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Sonic's 20th Anniversary Special

Come celebrate Sonic's anniversary by sharing your memories of the series alongside the PixlBit staff!

Nick DiMola's Memories

I think it was hard to dislike Sonic back in the day. I was a Nintendo gamer through and through, but Sonic held a unique appeal that was quite unlike anything on Nintendo's system. Despite the fact that Sonic and Mario were inextricably linked due to the fierce competition of their respective platforms, I think they have always stood apart as two unique experiences. As a Nintendo fanboy, I'd never admit how much I loved Sonic or that it had even held a candle to Super Mario. I couldn't forfeit an inch to those screaming Sega fanboys. 

Truth is, any time I had the opportunity to play Sonic, I did. Thankfully, roughly half of my friends had a Genesis while the other half had an SNES like me. We'd all take turns when I went over there and work our way through the various Sonic games. It was the one series that made me crave a Genesis. Funny enough, Sonic Spinball probably held a greater appeal to me, for whatever reason. It was pinball, but an adventure! It reminded me of Kirby's Pinball Land, which I did have on my Gameboy, but it was so much better. 

Years later in college, I picked up a Genesis and a few of the games. Spinball was one of my first purchases, alongside Sonic 2, my personal favorite. I just recently grabbed Sonic 3, rounding out my cartridge collection of the original games. I look forward to playing the games with my son when he gets a bit older. Unlike me, he'll get to love both Mario and Sonic, without ever having to hold down the fanboy fort.

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Kyle Charizanis Staff Alumnus

11/03/2011 at 03:02 PM

Was I the only one who was able to play both Sonic and Mario games in the '90s, shamelessly and without interpersonal conflict?


11/05/2011 at 06:52 AM

truth be told i never played a lot of sonic....i was more taken with Fatal Fury during the brief time i owned a genesis. out of the sonic games i HAVE played though, I enjoyed sonic spinball the most.

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