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Sonic's 20th Anniversary Special

Come celebrate Sonic's anniversary by sharing your memories of the series alongside the PixlBit staff!

Julian Titus' Memories

I was firmly in the Nintendo camp during the 16 bit wars, and as such, playing Sonic made me feel dirty. It's amazing how deep that Nintendo propaganda runs. Even today, when people bring up Sonic all I can say is that you can take your stupid Blast Processing, 90s 'tude, and shove it where the sun don't shine. As far as the games themselves go, I think those first two games are good, if not shallow experiences. They really pushed the Genesis as far as its poor little processor could go, but when I look back, they simply can't hold up against Super Mario World 1 and 2. 

On a related note, I've been collecting old issues of EGM, and it's hilarious to read issues from 1994 and see ad after ad that are nothing more than Sega and Nintendo taking pot shots at each other.

Funny little story about Sonic, now that I think about it. Way back when, one of the regular crazies that frequented my store was flipping through a strategy guide for Sonic Adventure 2. He said, "Sega's gonna get sued by The Simpsons, because Sonic is just a rip off of The Simpsons. Look--Sonic, Amy Rose, Tails. That's weird, right? That's weird."

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Kyle Charizanis Staff Alumnus

11/03/2011 at 03:02 PM

Was I the only one who was able to play both Sonic and Mario games in the '90s, shamelessly and without interpersonal conflict?


11/05/2011 at 06:52 AM

truth be told i never played a lot of sonic....i was more taken with Fatal Fury during the brief time i owned a genesis. out of the sonic games i HAVE played though, I enjoyed sonic spinball the most.

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