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Circle Pad Pro

Nintendo 3DS XL Getting Circle Pad Pro Accessory

That's right, it's going to get even bigger.

When Nintendo announced their newer and bigger model of the 3DS, gamers immediately took notice that the system lacked a second circle pad, which was added to the current model via the Circle Pad Pro attachment. Despite the XL lacking a built in second Circle Pad, Nintendo hasn't abandoned support of dual analog control.

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PixlTalk Episode 39: Runaway Train

With the Nintendo 3DS Conference behind us, find out what the PixlTalk crew thinks of the 3DS and Nintendo's future in the coming generation.

Back this week, Nick, Chessa, Jason, and Nate are joined by Joaquim to talk about the latest developments over at the house of Mario. Given the recent news coming from the Nintendo 3DS Conference, the crew couldn't help but discuss the 3DS once again, though some discussion of Skyward Sword precedes, given its strong showing at the conference.

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A Head Start to Nowhere

Why the premature 3DS launch has done nothing but bring problems for the future of the system.

When people said that the 3DS was just like the Virtual Boy, I laughed them off. Yeah, they both have a 3D gimmick, but neither is truly comparable… or at least that's what I thought. While the two may share some rudimentary similarities, they are similar because they both suffered extremely botched launches – the worst in Nintendo's history.

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3DS Circle Pad Attachment Detailed

While it didn't make an appearance at last night's conference, Nintendo did officially reveal and detail it on their website.

It was expected that Nintendo would detail the new 3DS Circle Pad Attachment peripheral during their press conference last night. It was also speculated that the peripheral would be something Monster Hunter specific, designed and created by Capcom. Neither held true when Nintendo revealed the peripheral after the conference online last night. Retailing at ¥1,500, the peripheral will be an officially supported add-on and will be available later this year on December 10, alongside the release of Monster Hunter 3 G, which will include support for the peripheral.

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