish I had kept that PS4 copy instead. 

Tetris Review

Posted on 06/14/2019 at 09:43 AM | Filed Under Review

Hell yeah! Tetris is my game. Anything less than perfect is a fail. Just got Tetris Effect yesterday but havent played it yet. Been loving Tetris 99 and typically grab a win every day I commit to play til I win.

Episode 153: Squinting Through Rose-Colored Glasses

Posted on 06/07/2019 at 08:34 PM | Filed Under Feature

Sorry I missed out on last episode. Shits been crazy and before I knew it, the date had passed. No doubt Asuras Wrath would win. Asura could probably take on anyone in videogame history. My personal favorite gen may be the last one if I'm not being nostalgic. Souls series, Mass Effect series, Binary Domain, Earth Defense Force, and so many other games that I love. 

I loved the last AMA Stage Select. Here goes:


Stage Select: AMA

1. What is one movie or videogame that you regret watching/playing because it just totally screwed with your head. Something that made you say, "Well I'm not getting those hours of my life back." (Note: Mine would be Sausage Party and Escape From Tomorrowland)

2. What was a movie or game trailer was better than the actual version for you? (NOTE: Mine is Iron Man 3. That whole trailer sets up something so much better than the movie.) 

3. To counter Superstep, what's the videogame character that turns you on the most? For Justin let's ban Chun-Li because that's a given.

4. You get 24 hours to live as any animal or insect. What is it?

5. You can get 1 feature or ability of any movie ANTAGONIST. What is it? (Example: Xenomorph Acid Blood, Terminator Exoskeleton, Predator Camouflage, Chuckies plastic penis...)

6. What's your Anime guilty pleasure? If you dont watch anime than anything you watch that's a guilty pleasure. (NOTE: Mine is I am really into romance anime and that has trickled into actual Asian romance shows on Netflix)

7. Do you have an anime waifu or TV crush if not? (NOTE: Mine is Shoko Nishimiya from A Silent Voice) 

8. Is the grass greener on the other side or do three rights make a left?

Maybe more to come...


Cage Match: I love both of these but I have to go Goldeneye. This was the game that introduced me to the FPS genre. It made me the PROUD inverted player that I am today. 

Episode 152: Digital Erasers

Posted on 05/23/2019 at 01:23 AM | Filed Under Feature

Great episode guys. Got to say I thought Streets of Rage would have won but it wasnt even very close. Guess people love sausage fests... 

The Kindgom Hearts pick was an interesting one for Stage Select. I can definitely see it. 

Anyways I'm looking forward to this cage match. Very interesting match up. 

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